"Ha ha ha ….., well deserved, congratulations on the beginning." Cao Cao laughed and said to the princes, "Now that the leader of the alliance has been elected, why not wait until tomorrow? Why not build a platform and start an army today!"
"This is a good thing!" Sun Jian angry, lombardi nodded in agreement.
Building a platform is just a form to swear the purpose of sending troops. Just like Yuan Shao now, Yuan Shao has boarded the three-storey platform built by the foot soldiers.
On the high platform, there were five banners all over the place, on which white lotus was built, and the military symbols were printed. Under the gaze of all the princes, Yuan Shao held out his chest and burned incense. "Unfortunately, the Han Dynasty lost its unification. Dong Zhuo, a thief minister, took advantage of trouble to make trouble, adding disaster to the supreme and abusing the people. Today, Shao and other righteous men have formed an alliance, intending to crack down on Dong thieves. If they don’t take the lead, they will never stop. I hope our ancestors will bless us and help Shao and others win! "
Yuan Shao got up angrily, drew his sword and shouted, "Where are the righteous men from all walks of life!"
Li She and others knelt down on one knee and once shouted, "The late general Nanyang was the prefect of Yuan Shu ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Finally, Yuan Shaogao shouted: "Qi Xiang Hou Bohai Prefecture Yuan Shao! Swear for dong thief … "
"Never die!" The princes of all walks of life responded that the characters are still the princes of all walks of life in history, but the difference is that there is one more way here, and Li She, a warlord with only 50 soldiers, has turned the 18th-route warlord into the 19th-route warlord.
Not far away, three people were looking at this side, and a black face shouted, "What are you doing with these mysterious things? Fight if you want!"
"Wing De is cautious, this is a ceremony, you have to do it!" Liu Bei said without looking back, and his eyes looked at Yuan Shao, who was in high spirits on the high platform, with a little envy.
Zhang Fei, still in a low voice, said, "As I said, going straight into Luoyang City and killing that thief Dong’s ass is no more useful than asking for the blessing of his ancestors, don’t you think, second brother?"
"Yes!" Guan Yu has a long jaw beard, which is proudly said.
"Ha ha, you two really need to change your temper." Liu Bei still looked at Yuan Shao. I thought: When can I have such a beautiful scenery in Liu Xuande?
Yuan Shao on the high platform added, "Food and grass are the foundation of the military camp. I will entrust this task to the post-general Yuan Shu. Do you have any objection!"
The governors of all walks of life are silent, and you are already the leader of the alliance. It is also right to think about your brother. Yuan Shao said, "Since you have no objection, I will deliver the food and grass to the later generals." Yuan Shao shouted, "Yuan Shu, the late general, listens to your orders!"
"I ordered your governor to provide food and grass to cope with the battalions. Please take the seal!" Immediately, the foot soldiers took off a piece of fu yin on the high platform and handed it to Yuan Shu. Yuan Shu, who took the fu yin, was in a good mood, which made a lot of money.
Seeing that Yuan Shu had received the seal, Yuan Shao added, "With the rear generals as the guarantee, it will be safe, except for a fearless pioneer. I don’t know who dares to go straight to Sishuiguan to challenge, and our governors from all walks of life will meet later."
The third person involved in Li’s right hand immediately stepped forward and said, "Sun Jian is incompetent and willing to take this big job!"
"With Wentai, Si Shuiguan will be broken, come! Upper seal! "
Sun Jian took the seal, immediately turned around and gathered the military forces. After that, all the governors got the seal with different tasks, but only Li did not.
Li She was very unhappy and returned to her own small account. Guo Jia and Yu Jin were also in it. When she saw Li She looked unhappy, she hurriedly asked the reason. In fact, Li She also knew that this could not blame Yuan Shao for looking down on him. It was really that Li She had too few soldiers and could do nothing, but Li She was unhappy.
Guo Jia said with a smile, "Wouldn’t it be better if there is no war, so as not to have to fight and kill again, and wait for fame?"
Yes, I am now a part of the princes, and I have already appeared. I can’t help you in the next thing, and I am upset about something. Is it because I can’t take part in the war? I don’t think so.
Li She didn’t know that in this troubled times, he has become a man with blood, ambition and ambition. He has begun to like the feeling of being drunk and lying on the knees of beauty and waking up to the world. He also likes the bloody battlefield, which is a kind of detachment. After this transformation, Li She even really has the temperament of a generation of lean people. (To be continued. . )
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Sir Zhong debut
Since Li is involved in the desire for war, God can’t give it up. Tao Qian, a nice guy, has already entered Li’s small account with a big smile. "Why does the Duke sigh?"
Li She didn’t answer, and Guo Jia said, "Your master has anger in his heart. Why do all the governors have military symbols to be printed, but the only master doesn’t? This makes your master’s loyalty eager to serve the Han family nowhere to go!"
"Oh … Ha ha, that’s why!" Tao Qian laughed: "The troops in the hands of the Duke are too scarce, and there are not even as many school officials. How can it be sent to the Duke? If the Duke doesn’t dislike it, he might as well follow Tao."
Li She quickly got up and said respectfully, "Thank you very much for this."
"It should be that I have to bother the duke to take care of me. I am worried that there is no suitable general to defend my safety. If the duke is there, Tao will be much more at ease." Tao Qian is a great man’s manner, but how can he be unselfish?
"Please rest assured that as long as I am here, the life of Master Tao will be worry-free." Li She promised.
Tao Qian smiled and said, "Well, I won’t delay the duke’s rest. I’m an old man."
"Master Tao, please walk slowly."
Nowadays, only Sun Jian was one step ahead of all the governors, and went straight to Si Shui Guan as a pioneer. The rest of the governors haven’t set out yet, but there are some exceptions. They were afraid that Sun Jian would take the lead and hurried after Sun Jian, hoping to reach Si Shui Guan before Sun Jian and win the first prize.
Tao Qian is not included in this list, so Li She hasn’t set out with his army yet.
Li was involved in Serenade, so it was convenient for him to eat and drink Lazarus, and he was not familiar with other foot soldiers, so he rested early.
After a quiet night, the next day, Li She rode on a tall green rice dumpling horse with strong limbs. At first glance, she knew it was a good horse and took off her pawn armor. Instead, it is a set of new dragon scales, which looks quite imposing.
Li Sheda laughed: "Thank you for your kindness, Master Tao. Li really can’t put it down!"
Tao Qian on the side is also armed to the teeth, and a bloody python is very conspicuous to the sky armor. "The duke likes it." Then with a reluctant wave of his hand, he shouted, "Let’s go!"
Tao Qian also really should set out, because even Yuan Shu, who should have been in the rear of the army, has left, and it is difficult for Tao Qian to find a task to ensure that the grain and grass rear areas will not be attacked. It is unreasonable not to leave.
After another day’s journey, Li She finally came to Si Shui Guan. Si Shuiguan has not only not been captured, but the voices of the governors have come and gone.