Anyway, winning this game is to put the long-range bonus game skills.
This is the right time to send a show
At one time, Lazio frequently made long-range shots, which made Manchester United nervous. Their long-range shooting percentage was quite high, and many feet hit the doorframe.
Lazio’s long-range shots can no longer be ignored
Manchester United players adjust themselves. They take the initiative to defend before.
But then the one behind them will be big.
Modric, the core midfielder, is not to mention that both Inler and Khedira are capable of attacking. Even if modric is contained, the other two Lazio midfielders can occasionally make a guest appearance as an organizer.
This is the constant demand for offensive and defensive.
Every player should have the ability to attack and defend independently, even temporarily.
Fifteen minutes after halftime, Hedira took the ball at halftime and made a surprise attack with it.
Facing Manchester United’s midfielder, Carrick intercepted Khedira and distributed the football to modric.
With his back to the attacking direction, modric didn’t turn around with the ball, but directly dialed the football sideways, and he gave it to Khedira!
Then he turned and ran on his own, which immediately made Manchester United’s defense a little confused
Will Khedira continue to give football to modric?
Or will he bring the ball himself?
The third option, will he directly take a long shot? Today, Lazio’s long-range shooting feels good, as if they had practiced it a week before the game.
But Manchester United players are wrong about all three possibilities.
Khedira, straighten up!
Come and tangle with Leo Dinande, Fa Erkao suddenly dives behind Dinande and then he catches the ball from Khedira!
"Khedira wonderful Fa Erkao! ! !” The commentator’s voice broke with this roar!
Fa Erkao swung his left leg and shot it hard in his hoarse roar!
Van der Sar suddenly appeared in front of his eyes when he saw the football, but when he waved to jump, he grabbed the football and left a wind …
And the football body has hit the net behind him!
"The ball …"
The commentator was stunned. The speed of the kick was so fast that even the commentator didn’t follow.
"… the goal! It’s a goal! It’s a goal! ! !”
"emperor! Lazio equalized the score! They even the score in the 60th minute! "
"Tiger Fa Erkao! Although he has decided to join Barcelona next season, Lazio player still plays every game with dedication! This goal brought Lazio the hope of winning the championship! "
After the goal, Falca beat the blue eagle sign on his chest and then blew kisses at Lazio fans in the stands.
He thanked Lazio and Lazio fans in this way.
At this time, there are no Lazio fans to boo the "traitor" "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! ! !” Shouts rang at Luzhniki Stadium.
Shi Ang Breno Pacheco was so angry when he saw this scene that he stamped his feet in his seat and gnashed his teeth!
Lazio laughed in the media just like those English journalists when two consecutive shots hit the doorframe.
This is what he wants to see-this game is not even on Lazio’s side!
Lazio can finally fail!