When I think of picking up girls, Haikui directly thinks of what Ma Mengmeng and Yang Yulu are doing. I just have an excuse to ask Yang Yulu about this girl and ask her out at noon later.
Just thinking about the dormitory Liu Lei darting back from behind, he just took off his short-sleeved clothes as soon as he entered the room, carrying two copies of cold rice noodles in his hand and handing them to Li Qiang, where he spread himself to eat.
Li Qiang casually threw out ten dollars and said, "Keep the change."
Liu Lei also you’re welcome to take the money and sit aside to eat cold rice noodles.
Shit! Sure enough, money makes the mare go. It seems that Liu Lei is familiar with cooking for him!
Liu Lei looked at Haikui while eating. "Have you eaten?"
Haikui nodded.
"If you don’t want to go out in such a hot day, please tell me that it’s cheap to buy food, fetch water, wash clothes and go shopping for dating your girlfriend." Liu Lei said that while eating, foam was sprayed everywhere.
"Come on, I’d better do it myself." Haikui naturally became unhealthy when he heard that there was a generation dating his girlfriend at last. It’s better to do it yourself. I guess no one wants to be cuckolded and pay the bill!
Haikui hit himself in the brain and wanted to try how to enter the password of the boy who sent the brain after hitting, so he directly connected to the Internet.
Haikui hit the browser and then turned to ask Li Qiang, "How do I get into our school to post it?"
Li Qiang didn’t say back, "Just search our school name and post it."
Haikui search engine searched and entered the post bar. He wanted to see if his obscene beauty post continued to be highlighted.
Haikui simply looked at it. It is estimated that the water army will find it boring, so it will no longer be top.
But Haikui immediately found another post title * * also learn self-defense!
Haikui went in and saw a photo of himself knocking down three people. In addition, the photo post scared away four people and distorted the facts. Four righteous youths were going to knock down * *, but they were scolded by **oo.
Haikui looked at it in distress and gave it to him. I didn’t expect paparazzi in this school to be so pervasive.
Suddenly he thought of something, picked up his mobile phone and dialed Qin Mengqi’s words.
This is the first time he dialed Qin Mengqi. He just wanted to ask them if it is possible to handle this situation. After four or five rings, he put on a very sweet and refreshing professional stereo and said, "Hello, this is Qin Mengqi. Go ahead."
The sound is pretty good! Haikui muttered in his heart, "I want to ask if you can delete the school posts?"
There was no silence and asked, "What posts do you want to delete?"
As soon as Hai Kui heard her answer, she knew that their so-called school league club must have a way to "delete all my posts, right?"
"Can you give me a reason for this?" Qin Mengqi asked.
"I want to ask the school to post it. Do you have a management limit?" Haikui didn’t answer, she asked again
"To tell you the truth, the administrators of the school post bar are all members of the school league club," Qin Mengqi said bluntly
"I don’t think it’s easy to help you delete how much money," Haikui said generously. In his view, it can be done with dozens of dollars.
Qin Mengqi was silent for two seconds and replied, "Wait a minute, I’ll report it, but can you tell me the reason why you want to delete the post?"
"It’s not good for my name," Haikui said bluntly.
"Well, I’ll call you back later." Qin Mengqi hung up with that.
After about two minutes, Qin Mengqi hit the words and said, "I have already reported it, but we can temporarily lock the post and not let the reply sink, and then we can delete it."
"But" Haikui thinks it’s best to help him get rid of it. In fact, he thinks these posts are very painful for himself, but Yang Yulu has been very upset recently, and he has been teased by some boys who are posting them. Haikui decided to delete several of his posts first and then delete Yang Yulu’s posts.
"You need to pay 4 yuan to get it done," Qin Mengqi said.
“4? Why so many? Isn’t it just deleting a few posts? Why is it so expensive? "
"Well, each of the three students who broke the news contributed 1 yuan, and 1 yuan was the deletion procedure on our side," Qin Mengqi Haikui explained.
Haikui turned white in an instant and asked, "So you can still get a hundred yuan from you for posting the manuscript?"
Qin Mengqi did not hide and said, "This is the case."
"It turns out that you are behind the scenes. I don’t know why there are so many people chatting." Haikui said that this is still a good girl’s voice in the words. Qian Haikui didn’t get mad and said coldly, "Hurry up and help me fix it. I will give you the money." After that, I hung up and transferred 400 yuan to Qin Mengqi through online banking.
Haikui doesn’t want to argue with them, because this society is like this, and the school is just a microcosm of society. Now Haikui has a little understanding of society, so it is true that money makes the mare go!
Hai Kui hung up on Qin Mengqi’s words. Although she was a little depressed, she was not upset. Qin Mengqi’s voice was very nice. Hai Kui closed her eyes and simply thought about what she would be like. Would it be beautiful? However, there is also a saying that the better the sound, the girl may be a dinosaur.
Get it done. Haikui called Yang Yulu and asked her to have dinner at noon. There is something to talk about with her. Yang Yulu is hesitant.
Haikui asked, "Isn’t it just a meal? It was my fault that day, but I will never be rude to you today."
Yang Yulu thought for a moment, "Well, where shall we meet?"
"If you are outside the school, you won’t eat in the school," Haikui said.
The two agreed to meet in a small restaurant outside the school, and Yang Yulu could bring her roommate with her.