A powerful suction came from Zhang Chongxuan’s hands possessed in the fox, only to see the Abyssula net body, which was squeezing the stars produced by the immortal king, quiver, and countless blood bubbles flew towards Zhang Chongxuan. Those blood bubbles flew to Zhang Chongxuan’s hands like bubbles, and they kept ringing, but in the gurgling, the blood bubbles began to merge.
"get together!" Zhang Chongxuan sank a drink, and the blood bubbles that were fused at his hands suddenly condensed into a blood-red sickle, which was as big as a sword, although it was composed of blood bubbles. However, it is lifelike, like a real general, and what makes it even more remarkable is that the sickle actually keeps circulating blood-red brilliance. Although it is rare, it is fascinating.
"That’s … that’s …" The equal king opened his mouth wide, speechless. If he didn’t guess wrong, it was the sickle of death. Death’s sickle is a legendary thing in the underworld. Even if the equal king is Yan Luowang of the underworld, he has only heard rumors and is not sure that there is a death’s sickle.
According to legend, the sickle of death is derived from the yin qi of the underworld, and it was once materialized by a resentful spirit of the underworld, as early as then. Because the hell is infinite, the management of the local government is extremely sparse, and the evil spirit, with the sickle of death, runs through the hell, until the appearance of the Bodhisattva, the hidden treasure, makes the evil spirit and his sickle of death disappear, but the sickle of death is powerful, but it has become an extremely horrible existence in the hell.
While waiting for Wang to think more. Zhang Chongxuan has clasped the blood-red sickle with both hands, squared himself, reached for a split, and immediately a sharp and incomparable harsh voice came out, and a blood was lingering from the blood-red sickle.
When the blood-red sickle came out, the whole time seemed to stop. A look at the pupil of the light-filled equal king is wide open, and even the bloodshot eyes can be seen. He knows that Zhang Zhongxuan’s blood-red sickle, if not the real death sickle, is also a sickle that has an absolute relationship with the death sickle!
When, after making a clear sound, the Abishura net tied to the stars produced by the indestructible spell was split in half, and the famous Abishura House in the underworld was destroyed, and the stars produced by the indestructible spell were torn apart.
"What’s the matter?" The equal king’s mouth was slightly open. I want to ask Zhang Chongxuan. But I couldn’t speak.
"Let me tell you!" Zhang Chongxuan stood up straight and said lightly, "I think you should guess that what I have in my hand is a sickle of death or something related to it." In fact, your guess is generally correct. The sickle in my hand just now is nothing but the spirit of the sickle of death, and the soul of the sickle of death is extremely powerful. When the ghosts in your underworld were killed by the Bodhisattva, the sickle of death was also destroyed, but unfortunately, there was a pair of people in your underworld who were very particular about refining devices. He got out the soul of the sickle of death and made it a net of Abyssula.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, and reached for a lift, and the blood-red sickle in his hand fell toward the ground. Just, in mid-air, suddenly there was a clear and crisp noise, and the blood-red sickle was broken in half and landed on the same two-part nasal shura online, and disappeared.
A ray of light flowed from the eyebrows of the equal king, bang! The equal king exploded in half, and the Yamaraja Order on his chest fell from his arms at the same time.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t hesitate. He reached out and grabbed the Yamaraja Order that fell to the ground. He picked up the legendary Yamaraja Order and looked at it. He couldn’t help but say that he was lucky. He said, "It turns out that Yamaraja’s order is not strong enough. No wonder he is indestructible. If he is strong enough, I am afraid that countless forbidden methods will be made by him, and even if I have ten lives, I will still be blown to death by him."
In the gray sky, the heavy rain caused by the collision between skyshatter column and tornado has stopped before you know it. Zhang Zhongxuan looked up at the sky and wondered in his mind. For a moment, he looked back, held Yamaraja’s order in his right hand, and shone on the ground like a mirror, fuelling the real yuan in the body. Immediately, Yamaraja made a faint light, and all the dead gas near Wugen Mountain flew to Yamaraja’s order and was sucked in by Yamaraja’s order.
Wugen Mountain area itself resin gas is heavy, coupled with the tens of thousands of resin beast, after being demonized fox get rid of, resin gas is thick, under the regulation of Zhang Chongxuan Zhenyuan, Yamaraja to maximum power to absorb the vigorous resin gas around, after half an hour, Yamaraja has been full of resin gas, Zhang Chongxuan this just stop, a sigh of relief, Yamaraja to throw into his body and body, and then Yuan Shen.
Shout, after the combination of Yuan God and physical trajectory, Zhang Chongxuan took a long breath and opened his eyes. He reached into his arms and quickly took out Yamaraja’s order. At this time, those standing sharp stone vertebrae around him also rose from the ground at the same time, whistling and flying towards Zhang Chongxuan.
"Master, be careful!" Mei Hu, who just woke up lying on the ground, was worried when she saw the situation at this time. However, when she saw that countless sharp stone vertebrae were about to hit Zhang Zhongxuan, six lights were shining around Zhang Zhongxuan, and his whole person was already in a star. It was the skill of six stars trapped, that is, the immortal spell.
Countless stone vertebrae stab in the stars, making the surface of the stars shake like ripples in the water. Zhang Zhongxuan knows that under the attack of so many stone vertebrae made of spiritualized concrete fine soil, even this defensive spell will not last long, so he has already started to borrow Yamaraja to make the aura inside play the magic tactic.
Knock! Knock! The sound of thunder sounded at this moment, as if thousands of people were beating drums near Wugen Mountain. At this moment, boom! Countless electric shocks were all laid from the air, hitting the stone vertebrae that were attacking Zhang Zhongxuan in the stars. Under a bolt from the blue, the stone vertebrae creaked and strengthened, and they were divided into two halves, and fell to the ground. In a short time, the stone vertebrae that threatened Zhang Zhongxuan all lost their attack power.
Zhang Zhongxuan removed the stars from his body, and his face was calm and floating in the air. He didn’t stop because of this. Just now, he used up 15% of Yamaraja’s spiritual power, so he naturally had to make up for it, because wait, he was going to escape with Mei Fox.
"Master, what’s the token?" Mei fox figure together on the ground, flew into the air, looking at countless resin gas flew towards Zhang Zhongxuan’s hand Yamaraja, could not help but ask.
"Yamaraja Order!" Zhang Zhongxuan light way.
"Yamaraja Order!" Mei Hu screamed and said, "What you said is Yamaraja’s order from the equal king!" Mei Hu said, suddenly remembering the equal king, and her eyes looked around, but she could see the figure of the equal king there. When she was about to ask Zhang Zhongxuan, her eyes glanced to the ground.
On the ground not far from Mei Hu’s air, there are two bodies, half of which are all red and are beginning to evaporate like water. Looking at the dress, Mei Hu’s mouth is wide open. Who else can those two bodies be if they are not equal kings? She didn’t expect the equal king to be killed by Zhang Zhongxuan. You know, this is a violation of dogma.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who had supplemented Yamaraja’s Ling Li, put away Yamaraja’s Ling Li, and saw Mei Hu looking at the body of the equal king on the ground with a frightened face. He said faintly, "Don’t worry, it’s nothing to break the dogma. When you get out of the hell, I will naturally help you remove your features. As long as you are stable, no one will find you, so you don’t have to worry too much."
Mei Hu was a little relieved to hear Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, but she was still a little worried. "Master, if they pursue it when they fall down, will it really not be discovered?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan said faintly, "Since I said it, there will be no falsehood!"
Hearing Zhang Zhongxuan’s slightly harsh voice, Mei Hu dared not ask any more questions, for fear of offending Zhang Zhongxuan, and changed the subject: "What shall we do next?"

Chapter two hundred and sixteen Escape from the underworld
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Escape from the underworld
In the sky, you can see wandering ghosts from time to time. These ghosts are floating around aimlessly.
Zhang Zhongxuan and Mei Hu, by contrast, have been flying purposefully. Fortunately, the ghosts who fled while taking advantage of the chaos did not know about Zhang Zhongxuan and Mei Hu, otherwise they might escape with Zhang Zhongxuan and Mei Hu. In that case, Zhang Zhongxuan and Mei Hu would be in trouble, after all, they were followed by countless ghosts, which was easy to be discovered by people in hell.
"ah!" Countless ghosts floating in the air screamed and scattered around like lost dogs, as if people on earth were as frightened as ghosts.
One side of the fox looked at the distance with a face of surprise. Judging from the momentum coming from the air, Yan Luowang arrived again. The difference is that this time it is not one, but two! Two Yan Luowang’s is a concept, that is, two people who are at least Jin Xian-level come.
Fortunately, I have just experienced the war, and I have been in contact with the king of peace. At this moment, Mei Hu’s state of mind has been more gentle than before. Although she was afraid of home, she did not flinch. Instead, she continued to follow Zhang Zhongxuan’s flying. According to Mei Hu, since he could sense the arrival of two Yan Luowang, Zhang Zhongxuan must have known earlier than him. Zhang Zhongxuan did not stop now, but continued to fly, which must be meaningful. She naturally could not drag her feet.