"Stop it!"
In the distance, Zong Wangren couldn’t help but shout loudly. It’s not his turn to call the shots, but he still shouted out.
Of course, the two men won’t listen to him, but the more than ten firm but gentle words still flew towards Xiao Wen.
Then, to everyone’s surprise, a scene appeared. They never thought that a person could display the fairy to such a flexible degree.
After knocking the fairy sword with the dragon stick in his left hand, Xiao asked him to throw the dragon stick from the left side of his body to his back. When his hand and stick were behind his back, he showed his strength and then let go.
I don’t know if his hand strength is too strong or the dragon stick is flexible. Once the dragon stick is out of his hand, the axis rotates rapidly to form a big green Se round surface!
Those firm but gentle angles are actually very sharp, and some of them just fly to Xiao Wen from other directions, but the round surface formed by the rapid rotation of the dragon-descending stick does not stop at one position, just like a gyro, it not only rotates but also moves in a larger arc plane!
So I listened to "Choke, Choke" and became a string. In just less than one breath, the green Se round face turned out to be a left cover and a right block to block all the firm but gentle!
After blocking the last line of firm but gentle Xiao asked in his hand to find out that the dragon stick had flown back and was firmly grasped in his right hand. It was really handsome!
Until then, the middle-aged man in high school said without any emotion for a moment, and more than 100 people took action at the same time!
They didn’t stop at the same place, but surrounded the whole compound early. Although Xiao Wen initially escaped from the three people around him, he still failed to run outside the crowd …
There are a group of people not far in front of him, and at this time they have taken the initiative to meet him!
After catching the dragon stick, Xiao Wen rushed forward two steps in the middle, and then suddenly slowed down and bent his knees for half a squat, even pressing his left hand to the square.
Others don’t know what Xiao Wen is trying to do, but many people have seen a similar scene!
They are quite nervous at this time, and they are even more nervous. They are almost breathless. I don’t know how many people are in the heart, but they must escape …
In an instant, Xiao asked his feet and left palm, and at the same time, he poured out a strong black gas. Then he listened to him drink a little and shoved his legs at his left palm.
"Psst … whoosh!"
After Xu Li, he jumped out of the ring and didn’t escape in the same way. In that way, Xiao Wen rushed straight to the high foot like a shell and brought up a black gas of 30 feet!
This is definitely the fastest speed he can achieve since he practiced!
Almost in the blink of an eye, Xiao Wen has left those people around the courtyard far behind and is getting farther and farther away. It’s really refreshing to see those who know each other.
And what happened next was also somewhat unexpected. Seeing Xiao Wen run away, the middle-aged man in Central China actually reacted.
What’s going on?
His hands gave the answer, and they chased Xiao Wen directly …
In fact, the middle-aged man has given an order, that is, the word "take", which is enough …
A horse with an eagle’s eye can tell that many of those people really escape very quickly, faster than Xiao Wen! They were just caught off guard by Xiao Wen, not that their strength is not Xiao Wen.
Soon there will be forty or fifty people pulling away from the remaining people, and these people are getting closer and closer to Gao Chong Xiao Wen!
Then even more desperate scene appeared. Among the 40 or 50 people, there were j and ng flying through the array road, and the light flew out. Just a dozen people were connected together. "Om" rang, and the law had already formed a fusiform blue Se array, which appeared in the eyes of everyone. The speed surged towards Xiao Wen, and this Xiao Wen could not escape even more …
But when they met again, it was already too high, and they couldn’t see exactly how to fight. They knew that the circle was temporarily divided, and then a dozen people embraced it and asked Xiao to make dumplings …
The left arm has been grasped by a Taoist Xiu Dan, and the dragon club in the right hand is still defending the right hand. There is that kind of binding person Guanghua flying in front and behind. At this moment, Xiao Wen has to sigh in his heart and know that he can’t really run today.
He can also suddenly use the dragon stick fairy skill to freeze all these people, but he already has this dragon stick in his hand, but there are still dozens of people coming after him, even if he cleans up this dozen people in front of him, he can’t escape the pursuit of those people behind him.
It is this hesitation that "whoosh, whoosh" rings. His body has been entangled in two Guanghua schools. Brother Dandao has cut his left arm behind him and is going to get his right arm.
With a flash of brilliance, Xiao Wen took the dragon-dropping stick in, and then Brother Nadan grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind him, but he completely gave up his resistance.
Chapter three hundred and three Think dun
After cutting Xiao Wen’s hands back, Xiao Wen didn’t expect the situation to happen. The Dandao monk behind him went directly to break his finger to pick the other things!
There are two rings in his hand, one from Shi Guang and the other from Zhou Jie. It may not be very good, but everything in it is not as valuable as these two rings. If he is willing to let go …
I felt that after the opponent broke his finger, he snorted and shook it and clenched it into a fist.
Brother Dan Dao’s arm can still be pulled before, but now he can’t get it if he fights directly with his fingers.
But he is not alone in the battle. At this time, his helpers have gathered around and casually made an eye at his predecessors. Then he listened to "whew" and a fairy sword flew to Xiao Wen’s face and stabbed Xiao Wen’s right eye!
At that moment, Xiao Wen turned out to be a forward angry stare without blinking his eyes.
Then the fairy sword stopped firmly in front of his eyes and almost went in.
"Let go quickly or you won’t want your eyes." The man who commanded the Xianjian said coldly.
Xiao Wen silently looked forward and didn’t mean to let go at all.
"I’ll count to three. Make your own decision. Hum! One, two … "
See each other is really dare to stab him in the eye, Xiao Wen let go at this moment, and the monk Dandao reacted very quickly and took off his two things.
The man behind pushed Xiao Wen and had to fly away. Finally, it was getting closer and closer to the yard where he had just escaped. When he escaped, he was so determined that he was taken back at this time, leaving a feeling of being wronged …
These people who have just arrived in the celestial world are really strong!
Brother Dandao didn’t go to turn over other things, but kept him honestly. The others were scattered around them to prevent Xiao Wen from running away again. It seems that there is a strong discipline.
Being stopped by such a group of people, there are another group of people waiting for Xiao Wen. I really can’t think of what good game I will have.
Then hand over the Purple Ghost Magic Wu Zhen Jing?
But why was this idea immediately replaced by another figure as soon as it came out of my mind? Nan Yunqing wanted her to appear before Xiao Wen had to dispel all unbearable thoughts!