Everyone nodded and then got together to discuss what to do to catch insects these days. Zi Long never came to the mainland, so he proposed to look around. Everyone was willing to accompany him. In fact, he was lazy. Song Changgeng wanted to go or not, but my girl wanted to go and didn’t want to leave him. She comforted her and said that she was practicing the law without anyone to accompany her. Let her go and play.
After everyone left, Song Chang-geng himself, who simply arranged it, refined the magic weapon, which was actually refining the’ jade bone Poison Tower’. However, because many things were in the body, this time he was just doing an experiment to see what cards were in it. He didn’t expect to wait until he got back to refine it again, and he didn’t care about success.
On the fourth day, it was almost time for Song Chang Gung to come out and see that everyone didn’t come back, so he sealed the abode of fairies and immortals and wanted to go for a walk outside. By the way, he would check out the periphery of Yihuanling. He felt that there was no landscape here for a hundred years, and maybe someone would practice nearby. After all, this is a famous and blessed place in southwest China.
As soon as he got out of the cave door, he saw two swords flying in the distance. It turned out that Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying were flying near and behind. When Ling Yunfeng saw Song Changgeng coming out, he quickly said, "Master, you just came out and met a pair of dolls with a thousand years of black land when we went to visit. As a result, there was a conflict with another red bodhi old zu brother."
It turns out that they have been planning to capture these two black spirits for a long time. After we caught them, they attacked us. They didn’t check the injured official red martial sister for a while, and then they were scared away by Zi Long’s younger brother. However, Uncle Li Yingqiong was already on fire and refused to listen to people’s advice. We couldn’t stop her from coming back for you. "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but smile. How could you forget that Shuangying is a killer? Every little thing has to be made into a big deal. Finally, a big killing has changed their fate because of their own appearance. But now it has gradually stabilized and their capability has gradually increased. I’m afraid that the killing is getting stronger and stronger. This is a sign that a few things will go to war.
But now is not the time to think about these things. After he simply asked a few words, he chased all the way with Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying. Finally, he chased everyone in front of a mountain. Song Changgeng came to persuade Yingqiong to give up, but he knew that it would be impossible to see Shuangying Yin Tang’s evil lines rising as soon as he met them. Now they have a heart to kill and they can kill them.
Otherwise ShaQi itself will make their hearts have problems, so he didn’t say anything, simply asked things and knew that they had a spell in those three guys.
Followed by Song Chang-geng comforted a few words, and then led us all the way. After that, Song Chang-geng took a look at the terrain and put a hand to let everyone land together.
Then he said to everyone, "Although I have never been here, I have also heard that if I am not mistaken, if I fly less than a hundred miles around the mountain here, it should be the boundary of Tiangouping, which is the territory of the Red Bodhisattva. He set up the Shura Blood Array there, and the nearby mountains are too high. His evil method is also quite magical. If you look closely, you will never see it.
According to our degree, it should be chasing each other, but you just said that one of the three guys was too fast. You ancient gods dove and Dapeng bird weren’t around at that time and didn’t chase each other. Now it seems that from your magic in their body, they have gone back to Tiangou Cliff. Be careful when you stay with me for a while. Let’s go and meet the red bodhi old zu. "
After chasing for such a while, the heroic spirit of Shuang has disappeared a lot, but the evil lines on his forehead are heavier, but the consciousness of Shuang Ying is very clear. They just have a evil fire in their hearts. After listening to Song Changgeng’s words, Yu Yingnan worried, "Brother, we have given you trouble. I heard that this red bodhi old zu is a master in southern Xinjiang. Why don’t we go back and find another way?"
Song Chang Gung laughed. "Don’t worry about me. I’m also a rival with this red-headed guy. I fought with them once in front of Emei Mansion. This time, his brother provoked me first. Johnson didn’t do anything evil himself, but it was not a good cake. After we made a neighbor with him, we would have a conflict sooner or later.
It’s better to have a fight now to make them white. After that, we will have less trouble and it will also be an exercise for you. Besides, almost all of his disciples are good red bodhi old zu, who are tired by them. Otherwise, the red body really has no evil traces. We’ll see later and fly around the mountain invisibly.
After I saw his array clearly, I re-entered the forbidden area, and then I suddenly appeared in the sky to ask my brother to inform me that one is to seize people first and be despised by the other side, and the other is to have less but better breath. Since we are in the forbidden area, we naturally have to fight and say nothing. If you don’t mind, just follow me. Zi Long, you have the highest skill, and you can break the back. "
Zi Long, a child, bowed down and promised to everyone behind him. After he came out of the light realm, he felt that it was not a small light realm outside, and he knew that Song Changgeng was very good at getting along with everyone. He was very clever and obedient
Song Chang-geng then asked everyone to prepare the flying sword as a self-defense magic weapon. In case of emergency, they could take it immediately and then cast spells to hide everyone’s figure. They flew low around the mountain and flew past Tiangouping. As soon as they got out of the mountain, they saw a gourd-shaped valley. It is said that Tiangouping should be in the right place.
However, Song Chang-geng doesn’t see anyone in the valley now, so it can be seen that Red Master and Apprentice don’t know that anyone is visiting, but Song Chang-geng’s strange thing is that even if the red bodhi old zu meditates in the abode of fairies and immortals, his younger brothers should also practice independently, but if you look around, no one in the cliff valley is practicing array method or spell, and it seems that all kinds of prohibitions are not started, as if there is no one at home.
Song Chang Gung motioned for everyone to keep secret and quietly walk all the way to the dangerous wall. After a short exploration of the recent refined’ Shadow Method’, I couldn’t help but be taken aback. From the eyes of Shadow Method, I saw the dangerous wall in front of Tiangouping, just at the end of the entrance of Hulu Valley. The cliff is towering and the clouds are extremely high, and the top of the cliff is also equipped with a very powerful forbidden net pocket.
Although I’m here to find fault, Song Changgeng doesn’t want to make a dead enemy. It’s just a threat to the other party. I can’t come and break the magic weapon of others’ gatekeepers, that is, slapping people face to face. It is estimated that the enemy is dead, but if I cross there from the top of Ling Fei and it is the bottom of the gourd, four roads can pass.
From the shadow method’s eyes, you can see that there is a big hole in the middle of the cliff. The door is simple and tall, and other holes in the nearby valley should be the place where the red bodhi old zu lives. Song Changgeng estimates from the size of the whole cliff that this hole should be penetrated at both ends like a door. In the past, this door should be to go to the Tiangouping position in Hongmuling Cave House for 300 miles.
Look at those two big doors that are ten feet high and seven battles high. They are tightly closed and people are defending Song Changgeng in front of the door. The more strange it is, where is everyone? He learned from Xu Feiniang that the characteristics of the dharma tactic and residence of the practitioner who is famous in the sky are all here, but Xu Feiniang said that there are hundreds of red bodhi old zu brothers, but people?
The fifty-seventh volume The wind and rain Chapter five hundred and sixty-seven Lingyun for help
English saw Song Changgeng there motionless, although he knew that he was in the heart of the method insect inspectors. Although the red wound was light, it touched Shuangying’s lamella. If others were so dawdling, they would have been on fire. Seeing Song Changgeng’s straight frown was obviously a strange thing, and they were also very puzzled.
Yu Yingnan pressed the fire and asked, "Brother, what do you see? Is there a powerful array here? Actually, we’re not here to kick the door. We just need to catch those guys who hurt Honger and teach them a lesson. If we can’t get in secretly, I think we’d better call the door, that is, how about the red bodhi old zu justifying a fault? If you do something wrong, are you still not allowed to look for it? "
Song Chang Gung shook his head. "It’s not like that. Although the law here is high, I can still break it. It’s a bit strange. It seems that people here don’t know where they went." Now there are more than a dozen people in the valley, and they are all lazy. Obviously, relying on the prestige of the red bodhi old zu, no one has come here to find trouble, and it is easy to go in without us.
I hesitate whether it is red or not. If we rush in and hit people in the face, it will be a big deal. But this matter is also very difficult to handle. Even if it is red, it may not be used to his rampage in southern Xinjiang. Maybe it will not punish my brother. These are small things. I wonder what big things have happened. Can let Hong lead so many younger brothers? It must be a big deal. "
Ying Qiong was about to interface when she suddenly heard two strange calls. Outside the valley, two red smoke lights flew and fell to the cliff. There were two tall savages wearing HongLing’s right arm, bare waist, leopard skirt, barefoot collar and flame spear. Both of them were crying and the two savages drank a few words.
When Song Chang Gung heard that the two women were Chinese and dressed in Chinese ornaments, he knew that these two guys had plundered them. He couldn’t help but say to everyone, "Did you see that? These two people should be red disciples who are used to plundering people. They have provoked us. I have come to care about the red face. Now it’s unnecessary. It’s said that red is from a side door, but there is nothing wrong with it.
So I still care about it. It seems that I can’t believe it outside. Now, what if he has a grudge or not? The savage barbarians should kill you for bullying the Han people with the technique. "
Shuangying is waiting for her brother’s attack. Before everyone can react, they both untie and hide, drink and let out’ Purple Sword’ and’ South Away from Fire Sword’ respectively. They saw a red light and a purple light rising into the sky, but just now the two savages were about to enter the door when they suddenly saw two beautiful girls coming out.
One of the savages casually drank and asked, "Where are the bold girls? How dare you peek at the door of Miaoxiangluanyu and tell the truth! Otherwise don’t blame grandpa you’re welcome. "Before he finished his words, he saw two girls release two swords and knew it wasn’t a good crop. The savage yelled at me and released two red smoke lights to take a look at the confusion in his heart.
Shuangying ignored the other side. They flew their swords at a turning point and ran for two savages to cut them off. Two savages hurriedly blocked Shuangying with red smoke. What is that sword? Two pieces of red smoke were cut and broken by the double swords at the first contact. Shuangying was afraid of hurting them. Then the sword light rushed around the heads of two savage necks and separated.
Song Chang Gung let Shuangying because he saw that these two savages, although practicing the law, had a special tactic, but they were not as good as Taoism. Then the Dan period was much worse than Shuangying’s skill. Just Shuangying’s Shaqi was up, so that they could have a diarrhea or others could see that Shuangying had already started work and would not rob it. They were all watching intently.
Ling Yunfeng’s habit of wandering the Jianghu with her father since childhood is to see the other two wild talents as soon as they are in the cliff cave door in the valley, a mountain girl probes out and looks around.
Look at these two people who hurt Guan Gong. The three guys are similar in costume. When they fly, they have two more bird feathers. They are surrounded by rich smoke and light, and other different skills are not in phase with their own then. She knows that the master is right. The masters here should all be out. I really want to be absent.
At the same time, I saw two savages, although hideous, but without any evil spirits. They were disciples of the Red Bodhisattva Clan, and they were thinking of uniting with the Red Bodhisattva Clan. Although strange, they were not evil spirits. I heard that it was the first-class evil spirits. It was true that when she was thinking about it, she saw that Shuangying had already beheaded people with double swords, and she couldn’t help but stay and didn’t want them to be so ruthless.
Then I heard two sullen roars, and then I saw a serpent and a gecko rushing out of the neck cavity of two people. It was Ling Yunfeng, the former Yuan God, who had seen Shuangying and two Yuan gods in Daijiachang.
I hate the double swords, and when I return to Xiang, before the two Yuan gods do anything, I will cut them off again, drink the royal sword and rush straight into the cave.
Song Chang Gung asked everyone to follow him in. He helped the two women to see that they were scared enough ~ They were already shaking and sighing badly. After that, they fainted, and then they caught the two savage gods who were cut off and used magic to teach them to search for souls. Now they don’t know where Red went. They know that they left yesterday with a group of people and a mysterious black man with a green robe and bodhi old zu.
The two of them are just ordered to watch by turns in front of the door, which is a kind of ostentation and extravagance in barbarism. The two of them are both low and high in mana, and most of their daily activities are dereliction of duty. The ancestor Wei Zhen has great powers in southern Xinjiang, and absolutely no one dares to infringe on the daily activities here. All the disciples are in attendance while riding the ancestor to practice in the cave.
Moreover, everyone has their own duties or things to be tested. They are diligent and lazy. Anyway, the gates in the valley are closed, and the valley is forbidden. For more than a hundred years, no one has offended them, so they don’t often go outside. They have lured several beautiful mountain girls to tease and have fun in the cliff cave and made a hidden place for them to live in.
This time, the red bodhi old zu took everyone away from the two of them, but no one cared about it, so he left without leave yesterday. Today, the two of them went out to plunder two Han women, and other people left behind in the valley also thought so. They all went out for fun early this morning. In their consciousness, there are more than 300 miles of Tiangouping between this wonderful mountain cliff and the ancestral temple in Hongmuling.
Master zu and other masters have magic weapons, evil spirits, fire, water and thunder everywhere, especially in some places, which are even more difficult to climb over the rosewood ridge than the wonderful mountains. It is even higher and more dangerous. Don’t say that if you come to the valley by mistake, you can’t even keep your bones. If you can’t go back, you can talk about the red bodhi old zu’s reputation, but they don’t believe that anyone dares to offend here.
Song Chang-geng didn’t erase two people’s messy memories from his mind after looking at their memories. It took him half a day to see Shuangying and others coming out from the inside. The others were fine, but Shuangying’s head was a little scattered. Obviously, after a fierce battle, Song Chang-geng and others were here, and they couldn’t help laughing.
Ying Qiong first laughed. "Brother really said yes, people here don’t know where to go. We went all the way in Hongmuling to find those three guys. I didn’t want them to resist, which made us work a lot, especially if it wasn’t for Sister Zhu’s help, we would be more important."
Song Chang Gung nodded his head and saw that the evil lines on their foreheads had disappeared. Knowing that they were all right, he ordered Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying to wake up two Han women and ask them to send them back.
Things happened here. Song Changgeng took everyone back to the abode of fairies and immortals when he saw everyone lost their mind to play. When he first arrived at the abode of fairies and immortals, he saw Qi Lingyun anxiously shouting something there. See you later when they fell from it. Song Changgeng saw her here and knew that something must have happened.
After asking, I just wanted to invite her into the cave. Jilingyun said urgently, "Song Door Master, don’t go in. I’m here to ask you for help this time. I’ve come to Yi Laodoyen to detect that it’s the key to return a corpse to the sun in a few days. It must be heavily guarded. I want to wait for her to return to the sun and relax before attacking. I don’t want Yi Jing’s school sister to go in alone last night and haven’t come out yet.
Today, Yi Lao-doyen figured out that she was fine, but she was going to suffer a lot, and her daughter was eager to rescue her. After she didn’t want to go in, she got into a fight with the people there. The other party seemed to be very powerful. They had been fighting for a long time. I came to ask the door owner to help the abode of fairies and immortals. Who belongs to is actually a small matter? My father is not ready to let us come here because Yi Jing’s younger sister insisted.
The man who fought with Yi Laodoyen came to match his skill, and then another one came out to help. Now that the Laodoyen has fallen off the wind, I’m here to ask the door master for help. "Say that finish, I looked at Song Changgeng with a deep ceremony. Although I was anxious, there was a faint affection hidden in it.
Song Chang Gung nodded slightly after thinking. "This favor is to help me. I will go with you, but I will leave when I simply explain a few words to them." Say that finish, see Zhu and others call to come over and say things, and then let them guard the door here and don’t go out. Now there is no room for things to turn around | u.
The fifty-seventh volume The wind and rain Chapter five hundred and sixty The string is messy
After the generation, he flew away with Ji Lingyun. It’s good to be here. It’s not far from Yiheyingling. They flew all the way and soon got there. Song Chang-geng didn’t know what he was when he saw it. He couldn’t feel it from a distance of hundreds of miles. The original three people were masters, and they controlled their power very well. There was almost no leakage, so naturally they felt it.
From a distance, we can see that fighting with Yi Zhou is two masters. One is wearing armor and obviously taking a rare road. It should be that Yuan Ying’s early strength made a bronze spear accumulate thorns and draw a brilliant road. Obviously, the spear was not a magic weapon before Song Chang Gung saw it. At that time, practitioners were not very common, and there were many weapons like swords.
Yi Zhou obviously doesn’t like this opponent. Although this guy is assisting in the attack and causing a lot of trouble to Yi Zhou, Yi Zhou always looks down on him. Note that another opponent, a guy wearing a Taoist costume, looks at his skill in the middle of Yuan Ying, but he is not as good at spells as Yi Zhou. Only when he is sophisticated can he attack with that military commander.