"This Champions League champion … it’s not easy to win …" Changsheng leaned his head on the back of the sofa and looked at the ceiling.
Gazzetta dello Sport really created a problem for him.
People’s minds are already moving. As soon as the news of Fa Erkao’s transfer comes out, I’m afraid people will be even more worried.
How much thought they have will be in training. If they don’t train well in training, do they really want to play the Champions League final with the lineup of reserve team and youth team?
There is no doubt that you will lose, even the top spiritual victory method is useless.
Just then, Lotito’s phone called.
"Hello, Rudy, it’s always you …" Lotito said as soon as the phone was connected.
Until Chang Sheng interrupted him.
"I’m Chang, Mr. Chairman."
"Ah, often … I call you but I can’t get through …"
"I turned it off, Mr. Chairman. Otherwise, my mobile phone will be dead. "
"Oh, hell … they also came to me, and I answered some, but there were too many of them. I turned off my phone, too … so now I’m calling you from a landline. Well, to make a long story short, we must find a way to deal with it! "
"Is it leaked from laporta?" Often asked.
"I called and asked, but they firmly denied it …"
"Of course, they will firmly deny it, and I will deny it …" said Chang Sheng. "I have talked to Fa Erkao, and I told him to relax and not to respond to any media interviews. Let the club and I come forward … "
"You did the right thing, often. Players tend to talk nonsense, and … "
"I am afraid that he will affect his state. He is our top scorer."
"Yes, yes, but also afraid of affecting his state … so what should we do?" Lotito asked.
"The club should make a statement as soon as possible, acknowledging the transfer deal, but make it clear why we didn’t announce the news at the first time. Secondly, we should explain to the fans why we want to sell the top scorer in the team-this statement can be written by me and then published on our official website. Then, we will hold a press conference, which will be attended by you and me … This is what the club needs to do, and the rest will be left to me. "
"That’s it?" Lotito seems to feel that there are too few things that Changsheng confessed.
"Of course, what else?"
"Er … OK, when is the specific press conference?"
"When we enter the Champions League final, we will open!"
After hanging up the phone with Lotito, the topic returned to how to keep people inside the team quiet.
Rudy Gonzalez is not surprised that Changsheng wants to take this matter on one shoulder.
He and Chang Sheng have been working together for almost eight years. When Chang Sheng just made his debut, he just worked with him. He already knows Chang Sheng very well.
He knows that this is the style of winning, and there is no need to say it.
"It seems necessary to make an example …" Ever wins muses.
"What does that mean?" Rudy doesn’t know much about China’s idioms.
"Kill a chicken in front of a group of monkeys and scare them." Changsheng explained it to him.
"How to scare?"
"The day after tomorrow is the second leg against Chelsea. At that time, you take a notebook … "Ever-victorious gave Rudy Gonzalez an account.
The news of Fa Erkao’s transfer has been disclosed, which has attracted the attention of all European media.
Real Madrid, Chelsea and many other big clubs fought for a long time, but finally Barcelona got it …
In this way, the strength of Barcelona will not increase greatly next season?
Laporta, who personally talked about the transfer deal, suddenly had the image of a capable, courageous and capable president of a successful club.
People who had been bad-mouthing laporta began to sing praises for him.
Barcelona fans are cheering for the arrival of Fa Erkao.
They fantasize that the frontcourt trident composed of Fa Erkao, Eto ‘o and Messi will attack the city for the team next season, win the league title and the Champions League, and be invincible.
Of course, some people are happy and some people are worried.
Barcelona fans are in high spirits for the upcoming Fa Erkao, while Lazio fans feel sad and angry.
Lotito has one more charge!
If you don’t make progress, don’t buy big-name stars. We are satisfied that we can win the league championship with this lineup with an annual salary of no more than 2 million euros.
Now I have to sell the top shooter and the top star in the team!
It’s insane!
Lazio fans flocked to Lazio’s official website, leaving messages protesting Lotito’s decision and demanding that Fa Erkao’s transfer deal be terminated.
Lazio’s extreme fan organization "Untouchables" lashed out at his sworn enemy Lotito in their own radio programs.
"He is a hypocritical businessman! All I can think about is money! He only thinks about his new stadium land worth hundreds of millions! Letting such a person become the president of Lazio will only make Lazio a tool for him to make money! "
There are even some "incorrigible" fans who ran to Lotito’s mansion and threw stones and glass bottles at Lotito’s yard.
Lotito is usually stingy with investment, and now he dares to sell the team’s number one star!
All the grievances of the fans against Lotito broke out at this moment!
Only the reaction of the fans is enough for Lazio club to have a headache, not to mention the harassment of the media.
Breno Pacheco has been staring at Lazio all day since his news article was published, and the reaction of Lazio fans made him very happy.
This is why he deliberately announced the news before the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.
Seeing Lazio in a mess, he felt happy.
Half a season’s repressed emotions are like volcanic eruptions, venting out!
He’s so cool!
Just as Pacheco was in a dark mood and Chang Sheng led the team to prepare for the war in London, Lazio club published a statement on its official website.
In a statement, Lazio admitted the existence of a transfer deal for Fa Erkao.
But at the same time explained to the fans why the club wanted to sell Fa Erkao.
Because I need money to pay my debts.
Of course, this explanation didn’t really convince the fans, especially when the media was still fanning the flames …
Pacheco wrote an article directly in La Gazzetta dello Sport, pointing out how feeble this explanation of Lazio’s official club is.
"Lazio has been granted Amnesty by the Italian tax authorities. They can pay off their debts in 23 years, and they need to pay back 5.5 million euros every year, even without interest! Such loose policy conditions have not been enjoyed by other 19 Italian first-division clubs! It’s ridiculous for Lazio to say that they sell their players to pay off their debts with such loose repayment conditions! "