They thought that this second-division team could only be ravaged by them, and occasionally it would be an anodyne counterattack.
I didn’t expect this team’s counter-attack to be so sharp, and when one counter-attack twice, three times and four times formed a surging wave, they had become boats floating with the waves in the storm, and they couldn’t leave if they wanted to.
Can only pray for good luck.
Unfortunately, this time, the goddess of luck didn’t stand on their side …
When getafe’s attack hit Certa’s goal again, Charles was caught in the middle by Sergio and NoGloor.
Certa scored a goal, and he became the key task.
But there is obviously more than one Charles in getafe!
Luis garcia’s pass was not for Charles.
But ….. The buried in the crowd, appear very humble mista!
Mista accurately found the landing point from the crowd, and his 86-year-old running without the ball played a key role at this time!
Then he doesn’t even have to jump too high, just head a little!
The football flew into the goal for the second time from goalkeeper Pinto’s hand!
Getafe scored two goals in three minutes!
Coliseumalfonso perez didn’t burst into huge cheers at the first time this time, because even getafe’s own fans were stunned-our team actually scored two goals from a first-class team in three minutes? !
We went from being backward to being … ahead? !
Crespo was the first person to react again. He roared at the commentary table: "It’s unbelievable! Unbelievable! Getafe scored two goals in three minutes! They’re ahead of Certa! ! Certa, who ranks eighth in the first division, is stronger than Hertafe even if they are only substitutes. But it is such a team, but it is behind on the road! Their despised getafe reversed the situation in three minutes! Look at Certa goalkeeper Pinto … He looks shocked! I can’t believe what I saw! He only yawned in the first half, but now he is humiliated by getafe’s two goals! "
Certa’s head coach, Victor Fernandez, looked at all this on the sidelines, dumbfounded.
The probability of being scored by a team like getafe in just a few minutes is almost the same as that of him walking on the main street and then being hit by something thrown by a quarrelling couple on the street building.
But such a small probability, unexpectedly … His mother let him meet!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Put all your eggs in one basket
Many people couldn’t believe their eyes when Mista headed the football into the goal.
How can a team like getafe lead Certa in the competition?
Even if all the players in Certa are substitutes, there are three powerful players in it! In addition, their central defender Sergio is also a star of hope that Certa has high hopes for!
Even if such a team is a substitute, it will be very easy to beat getafe away from home!
Their goal in the first 17 minutes of the game seems to confirm this point. Everything is developing in the direction that every Certa fan wants to see.
But now …
The dream is broken.
The world created by their imagination before began to collapse in front of them.
Not only the fans in Certa, but also the reporters in the stands saw this scene.
Those journalists who are still waiting to laugh at getafe and Changsheng after the game are all dumbfounded now.
When getafe scored, they immediately turned their attention to the getafe coach’s seat on the sidelines.
Then they saw Chang Sheng rushing out of the coach’s seat and shouting.
In this way, how can there be any intention of surrendering in advance?
A thought flashed through many reporters’ minds-this damn bastard was playing us before!
He’s not an early surrender at all! His remarks before the game were simply a trap, the purpose of which was to make the opponent lose his guard!
Good acting!
Even Victor Fernandez, who has always been cautious, was cheated!
If Certa played with full force, there would be no chance for getafe!
But now … it’s too late to say anything.
Certa has fallen behind!
Changsheng rushed out of the coach’s seat to celebrate, and now he can finally vent all the bird gas he suffered before pretending to be a grandson!
Dressing up as a pig to eat a tiger, I am most afraid of turning myself into a pig by dressing up.
It’s okay now. It’s finally a success.
However, whether it really eats this tiger depends on the next performance.
It’s just that now they don’t have to dress up as pigs.