In this secret place, the changing sky of the sun and the moon is always gray and foggy, and the secret place is very big. Various traps and puzzles emerge one after another, and you will also encounter puppet demons hanging around the ground.
Although the wind urges snow and the wind spirit to solve the problem when they meet a puppet, the puppet demon still keeps appearing from other places. Not only that, but there are also several Guardian hidden in the secret land. After solving a snake spirit that comes out of nowhere and detours a maze, the wind urges snow and can’t help but feel some resistance. "This Ji Zu touts is too cautious, and so many law traps are in line. It’s really for fear that the pit will never die and close his disciples …"
Wind spirit "…"
The wind urges the snow to look at the wind spirit, and the long and narrow eyes are full of warmth.
-There are so many maze machines in the secret land, but for the generous help of this friend Feng Ling, I’m afraid I would have to work hard to get rid of the maze.
However, looking at the wind spirit with such "kindness" as being driven by the wind and snow is a feeling of hitching.
After all, it’s always bad to show this expression every time the wind and snow rush.
So Fengling quickly said, "Eun Gong, did you hear anything?"
The wind urged Xuewei to frown and wonder "What?"
Soon the wind and snow were heard.
That’s messy footsteps coming from all sides.
Fengling has the fastest reaction, pulling the wind to push the snow quickly, hiding behind one side of the rock wall and sticking his head out slightly.
See hundreds of puppet demons coming from all directions and gathering together, rushing to another direction.
The wind urged the snow to reveal a surprised look, and the wind spirit looked dignified.
When the puppet demons gathered together, the wind spirit quickly pulled up the wind to push the snow, and quietly attached one hand to the tail of the demon group team, which was a little far away from them to avoid being found and followed the demon group in an unknown direction.
[Don’t talk and follow them]
The wind spirit wrote in the heart of the wind and snow.
The wind urged the snow to look down at the two men holding hands and crossing a dark color in their eyes. Then he also scratched his forefinger slightly, soft and delicate, and his fingertips gently in the palm of the wind spirit.
If you want to say something, you will get back to a good wind spirit, showing Nai’s look, and clenching your wrist with finger fretting.
Soon after I followed the demon group, I heard a loud noise and smoke not far away, and all kinds of reiki collided so strongly that it was visible to the naked eye.
Red gold, aura, light, black and purple aura intertwined and collided, making the sky a strange color.
There are masters fighting in front.
A huge ice sheet came into view through the hanging ice cave that blocked the view.
The crimson phoenix spread its wings and flew in the middle of the sky. With a wave of its wings, several fire balls went straight to the opposite side-
The puppet king also stepped on the line, raised his arm to resist all the flames, and then raised his huge sword behind him and split it at Phoenix Ling!
-the ice sheet has opened a deep crack, and the purple-black aura has not diminished and went straight to the phoenix!
The wind and snow feet move slightly, but the wind spirit is more deft and quick to pull the wind and snow arm back and hide it behind the huge ice rock, and at the same time wave at the wind and snow.
[Don’t look at them first]
The wind spirit in the wind to push the snow palm so wrote
Just as the puppet Wang Chiyan fought, the puppet demons rushed to the iceberg on the other side, but not in the red direction.
Grounds of gophers show their long front teeth and start eating icebergs. The gophers may be insignificant, but it would be much scarier if they were a large group of gophers.
Soon the iceberg was dug out with a big hole in the sound of creaking and creaking.
The red eyes opened their mouths and spit out a string of flames to hit the gopher monsters climbing on the iceberg. However, before the flames burned, they were shattered by a purple aura from Lingfei.
Puppet Wang Yin hoarse wave "your opponent is me"
Red wings to jilt to puppet Wang Yin still haughty "what are you! I will kill you first! "
"You can’t beat me without demon Dan." Puppet Wang Pingjing stated the fact that the giant sword cut the red feather wings with a string of golden demon blood and flew red feathers everywhere.
Not far away, the wind urged the snow to open its eyes slightly.
If it is said that meeting Wu Luo just now is very severe, then the puppet king is even stronger. He is not so hot and fast as Wu Luo, but he is not so quick-he has no flaws because he is not so quick.
Just as the wind urged the snow, the red flame was cut by the puppet king again, and a stumble almost fell from it.
"throw in the towel, red flame" puppet king: "The king ordered me to kill you"
"Wang?" The golden eyes opened and stared at the puppet king with restraint. "Who is the king?"
"The Demon World Co-owners" Puppet King "You are stupid to bring the Demon Family into silence. My Lord is the one who will lead the Demon Family into glory, and the king will be the future God!"
"Be my puppet, and I will take you to witness the glory of the demon race." conan the destroyer slashed the ice sheet with one sword, cracked the ground, and several thin seams thundered all over the fields.
The red chest was torn open by a giant sword, and the blood of a golden demon splashed half-way. However, the red sound was more angry than "Solitude is king!"
"The wind drives the snow! What are you doing? Go and get my demon Dan! "
Watching the war, inexplicably being named, urging the snow? ? ?”
I don’t know how the red flame is going to explode, but I haven’t seen it in five years. I have to take his concubine to grind and haw wherever I go. That’s all. Why is it that the urgent head is still hiding in the dark, taking care of talking with her, regardless of business?
"I stall the puppet king! You guys take care of those bastards! Give me my magic Dan! " Red flame nu way
The wind urged the snow to blink and leisurely said, "Why?"
As soon as the "ceng" on the head of the red flame burst into flames, this angry man was almost beheaded by the puppet king waving a giant sword. "You and I are of the same origin! Who are you going to take? Stop dawdling! They also came to rob me of my demon Dan! "
Seeing the wind urging the snow, I still didn’t move, and I added the last fire. "I have been in the demon Dan for ten thousand years. If the demon Dan is taken away by them, the Terran will never live again!"
Chapter 77 Chapter 77
Just a fiery rhetoric didn’t get too much reaction from the wind and snow, and it was very slow.’ Are you serious? I dont believe it.
Red flame "…"
Red was slapped to the ground by the puppet king, and his huge body fell heavily to the ground and made a huge noise. At the same time, several cracks were smashed in the ice sheet, and the puppet king raised his sword in his hand and stabbed it to his heart. A rolling sword rubbed his chest and deeply pierced the root of his wings, and the golden blood spewed all over the floor.
Puppet Wang Yin calm wave "No one will save you"
The red flame no longer looks at the wind and urges the snow. It seems that it is no longer going to hope for each other. Kiyomi closed and opened again because of the severe pain in his wings, and his eyes were like a raging golden fire.