The one hundred and ninety-seventh sacrifice
After this amazing news, Shuier looked at the tearful celebration and couldn’t believe it. While Qinger anxiously urged her to go.
Looking at Shuier Qinger, who hasn’t left yet, she smiled sadly: "I’m finished. Now that my Yuan God has fallen into the hands of that bad guy, I can only let him play with it. But water, you can’t. You still have hope to live your own life. Let’s go quickly! "
Hearing this, Shuier said urgently, "Sister! Is there no other way for him to let you go? "
Qinger is not without a bitter smile: "Why don’t I miss Shuier’s sister?" But you and I are just two elves. In the eyes of human beings, we are all demons. If there are people who usually have a nodding acquaintance, who will come to the rescue when I am in trouble? "
Water is more anxious: "But … Sister …"
Qinger shook her head and said, "Water, you’d better go. Even if someone is willing to stand up for us out of indignation, it won’t help. The robber himself is a disciple of the Qingcheng Sect, and he is also a disciple of the Sect. Who wants to offend an orthodox Sect for us? Besides, those people around him are skilled and numerous, and we have no hope of winning at all. "
Qinger self-effacing sat down in the chair and the water was anxious and wandering around the room. Suddenly the water gritted its teeth and pulled Qinger up and said, "No! Sister! You must come with me. We’ll go to the empty island in Beihai and go to the empty bodhi old zu. I believe that if the bodhi old zu comes forward and casually says that he is an ordinary disciple, then Zhu Mei, the master of Qingcheng, will give him some face. "
Qinger’s eyes lit up when he heard Shuier’s words, but then they dimmed and shook off Shuier’s hand and said, "I can’t go there, it will hurt you!" The trapped bodhi old zu has long coveted your real name Xuanshui. You must not rush into it! My sister will not be in danger of her life, although her heart is bitter here. At most, I am wronged. But if you lose your real name, Xuan Shui … "
"hey!" Just as the two were pandering, you were leaving and I was staying, but suddenly there was a burst of applause. "It’s really a touching scene of sisters rushing to die!" After saying his word, Yi Yushi appeared in front of them.
Although there is an array to protect the cave outside, Qinger, as the spring god of "Blissful Pure Land", is naturally a part of "Blissful Pure Land", and Yi Yu can naturally follow the laws of the field. Appear at her side in an instant.
Celebrate the son looked back at Yi Yu in horror and looked at the water around him, like a deflated ball. Muttered in his mouth: "run, water, he’s coming!" ……”
Yi Yu smiled and looked at Shuier up and down and said, "Are you Shuier?"
This water is not very afraid of Yi Yu. His chest stood up and said, "Yes, my girl is like a stream of water. But water is not something you can scream at. I’m qualified to be your grandparent for my age. But for the sake of seeking immortality, you should also call me sister or elder. "
Yi Yu one leng looking at sipping mouth. Shuier, who looked serious and determined, smiled slightly: "Then Shuier’s sister was just a younger brother and I was abrupt."
In fact, at this time, the water is also quite nervous and scared. I just heard Qinger say how fierce Yi Yu is. Look at what Qinger looks like at this time. Obviously, this handsome boy is the evil devil in Qinger’s mouth. But now it’s strange to see Yi Yu so accommodating.
But at this time, the water can’t manage much: "You! You must release Sister Cai Ling at once. "
Yi Yu looked at Shuier’s bulging appearance and laughed in her heart: "It seems that this Xuan water sprite seems to be well protected and doesn’t know much about the cruel reality of the fix-true world."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I don’t know any sister Cai Ling."
Water is furious! Hate: "you! ….. Sister Cai Ling is here. How can you lie with your eyes open! ?”
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "His name is Qinger, not Sister Cai Ling. Ask her if you don’t believe me. Isn’t it? Qinger! "
When Qinger saw Yi Yu looking up, she suddenly felt a throb in her heart. She knew that this was Yi Yu’s mental fluctuation warning her. Qinger dared not have other ideas and nodded: "Yes! The handmaiden is Qinger. "
Yi Yu proudly looked at Shuier and said with a smile, "Look, he’s Qinger, not Sister Cai Ling at all." After that, Yi Yu ignored the bulging water and said directly to Qinger, "Qinger, you are very naughty! I am disappointed by your performance this time, and I have given you so much trust and hope. "
As soon as Shuier heard Yi Yu’s words, he immediately stood in front of Qinger and looked at Yi Yudao savagely: "You bad egg, don’t bully Sister Cai Ling! Come at me if you have anything! "
Yi Yu light way: "Oh? Can you afford to come at you? If it weren’t for your celebration, it would be a matter of getting a few slaps on the ass at most. How many mistakes has she made now? " After that, Yi Yuyi reached out and snapped her fingers and said, "Lie to your master! Talk behind your back and curse your master! Trying to collude with outsiders … "
After that, Yi Yu looked at the frightened Qinger and twisted her fingers and sighed, "Maybe I was really wrong and I shouldn’t let you be my spring god. You are not the heartless guy like Xier."
The water’s eyes lit up and said, "In that case, let Sister Cai Ling go quickly!"
But also hearing this, Qinger stared at Yi Yu in horror and suddenly threw herself on the ground holding Yi Yu’s leg and cried, "Master! Qinger was wrong. Qinger will never dare again! Please don’t annihilate the Yuan God of Qinger. "
Yi Yu stretched out his hand and gently caressed Qinger’s pale green show, just like a husband stroking his wife. But that Qinger really felt the bitter pitfalls.
After a long time, Yi Yu said, "Qinger! I like you very much. Compared with Xier, you are more like a person and a lovely woman. "
Qinger learns Yi Yu’s words and is amazed. I don’t know what he means.
Yi Yu answered, "Even so, if I make a mistake, I will be punished, even if I like you very much. The heaven of’ Blissful Pure Land’ does not need to be fair, but it must be authoritative, otherwise who will be afraid of heaven? "
Looking at the miserable Qinger Yiyu, she sighed: "In fact, why do you need this? What’s wrong with following me to live in the Pure Land of Blissfulness? That is, bring me tea and water on weekdays and take care of some small things that are windy and rainy. It won’t take a thousand years. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to take you with me to the fairy mansion and make a fairy career when I soar? Is it really a good day to spend ten thousand years in this cold cave and be wiped out under the apocalypse? !”
Hearing Yi Yu’s words, Qinger and Shuier are all one leng. Although Qinger just told Shuier about it, now they have preconceived ideas. This is simply a lie. But now it seems that it is easy to talk, and there seems to be some credibility.
Just now, Yi Yu answered, "Shuier said to go to the empty island in Beihai for help. The bodhi old zu came forward and asked me to let Qinger go. Yes, you’re right. If the bodhi old zu is trapped for you, I really want to give him some face … "
Looked at the water some joy Yi Yu smiled. "But has it ever occurred to you that maybe I don’t want to offend the empty bodhi old zu for you? But then he’s trapped and the bodhi old zu is willing to offend for you
Sin Qingcheng school? Water. You are so naive. I’m sure that if the final result of Beihai is that Qinger is sent to me and the water is trapped by the bodhi old zu and life’s core monuments Xuanshui is taken away. I don’t need to tell you what happened afterwards. "
Qinger and Shuier are all sad and don’t know what to do when they hear Yi Yu’s words.