Seeing that Yunjiao was normal, Sun Boyi quickly said, "Yunjiao, if it’s all right, I’ll go first!"
"Where to go? This cow is dead, too. Without you, how can I get something for a child? Stop!" Yun Jiao wouldn’t let Sun Boyi go.
Sun Boyi suddenly sad face, this can be harmony, oneself little not when coolies in the future.
Yun Jiao got up at this time, held the child in one hand, grabbed Sun Boyi in the other, flew to a valley, arrived in the valley, and told Sun Boyi to cut down some trees, get some thatch, build a hut, and then asked Sun Boyi to steal some cows and milk sheep, so he actually learned from ordinary people and lived a life of ordinary people.
That Sun Boyi was not used to it at first, but he couldn’t worry about Yunjiao and the child, so he forced himself to keep it down. Later, he gradually felt that this calm life without wind and waves was also very interesting, especially watching the child grow up day by day, gradually being able to stand, and then being able to walk unsteadily, and even more feeling the child’s dependence on himself, Sun Boyi could not give up, even Yunjiao had learned how to raise cows.
On this day, Yunjiao called Sun Boyi and said, "Sun Boyi, it’s been a few months. The child hasn’t been named yet, so give one!"
Then Sun Boyi couldn’t think of a name, scratching his head for a long time, and finally had to say to Yun Jiao, "You’d better name it, I can’t remember any name!"
The cloud dumpling said, "I have long thought about the name. His parents died after drinking the poisonous stream, but he survived and was saved by us. It can be said that it was an act of god. Just call him an act of god, but I have no idea about what the surname is. I want him to take my husband’s surname, and I am afraid that Mochen and Linxi Zong will think that he is the Ge family and do harm. Therefore, I still want the child to take your surname.
After hearing this, Sun Boyi nodded again and again and said, "Very good, very good, that’s Sun Tianyi. It’s just how to arrange this generation, and you can’t let Tang Fei call this brat uncle, can you? "
After hearing this, Yunjiao smiled coldly and said, "Sun Boyi, you have a complicated idea. I asked him to take your last name, but I didn’t ask him to call you dad. How can you be the same as that Tang Fei?"
A word choked that Sun Boyi’s face, and he turned and went outside to milk the cows.
Cloud dumpling a captivating smile, in the heart very proud.
Just then, a purple thunderbolt suddenly fell in the sky, and it smashed up on the Sun Tianyi. The Yunjiao couldn’t help screaming and threw herself at the providence.

Chapter three hundred and twelve Chess
The thunderbolt hit Yunjiao with a bang, and immediately put the skin of Yunjiao into a lake, unconscious, but God’s will was unhurt. Looking at Yunjiao, who was smoking and dying, he burst into tears.
At this time, Sun Boyi roared, and a white light stabbed at the sky.
A flying sword appeared in the sky, resisting Sun Boyi’s flying sword, and a voice sounded around Sun Boyi: "Grandpa, you are so confused, and you have taken evil influence as your son!"
It was Tang Fei who flew in.
"Nonsense, a good child, how is evil influence, Tang Fei, don’t talk nonsense just because you have a double god eye!" Sun Boyi is really anxious this time. With this child, Sun Boyi has established an unusually close relationship. When he saw Tang Fei coming, he indiscriminately nullified the child, and his eyes were clear. Although he knew that he was no match for Tang Fei at this time, he was as reckless as that Yunjiao.
"Sun Boyi, you are really an old fool!" Tang Fei was in a hurry and called Sun Boyi’s name again.
"Tang Fei, you little beast, I, Sun Boyi, am no longer good. You should also be called Grandpa in terms of seniority. Now, your wings are hard, you don’t talk about ethics, and you don’t care about loyalty and filial piety. Since childhood, is this how your grandfather and your father taught you?" When Sun Boyi spoke at this time, he even made a point, and immediately blushed at what Tang Fei said.
"Grandpa, don’t get angry, isn’t it evil influence? It’s not enough to believe that I am Tang Fei alone. Gouchen the Great is as bright as a torch, and I’m sure I can see it clearly. Grandpa might as well take the children to Gouchen the Great and ask?" Tang Fei quickly said to Sun Boyi at this time.
"If you look for Xing Xuan, go to Xing Xuan. Xing Xuan doesn’t reverse black and white and distinguish right from wrong like you!" Sun Boyi great anger way. I will follow Tang Fei to the Linxi Palace in the East China Sea.
At this point, Yunjiao woke up from the coma and shouted at the air: "Sun Boyi, come down quickly!"
Sun Boyi realized that if he left, Yun Jiao and his children who were seriously injured would be more dangerous. He quickly fell from the air and took an elixir and sent it to Jiao’s mouth.
The elixir is really amazing. It has just been swallowed by that cloud dumpling. Suddenly it worked wonders. I saw that Yunjiao’s skin, which was burned and cracked by thunderbolt, quickly healed, and the damaged limbs recovered as before in a moment, but it took a huge amount of money to consume. There is no way to find that Tang Fei desperately.
"Well, cloud dumpling. You stay here with providence for the time being, and I’ll go to the East China Sea to invite Long Xingxuan. Let him distinguish, whether this is evil influence or a good boy! " Sun Boyi said to Yunjiao.
Yun Jiao grabbed Sun Tianyi in his arms and cried, "Sun Boyi, you idiot, that Long Xingxuan has a grudge against me. Is there any reason not to harm the child? I won’t let him see it, I won’t let him see it!" Say, metamorphoses, got up and flew to the distance.
Tang Fei wanted to catch up, but was blocked by Sun Boyi, who cried:
"Tang Fei, you are getting more and more vicious, even the women and children are not spared?"
Tang Fei stamped his feet in a hurry and cried, "My confused grandfather, open your eyes and see what children are there. They are evil spirits who collect debts and are desperate for their lives. If you don’t get rid of this magic, grandpa will be killed by him in the future!"
"Nonsense, I sincerely treat him. How can he be cruel to me in the future? It’s you. It’s a waste of my love for you. Now that you’ve grown up and practiced the body of a fairy, you’re targeting me and fighting me everywhere!" Sun Boyi shouted at Tang Fei.
Tang Fei had no choice but to give up Sun Boyi and turn to Linxi Palace in the East China Sea.
Why did Tang Fei and Long Xingxuan bury the hatchet and visit Linxi Sect again? But it turned out that the Three Clouds Empress took the Yu Pei carefully refined by Long Xingxuan, and it was a heart-shaped mountain in GZ. She took care of Xingxuan’s entrustment and handed all those Yu Pei to Tang Xiong, Ma Wenyuan and others. When Tang Xiong and Ma Wenyuan saw that the Three Clouds Empress personally sent Yu Pei, they immediately knew that it was serious and wore them in succession.
In the future, sure enough, a few ghosts dressed as old friends such as Ma Wenyuan and Tang Xiong came to make a profit on the platform, but they were all seen by Yu Pei. After a fight, everyone joined forces and killed several demons. Ma Wenyuan and Tang Xiong and others realized that they had misjudged Xing Xuan and regretted it. Only then did they send Tang Fei to Linxi Palace to apologize, which led Tang Fei to pass by this nameless valley and see Sun Boyi and Yun Jiao for adoption.
At this time, Tang Fei suffered from Sun Boyi’s obstruction and could not kill the demon that turned into a baby, so he had to turn around and come to Linxi Palace in the East China Sea.
Arriving in the East China Sea, I saw the East China Sea quietly, and there was not even a hag patrolling the sea. Tang Fei was surprised. He let out his eyes and looked deep into the sea. At this time, the front door of Lingxi Palace was completely banned and heavily guarded, as if he were in danger.
Tang Fei was shocked, and thought to himself, Could it be that Lingxi Palace has also been attacked? If so, if you see it yourself, you should help. Although you may not be able to help yourself by practicing martial arts, you must let Long Xingxuan know this intention.
Thought of here, Tang Fei quickly separated the waterway and flew along the seawater channel to Linxi Palace.
Just arrived in front of Linxi Palace, I saw a colorful light shining in front of me, and three steel forks flashed and stabbed Tang Fei.
Tang Fei quickly flew out of the flying sword to resist the three steel forks. I didn’t know that the three steel forks were extremely fierce. It was under the water of 10,000 meters, and the water pressure was great. Tang Fei’s flying sword could not be put to use. When it was touched by the steel again, it immediately flew without a trace. The steel fork was castrated without delay and stabbed at Tang Fei’s chest.
Tang Fei couldn’t help crying out in shock. He thought to himself, It’s over, it’s over. I didn’t expect the other side to be so powerful. He was killed by the other side before a round. Do you know if Long Xingxuan can find his body in the future and know that he once came here to help?
At this moment, Tang Fei is still convinced that Long Xingxuan will not be defeated.
Seeing that the steel fork was about to pass through the chest, the steel fork suddenly froze, and a dark and tall monster appeared behind it. He laughed and said, "It turned out to be Tang Fei, a god’s eye. Fortunately, the old ape is quick of eye, or you will be finished with Tang Fei!"
It is the black-haired water ape.
When Tang Fei saw it was him, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, patting his chest and saying, "You scared me to death. You daredevil, you didn’t see it clearly before you shot! "
The black-haired water ape ha ha smiled and said, "Who let you come so fast and so fierce? I still have enemies coming!" "