Playing the weak team is somewhat boring.
This is a common problem of many players, not just Lazio.
This is also the reason why there will be an upset on the football field.
If the strong always wins the weak, how boring football will be.
It’s just that there are some accidents.
In fact, this is the normal football world.
In the past, Lazio was able to beat the other team in every encounter, winning the championship with a total victory and unbeaten in 129 league games. This kind of thing is not normal.
Now Lazio has just returned from abnormal to normal.
After the match with Real Madrid, I returned to Italy, which was the same city derby between Lazio and Rome.
Lazio challenge Rome away.
This game is naturally the highlight of this round of league matches.
However, the suspense is relatively not as big as other competitions.
Because Lazio have never won a championship in the past, no matter what their achievements are, even for two consecutive seasons, and they have never lost to Rome.
Rome’s best result was a draw with Lazio at home, and only once in the past 16 years.
Lazio still has a great advantage over Rome.
Playing against other teams, Lazio, there may be some thoughts of underestimating your enemy and relaxing. Playing against Rome has never happened.
This is the meaning of the same city derby.
The hatred between Lazio and Rome is very great.
Especially after the constant victory, this hatred has escalated.
Until now, people often take the old Sensi’s abandonment of winning things to prove what a stupid thing Rome had done.
Obviously, it was Rome who first invited Changsheng to coach, but in the end it became Rome’s sworn enemy.
There are even human resource management textbooks that take this as a case to analyze for students how to treat a useful talent correctly …
This is really a disgrace to the club of Rome.
Moreover, the ever-victorious big mouth is still not satirizing Rome.
Every time after a long time, when everyone’s feelings about this kind of resentment gradually faded, Chang Sheng was sure to jump out to stimulate Rome, and then let everyone review the grievances between Rome and Chang Sheng again and continue to laugh at how stupid Rome was.
Stimulating Rome again and again, so many Roman fans really hate winning constantly.
This time Lazio is away to Rome.
This is a real away game.
Lazio and Rome used to play the same city derby, regardless of home or away, in the same stadium, except for the number of fans who supported them.
The team is quite familiar with that stadium.
Later, with the completion and use of the new stadium Wanda Stadium in Lazio, the two teams were completely separated.
Rome continues to stay at their Rome Olympic Stadium. Although they also want to build a new stadium of their own, the Italian conquest paid great attention to this point. Since Lazio has gone out independently, Rome can’t count on it.
Therefore, Rome now has to give a large part of its annual ticket revenue to the Rome City Council.