Fairy Jinfeng nodded her head. She ventured to tell the past, which is what she wanted. She stayed with Nu Wa all the year round. Whenever human beings were at war and cannibalized each other, she could never forget the sadness in the eyes of the empress, so she tried to go back and be blamed by the empress, and also let Song Changgeng know that some things can’t be done. She has the ability to fight with heaven and earth and the strong. She is also a human being, and her nest is full of troubles.

Chapter six hundred and fifty-one Chaos Baoding
Song Chang-geng’s commitment to Jinfeng Fairy is not a whim, but a conclusion drawn after his own thinking. This conclusion is that, firstly, because he has a broad vision now, he feels that it is meaningless to compete blindly with his own kind. Secondly, in order to make such a big help for Nu Wa, he wants Nu Wa to be happy and help him when he is in trouble, so he naturally wants to be ambitious and then be able to follow each other’s wishes.
Song Chang-geng’s heart is always a little uncertain about tongtian and Jiejiao, so when there is an opportunity, it is natural to find a backer. He also knows that he is special now, so all families will win over himself, but there is nothing permanent in this world, and he will not be so special forever. Instead of lamenting after losing his role in the future, it is better to make more benefits while it is useful now.
Of all the benefits, Nu Wa is the most no problem, because she has no education, and she is concerned about human beings and demon race. As long as she is not too much, but can contribute to the human exhibition, Nu Wa will help herself when she can. In line with this idea, Song Changgeng agreed to it, although she promised Jinfeng Fairy, in fact, it is the same as promised Nu Wa.
From the time when Nu Wa was born, when she became a saint, it was Fairy Jinfeng who carried her for thirty-three days, and then she served around all the time. Needless to say, she was loyal and important to Nu Wa.
After seeing Song Chang-geng’s promise, JinFeng Fairy put down her heart, and naturally she didn’t talk about these things. It would be bad to talk too much, but Song Chang-geng also cleverly didn’t talk about this topic, but asked about various problems in practice. JinFeng Fairy was a true fairy, and she was a master under the sage, but she was not good at fighting, so her reputation was not obvious. It was naturally very easy to point out Song Chang-geng.
It takes a few days for two people to talk about it. However, they are all successful people in practice, so naturally they don’t have to sleep and eat, and they can’t always talk about one practice. Although Song Chang-geng is usually rather dull, he doesn’t seem to be able to talk very well. That’s actually just that he has no interest in it. Now, if he wants to make a good fortune in Jinfeng, it is natural to take out all his skills. It is also a quip and a joke, which makes Jinfeng laugh.
Moreover, Song Chang-geng has all kinds of exquisite teas, wines, snacks and fruits, as well as all kinds of delicious incense and musical puppets that can automatically play music. In order to ask questions about cultivation and make a good marriage with Jinfeng Fairy, Song Chang-geng naturally won’t spare anything. Although these things are all owned by the human world, they are not as exquisite and advanced as those in the celestial world, let alone the Royal Palace, but some things are also so strange that they can win a smile from Jinfeng Fairy.
After getting along for a few days, Fairy Jinfeng also saw that Song Chang-geng had a good heart. Although she was cultivated from a different species, she was not a demon, but a descendant of the ancient phoenix. She was usually very proud and had no friends. It was rare to laugh once in a long time. She laughed many times in the past few days, and she felt very happy. It seems that there are signs that the realm will break through the primary level of the true fairy and enter the intermediate level, and she can’t help but be very happy.
After listening to a joke told by Song Chang-geng this day, Feng-xian Jin smiled at Song Chang-geng and said, "Do you remember what I said, when the temple work is finished, I will take you to the Empress, who wants to see you? You should know that the Empress will naturally give you benefits, but the Empress is tolerant, especially to outstanding humans and demons, and maybe she will ask you what you want.
I don’t think you know anything about Empress, and you don’t know what you want from Empress. I am very happy these days. In order to thank you for your hospitality, I will say a few words to you. Remember carefully that our Empress was accepted as one of the six disciples in the Purple Night Palace, and gave her the innate treasure’ Chaos Ding’ and refined it into a magic weapon of life’s core monuments. This treasure can be one of the most wonderful treasures in the world.
This innate treasure’ Chaos Ding’ is one of the five treasures that opened the sky. Although it has a complete HarmonyOS purple gas, it has no natural ability to attack and defend, but it has a vast space, and there is a pure chaotic gas vortex in it, which can turn acquired objects into innate objects, and it can also produce chaotic fires. This fire can contain all kinds of fires and refine everything in the world, so it is called’ Chaos Ding’.
At the beginning, Niangniang and Fuxi were brother and sister, born in the same womb. Niangniang was accompanied by’ nine days of rest’, which was the softest thing and could be held at will, while Fuxi was accompanied by the hardest’ five-colored stone’, which could not be broken even by the celestial sword of Zhu Xian. Later, when the Lich fought, Gong Gong Gong was angry and collided with Zhoushan, but the mountain was broken the day after tomorrow, and the weak water of Tianhe in heaven flowed into the world, causing great trouble.
The day was broken, but other saints couldn’t mend it. The Empress had to give directions from the Taoist ancestor, and asked Fuxi to give up the companion treasure, the innate Lingbao’ Five-color Stone’, and then refined the five-color stone with the chaotic tripod, and added various five-element materials to it. After returning it to nature, 366 pieces of colorful stone were refined, and it took 365 days to make up the sky. This shows what happened to this chaotic tripod.
I don’t know much about you, but I still know some main things. At the beginning, you cultivated Tai Chi beads in the bright world, and you were given two innate treasures by the celestial sage to suppress Yin and Yang, which made you a treasure, and you got the nine-setting tripod refined by Xuanyuan Huangdi under the guidance of Guang Chengzi. The chaotic fetus in it is also an innate treasure, but these two magic weapons are both acquired and innate, not really innate.
No matter how tight the combination is, there will be flaws because of the differences in materials. My advice to you is that when you go to the Empress, you should ask the Empress to use the chaotic tripod to return your two magic weapons into a congenital treasure, and let several treasures be combined. Although this will damage the quality and function of some treasures, it will make you get more treasures. Isn’t this a good thing? "
Song Chang-geng was a little stunned, and after a while he asked strangely, "I’m puzzled by what Fairy said. You know I’m short of practice, and I don’t know many things. What you just meant seemed to say was that I should ask the Empress and me to help me turn the acquired magic weapon into an innate one with the chaotic tripod, and also to synthesize several innate magic weapons into one. Is this possible? Is there any principle and saying in it? "
Fairy Jinfeng smiled indifferently, and her eyes flashed proudly. She whispered, "Of course, others can’t, even other saints can’t, because they don’t have a chaotic tripod. As I said just now, this treasure has two main functions, one is to return to the day after tomorrow, and the other is to refine everything, but naturally it can combine several magic weapons into one without conflict.
For example, in your Taiji Bead, the two innate Lingbao that suppressed Yin and Yang and the acquired substance of the bead itself were refined by chaotic tripod, and the acquired substance of the bead became an innate substance, and the innate Lingbao that suppressed Yin and Yang was originally refined by the heavenly saints. Your beads were also arranged according to the characteristics of the two treasures, which can be said to be the integration of the three treasures. After refining, they were reshaped and naturally became a magic weapon.
However, in the molding process, the magic weapon will automatically adjust, and the strength and laws inside may be lost, but it’s nothing. When it’s finished, both the’ Purple Electric Hammer’ and the’ Green Gourd’ can be taken out for use, and they can be put together, because after refining, the three are already integrated, so that you can have two innate Lingbao when you refine it into life’s core monuments magic weapon, which is the exclusive skill of the empress. "
After listening to this, Song Changgeng felt that his head was not spinning enough. Now his idea is,’ The world is omnipresent!’ When he didn’t come out in the light, he thought it was a magic weapon as long as he refined it. It is ok to imprint his spirit and life characteristics on the magic weapon. Later, when he met an ethereal fairy, he realized that life has a true spirit, and every life can have a life’s core monuments magic weapon and an accompanying magic weapon.
You can’t have too many saints, and you actually take this as the golden rule. Now you just know that there is such a method that people can have two magic weapons as life’s core monuments or accompanying magic weapons at once. It’s like a person always thinks that his passbook has 10,000 yuan, and when he goes to get it, the bank tells you that we have preferential activities, and you are a lucky winner. Now your deposit is 21,000 yuan.
Happiness was a little dizzy, and it took him a while to wake up. After a little calculation, he couldn’t help but feel hot. He eagerly asked, "Fairy, in that case, how should I choose my companion magic weapon?" Is it possible to combine Jiuningding with Fusang Tree? "
Fairy jinfeng nodded and said, "of course, didn’t you understand what I said for a long time?" I just used your Taiji beads as an example to tell you that everything is returned to nature by Chaos Ding, and it can be refined into one, but I don’t know how many pieces the Empress will forge for you. One is possible, two are reluctant, and I don’t think three are necessary. "
Song Changgeng nodded excitedly and said, "Great, I’m not greedy. Just two things are good. One is a magic weapon for life’s core monuments, and the other is an accompanying magic weapon. More than that, I feel embarrassed myself. Thank you for reminding me, otherwise I may really miss this great opportunity. I don’t know how to thank the fairy for her kindness."
Fairy Jinfeng’s charming smile didn’t care, but she turned her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and she couldn’t help wondering. Just now, she suddenly thought that Song Chang-geng’s purple electric hammer and green gourd didn’t really work, even if it was estimated, it would be erased by the heavenly saints. The chaotic fetus of Jiu Ning Ding naturally didn’t work, but the hibiscus tree has spiritual knowledge, so it can be an accompanying spiritual treasure. Isn’t it a coincidence?
Don’t start anything, but once you start, you will think more and more. How does Fairy Jinfeng think that something is wrong? Just as she never understood why the empress treated Song Changgeng with special respect, she even wanted to give him a hibiscus tree from phase liu. Now she suddenly understood that she was going to give him an accompanying spiritual treasure. Did the empress even get here early and deliberately do this? Does the empress have anything to use for Song Changgeng?
The thought that Song Chang Gung won so many benefits turned out to be nothing more than a chess piece. The difference is that each family has different techniques, and there are overbearing practices that must be mentioned in heaven. However, there are also Amitabha and Empress who slide backwards, which is even more arrogant and primitive. Everything is actually playing chess, and the chess piece is a chess piece anyway. She can’t help but feel a little sad and lost at the thought of this.
Song Changgeng was excited for a long time before he looked up and saw that Fairy Jinfeng looked a little wrong. Although the surface was calm, his eyes were filled with sadness, loss, loss and other emotions. I didn’t know what to think of. Song Changgeng was a little confused, but it was not easy to ask questions. He waved his hand to replenish what they had eaten, and it was not easy to disturb each other. So he pinched a teacup and sat in the pavilion to watch the scenery outside.
It took a while for Fairy Jinfeng to come to her senses. When she saw Song Chang-geng drinking tea comfortably, she couldn’t help but feel moved and wanted to hit him. She smiled and said, "You are in a good mood. Don’t you ever think about the meaning behind so many benefits?" Do you really naively think that the world can lose gold ingots? This kind of thing that concerns your interests, you are still so leisurely? "
Song Chang-geng paused and smiled: "If the fairy is educating me for this matter, it is unnecessary. In fact, I have thought about this matter for a long time. It is nothing more than a chess piece. Now my chess piece is still useful and has room for exhibition. Naturally, I will succeed when I am in trouble. When I lack something, I will appear in front of myself in various situations. When my luck passes, everything will be difficult."

Chapter six hundred and fifty-two Emei move
Hearing his words, Fairy Jinfeng couldn’t help but look at him in surprise and said, "I didn’t expect you to be so open-minded. I thought you didn’t understand. You already knew it yourself. It seems that you have other plans, but I advise you not to do anything out of line. You should know that no one who treats you as a pawn is easy to mess with."
Song Changgeng nodded and smiled: "Thank you for your kind reminder. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything special. I still know the truth that’ heaven and earth are all working together, and heroes are not free to be transported’. It would be foolish to count chess players if I don’t want to be a chess piece. I know what I should do. Since I can be a disciple, it is normal for people to treat me as a chess piece.
Broadly speaking, the sage is just a pawn of heaven and earth, just like Pangu who opened the sky in those days. He was bred by the avenue. Who can say that he is not a pawn of the avenue? It’s just that everyone has different levels. In fact, it’s very boring to say these things. We have our own way of living. The past has passed and the future has not yet been born. Instead of worrying about the future, it’s better to live this moment seriously. What does the fairy think? "
"Seriously live this moment now? This is true, but how many people can give up nostalgia for the past and worry about the future? It’s easy to say. The world is too dangerous. If you don’t plan for your future, something will happen sooner or later, just like the hibiscus tree you got. It was also one of the four innate spiritual roots of heaven and earth. How noble it is to grow in the sun?
However, because the wood was peaceful and uncontroversial, Di Jun and Taiyi brothers fiddled with it. First, they moved him to the lower bound for the sake of ten princes’ intolerance to the sun’s true fire, so that he could not fully absorb the evolution of the sun’s true fire. Later, when ten princes had an accident, the Di Jun brothers even took it out on him and were chopped to death alive. Fortunately, they were born with spiritual roots, and the roots were still there. Unfortunately, they even had no power to regenerate a body through the fire.
This is the nature of wood. They have a long life and have no consideration for the future. What if? Whether in ancient times or now, whether in the world or in all walks of life, the use and destruction of wood has never stopped, just because wood will not plan for itself and will not fight, what do you think? "Jinfeng fairy see Song Changgeng so open, can’t help but sigh.
Song Chang-geng was about to answer when his face suddenly moved. The protective mirror on his chest actually oscillated a few times and began to glow. This protective mirror is a combination of the mirror of heaven for defense and the mother mirror of sound transmission, which can not only defend, but also transmit sound. Now Song Chang-geng knows that someone has contacted him, and he can’t help wondering who it is. He confessed to Jinfeng Fairy and walked out of the pavilion.
After opening the mirror with a trick, the protective mirror on the chest and chamber shot a green light, and a blue ball of light appeared in front of him, in which a lifelike villain appeared, which turned out to be Princess Changping. When she saw that Song Changgeng had accepted her request and opened the treasure mirror, she didn’t say much nonsense and anxiously tunnel: "Teacher, where are you?" Come to Beijing, the Emei Sect has taken control of my brother. "
"Emei sent control of your brother? Your brother, from Beijing, is he the emperor? Son of a bitch, what does Emei want? Dare to control the emperor? Don’t worry, speak slowly, what’s the matter? " Song Changgeng didn’t react at first, but when he understood it, he couldn’t help flying into a rage and controlling the emperor. Is Emei crazy? Even if they are so bold, they can only influence and dare not control them. What are they?
Princess Changping looked anxious and said, "I didn’t know it at first, but I didn’t know it until I got to Beijing. It was near the city. It has been set by the Emei Sect, so no one knows what’s going on inside, and what’s going on inside can’t be spread. I didn’t know it until I contacted an injured disciple near the capital. Everything was heard from him.
I also observed it invisibly near the large array, and sent the spirit beast in to detect it. Sure enough, there was no news after I went in. The disciple felt that the matter was too serious to make a decision without authorization, so I contacted Master you. "
After listening to this, Song Changgeng was speechless for a long time. Although he is angry now, he thinks more. Although he knows that he has changed history and must bear the cause and effect, the cause and effect will not come soon, and he has benefited a lot from changing history, especially by receiving many disciples through imperial power, so he has always regarded the royal family as his preserve.
But now I hear that Emei dares so much. After being angry, my first thought is not to retaliate, but to consider why the other party did it. Emei is a sect of the world, but behind them is a sage of Taiqing, who is the first saint except Daozu Hongjun, who did not come forward, and the afterlife who never appeared after incarnating Six Roads. It is said that the two saints in the West and Nu Wa are not as strong as him.
Just looking at somebody else’s talisman can make you play like that in the light, and your strength will be average. Not to mention his innate treasure Taiji diagram or the acquired treasure Xuanhuang Tower, you can’t deal with it by yourself. Song Changgeng didn’t think that he is worse than the Monkey King, so what about Sun Dasheng? Still not cut down.
So since Emei has such a strong backer, it must have its own reasons to do so now, but why do they do so? Song Chang Gung more think more headache, how all can’t understand each other’s intention is what, princess Changping anxiously looked at the teacher, see his face changing, eyebrows tight wrong, the in the mind a burst of love, but this thing can’t help you, the in the mind is even more uncomfortable.
After a while, the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. He suddenly growled and said, "Who cares? Even though he has changed in a thousand ways, I still have my own rules. Emei promised me to write off the past in Tongcoconut Island at the beginning, and now he’s bothering me. What if I can’t be bullied and the Taiqing sage is the patron? My master is a saint in the Qing Dynasty. We won’t know who has a big fist until we hit him. "
With a roar, he felt that his mind was transparent, and his whole body was unobstructed, his thoughts were pure as one, and his way seemed to be improving. When he was wondering, he heard Fairy Jinfeng laughing at the back: "It’s really good that you can get rid of the psychological shackles and make your mind more pure. It’s extraordinary that you can do this in less than a hundred years, which is much better than those of us who practice for many years."
After Song Chang-geng’s mood was smooth, his spiritual wisdom seemed to be much clearer. When he saw Fairy Jinfeng, he didn’t pay attention to her praise. Instead, he turned away from other thoughts. Think about him and smiled: "Fairy is welcome, how can I compete with you? Although you have been understanding for a long time, you have also consolidated your foundation in this long time, which I can’t compare with. Although I understand quickly, it is also a reality that the foundation is unstable.
However, there is a saying that it is good to practice in the world of mortals. In the world of mortals, you will always encounter various things, which will hone your mind deeply. If you can be born again after joining the WTO, you will certainly gain something. Buddhists pay attention to fate. Since you met a fairy today, how about going to the world with me? Let’s also look at what is worth hanging around in this world of mortals. "
When Fairy Jinfeng saw Song Chang-geng turn around, her eyes were clear and bright, and her divine light was restrained. She really made great progress, and she couldn’t stop sighing. She did this by herself in those days, eliminating all other thoughts and making her thoughts pure and single-minded, but after practicing for more than 70,000 years, I didn’t expect him to do it in less than a hundred years. Maybe the world is really a good place to practice? Let’s go and have a look.
At the thought of this, she said with a reserved smile, "In that case, I’ll take a walk. The affairs of the Empress should be done by human beings. That Emei Sect dared to imprison the Emperor and make the affairs of the Empress impossible. This matter has something to do with me. It’s appropriate to go there once. So, please lead the way ahead and let’s see who these people are supporting them."
When Song Chang-geng saw her promise, he didn’t say much with a smile. With a change of his hand, he put away the pavilion and all kinds of things. Then, after lifting it, he put up a cloud and made a gesture of invitation.
In fact, he knew that Fairy Jinfeng said this on purpose, just to find an excuse to go to the world to take care of this matter. If she hadn’t really made her happy these days, she wouldn’t have said so many things to herself, and pointed out so many key points, especially this matter. After all, she said it herself and did it herself. She did it just to find an excuse.
Fairy Jinfeng took a look at the cloud and said with a smile, "Although your cloud is good, it is too slow. You know that I was born in the phoenix family, and I was born to fly in the sky. I am also famous in the wild. Let me take you." With that, she waved her hand, and a foot-long golden feather appeared in her hand. Although it was not radiant, it was as perfect as golden jade.
However, Song Chang-geng also has a good eye. At first glance, I can see that it should be refined from the tail feathers shed by Jinfeng Fairy, and it has been refined to a glorious state. I don’t know how it is. Just as I was thinking about it, I heard a clear whimper from Fairy Jinfeng. As soon as Song Chang-geng took away his cloud, he only felt the golden flame rising in front of him, and he was held up by a strong force, and then he was in the air in an instant.
When I let my mind go out, I found my body in a golden phoenix virtual shadow, which is located in the abdomen of the phoenix. The whole phoenix grows more than ten feet, flying in the air as if it were a golden light. Song Chang-geng felt that his mind was already fast, but he sensed the situation hundreds of miles away, and the golden light had already flown, so I knew it was a good baby at first sight.