Yi Yu was not angry when he saw it. He smiled and said, "Hey! Where to go, my younger brother seems to have considered it clearly, and I won’t say much. "
Zhang Ling looked at Yi Yu like a spring breeze, but her neck felt a little cold. Reluctantly smiled and said, "Brother Yi Yu, I can’t help myself! It won’t take a moment or three for the old master to arrive. Brother, I came here first to let you know that you won’t be caught off guard. "
Yi Yu looked up and down at Zhang Ling and the two women around him, saying, "Since Martial Uncle Tian can drive by law, my nephew will have to wait for a moment. But … "
Zhang Ling began to listen to Yi Yu calmly and assumed that Yi Yu did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Tiancanzi, but there was a’ but’ behind it! This piece of ling’s heart once again mentioned his throat. Originally, a few days ago, Zhang Ling returned to Qingcheng Mountain with two girls, Yun Luo, but just after she reached the middle boundary, she received a letter from her master Tiancanzi. Ask how things are going.
This piece of Ling naturally boasted that everything had been done, but Yi Yu’s participation was mentioned outside the words in the letter. It wasn’t long before the book was handed out that he received another book from Tiancanzi. The letter only said that Zhang Ling would stall Yi Yutian Canzi himself and arrive soon. This piece of Ling Ben is a very thoughtful person who can guess the intentions of Tiancanzi only in this murderous look.
Zhang Lingxin said, "Master Zun has always been a supporter of Master Ji Deng, but in recent years, Master Zhang has favored Brother Yi Yu. It seems that there is a sense of alienating the big brother. In particular, Yi Yu’s strength in this island-fighting sword fight is that the master elder brother feels the pressure! Do you want to strike first? !” Thought of here Zhang Ling couldn’t help surprised out in a cold sweat.
But Zhang Ling’s tenacity is surprising, but this is not the time to marvel. Zhang Ling knew that he was once again faced with a life-and-death choice. Although just now Zhang Ling still think Yi Yu is a potential figure. But if people die, everything will be gone. Obviously Zhang Ling thinks that if the day canzi braved the wrath of Zhu Mei at this time, he was determined to kill Yi Yu, who had no way out. Although Yi Yu is also very strong, Zhang Ling knows more about his master.
Zhang Ling thought to himself, "If it is better than the old pervert of the Warrior Sword that day, it can only rank below the middle reaches among the elders of Qingcheng Sect. But I’m afraid only Zhu Mei and Jiang Shu can win the day. What is a cripple? If you are a genius, give up your arm. It is not difficult to take Yi Yu’s life. "
Weigh again and again, Zhang Ling finally decided to obey the orders of the master Tiancanzi. Back out there again. It’s just that Zhang Ling is not stupid. He knows that Yong Yang is friendly with Yi Yu. And that Yunanqi is having an affair with Yi Yu. Neither of them can be provoked by Zhang Ling, so Yunzhi and Suu Kyi must never go to Golden Whip Cliff.
Zhang Ling thought: "If something happened to Yi Yu, they would know that I was involved. Of course, they dare not look for a master theory, but it’s not easy to kill me, okay? Never let these two women go to Qingcheng Mountain, but we can’t kill them now. What if Yi Yu can’t be killed by the disabled one day? Kill these two women and there will be no room for manoeuvre. " Finally, Zhang Ling took Yun Luo’s forbidden mana with him, only to be beheaded by Yi Yu as soon as the day came. He laid hands on him and killed Yunluo.
Although Tiancanzi sent a book to let Zhang Ling stall Yi Yu, Zhang Ling was afraid to go in. Just staring at it from a distance. It’s just that Canzi was far away in the East China Sea that day, and it was not a temporary arrival, which only delayed for a few days. Just now, Zhang Ling received a letter from Tiancanzi again saying that he would arrive soon. Zhang Ling came in to prevent Tiancanzi from slacking off. I wanted to mean far away, but I didn’t know I had stepped into Yi Yu’s’ pure land of bliss’. By Yi Yu point out can only crustily skin of head out.
Yi Yu looked at Zhang Ling and said, "But, younger brother … I have an ungrateful request. I don’t know what to say."
When Zhang Ling heard this, he said, "Brother, if you have something to say, just say it as long as I can and I will never refuse!" Although I think Yi Yu will die soon, Zhang Ling is absolutely unwilling to brush his meaning at this time.
Yi Yuwen said with a smile, "I’m sure I can do it! Just now, Senior Brother, I didn’t just receive a magic weapon. I want to sacrifice it to my soul … "
Zhang Ling, if you listen, you will know that it’s not good to exclaim without thinking about Yunluo’s children and turn around and run away. It’s just that when he looks back, there is no way to come! ? Zhang Ling’s desperation is like a headless fly bumping around. But see the surge above the water suddenly surges up a big hand just in front of Zhang Ling. Zhang Lingzhi, who couldn’t dodge, crashed into it and was held in it by the big hand that was made up of water.
I just don’t know if Yi Yu is not proficient in the use of this "pure land of bliss" or is facing death. That Zhang Ling has an amazing potential. I saw that the big hand was actually punctured by several swords from the inside, and then Zhang Ling got out.
Yi Yu seems to be dissatisfied with the performance of that big hand with a sigh. See suddenly Yi Yu staring at Zhang Ling eyes a bright. As Yi Yu thought, a lightning bolt with more than a foot chopped straight down and hit Zhang Ling on the head. This is not what Zhang Ling can stand. Suddenly he lost consciousness.
When Zhang Ling woke up again, he was now imprisoned by three limbs on the altar (Zhang Ling lost a leg when he turned forward). The wrists and ankles were cut, and the veins and blood kept flowing out and then infiltrated into the altar below. Zhang Ling heart panic abnormal let he couldn’t believe is easy.
How dare you sacrifice him.
Zhang Ling also saw that Yunluo sisters were kneeling on the side with trepidation. At this moment, Yi Yu stood not far away with positive and negative hands, and the opposite of Yi Yu was his master Tiancanzi. Zhang Ling was so excited at the sight of Tiancanzi that she just couldn’t say anything, but looked at Tiancanzi with her eyes full of prayers. It was only that day that Canzi looked coldly at Yi Yu without drifting across Zhang Ling.
I saw that Yi Yu bowed down and smiled: "The gift of Yi Yu, the uncle of Tiancan and the nephew, has passed."
It’s just that he was livid that day. He never thought that Yi Yu would be so rampant! Although he didn’t come here with good intentions, he was Yi Yu’s elder before he turned his face. Day Canzi never imagined that Yi Yu dared to buckle Zhang Ling knowing that he was coming. And that Zhang Ling is not dead now, but how can the person who gave birth to the sacrifice be alive? This is clearly a demonstration to him!
Yi Yu answered without looking at Tiancanzi’s face, "Uncle Shi is going to kill me?"
Day Canzi learns is also one leng. He didn’t expect Yi Yu to point it out first. However, Tiancan is a bachelor and doesn’t prevaricate and say "naturally!"
Yi Yuwen laughed and asked, "You and I have the friendship of the same family and have no grievances or enmities. Why did Uncle Shi want to kill me?"
Tiancan did not hide: "Because you are too strong, it will threaten Deng’s position, so you must die!" "
Yi Yu suspected: "Oh? Is the big brother trying to kill me? Hehe, I can’t believe that … Ji Deng is just like this! "
Day Canzi recognized the contempt in Yi Yu’s words. Angry way: "I don’t want Deng Er to beg me, but as an elder, I have to think about Deng Er. I can only be sorry for you. "
Yi Yu suddenly said, "Oh? So that’s it. I also doubt how I could have done it with the wisdom of a big brother! So … Isn’t Martial Uncle afraid of the wrath of the Master? Even if your old man is not afraid of you, aren’t you afraid of implicating the master elder brother? "
Tiancanzi proudly said, "Brother, if you punish me, then you will. As for Deng Er. If your death is the only choice for your brother, how can he punish him! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Uncle Shi is wise. It seems that you know the temperament of his old man very well. I just didn’t know that his old man knew that you dared to disobey his will and destroy his great cause! I don’t know how he will … "
When Yi Yu mentioned the great cause. The cripple was also a shock that day. Knowing Zhu Mei’s temper very well, he certainly knows his brother’s means, but for the sake of … Tiancanzi gritted his teeth and said, "Yi Yu, don’t be glib here. I will kill you today!"
Yi Yu smell speech turned out to be a burst of laughter, which made everyone present laugh without rhyme or reason. Yi Yu stopped laughing for a long time and said, "Heavenly cripple! Your cultivation is not bad, and you are old in the school, but do you know why you can only be a pawn of the master? "
Tiancanzi was furious when he heard Yi Yuzhi’s words. He has a short temper, so he can’t stand Yi Yu’s sarcasm. If you sacrifice a flying sword, you must start work. But I listened to Yi Yu’s light drink, "Wait a minute!"
Yi Yu drank away Tiancanzi and said, "Uncle Tiancanzi. Do you think you can hide from the master when you come here from the East China Sea? " Tiancanzi was shocked when he heard this, but Yi Yu didn’t give him much time to think about it. "And his old man knew you were coming, but he didn’t stop Martial Uncle from thinking that it was the purpose of respecting his old man?"
Day Canzi a listen to couldn’t help thoughtfully, although he felt Yi Yu may threaten the status of Gideon to remove it. But there is also a bottom line. If the cost of killing Yi Yu is too high, Tiancanzi will consider the gains and losses.
See the sky cripple thoughtfully. Yi Yu smiled calmly: "Martial Uncle must also know that my Qingcheng School is carrying out an earth-shattering big plan …"
Tiancanzi pointed to Yi Yudao with a scream when he heard it. "How do you know? !” Day Canzi didn’t know that Zhang Ling had told Yi Yu everything he knew. Plus Yi Yu’s inference, Yi Yu almost knows a general context at this time, but he just doesn’t know the details yet.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Our Qingcheng School has been planning for the present for thousands of years since it was founded by Jing Xu. If something happens to you here at this time, I wonder what the master will do with you? "
Tiancanzi rolled his eyes and shouted, "Vertical! Don’t be alarmist. After killing you, we will take the blame from Uncle Li and Brother Zhang. " Say days Canzi no longer talk to Yi Yu, offering a flying sword to Juying, and I saw a golden light that had turned into ten feet in an instant, which matched Yi Yu. The flying sword, the thunder, the roar, the madness and the evil are very similar to those of the disabled, and they are very fierce.
It’s just that Yi Yu is not afraid to see it, but still stands in the wind with a negative hand and stands on the altar. At this time, all the people present are very strange. Will Yi Yu just sit back and kill him? It’s just that the hand of the cripple was more powerful that day, and the golden sword was faster.
Just then, I saw several flames falling in the vast starry sky above the’ pure land of bliss’. A closer look turned out to be nine huge meteorites, each with a size of dozens of feet. I saw that the nine behemoths were divided into two places, one with three flying swords, and the remaining six were all attacked by Tiancanzi himself.
At first, the cripple didn’t notice that Yi Yu was very proud of knowing that he was defeated and only wanted to die. But Tiancanzi didn’t notice that this is the field of Yi Yu, and everything moves with Yi Yu’s mind. At this time, Yi Yuyuan moved his own meteorite in the starry sky to defeat the enemy.
I saw that the ten-foot golden light went straight to Yi Yu, but it was smashed by a falling meteorite. Although the meteorite is not a real star, it is also the size of a mountain. Because you don’t have to turn around and fall to the ground all the time, the speed is faster and the flying sword has a lot of impact.
If you want to know how the cripple will cope with this overwhelming meteorite, and how Yi Yu will kill this world-famous Qingcheng Mountain for a hundred years, please see the next "Blissful Reality".

Back to the 118th Blissful Reality
It was said that the ten-foot sword light of the cripple was hit red-handed by a meteorite that day. Although this Juying Flying Sword can’t compare with Emei’s purple and green double swords, it is definitely the best among the flying swords. But see the’ meteor’ shock fall straight on this Juying.
There was a loud noise, and the meteor suddenly fell apart and plunged into the water. However, the flying sword gathered the light of the sword and just waved it, and then reunited immediately and went straight to Yi Yu. However, one after another "meteor" was this Juying flying sword, which was really extraordinary, and finally it was smashed under the three "meteor" like a barrage. I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it again without a year or so of warm maintenance. And the shattered’ meteorite’ fell into the water and turned out to be a huge wave of dozens of feet. With Yi Yu’s mind moving, this monstrous wave is all rolled up to the sky cripple.
Day Canzi was shocked when he saw it. He never thought that Juying, the proud flying sword he had refined for a hundred years, was inexplicably injured in Yi Yu’s hand when he met her. At this time, Tiancanzi’s head has also gathered six deadly’ meteorites’. I saw the six’ meteors’ with a hundred-foot tail hitting the sky, and Canzi’s potential was overwhelming.
It’s just that the cripple didn’t panic at all that day, but he still had time to glance around and couldn’t help but be startled. But he didn’t hide, flash or fly a sword in the face of the smashed meteorite. I saw that under the waving of hands, Tiancanzi only played six innate Taiyi thunder in a row to deal with it. It’s just that it’s ridiculous that the relatively slender god Lei Ying greeted the huge’ meteorite’.