Show two beautiful faces. A plump woman. It is Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying. They ignored the smoke outside. After giving a ceremony to Song Changgeng in the air. Lingyun cheng said with surprise, "Master. I didn’t expect to see you here I heard that you haven’t heard from me since you went to Guangming. Now it’s going crazy outside. There are all kinds of news. I don’t know if that is true. "
Song Changgeng stretched out his hand to stop her words. Then he looked up at the smoke screen and said, "We’ll talk about these later. First solved the two guys don’t know anyway. It’s really a poor bastard. Think anyone can touch it? " While he was talking, he saw that the smoke screen originally looked thin and thin. But once in the air. Immediately let the sun
There was a confusion all around.
At the same time, a smoke net appeared on the sea. Except for the air where the three people stood, it seemed to rise from all sides of the sea and come up. At the same time, seven or eight blood-red light arrows were shot at the three people. The three people listened to the sound of thousands of ghosts screaming like a tide, and the foul smell smelled bad. They knew that they had come to the arch enemy of the cult, but these were useless to Song Changgeng.
He just smiled faintly, and with a wave of his robe sleeve, he saw a purple thunder and lightning coming out of thin air, and then grew up in an instant, circling around in the air, turning into a thunder and lightning circle, and spreading out with thunder and fire. As soon as the purple thunder and lightning came into contact with those smoke screens, they were only heard twice, and both the upper and lower smoke screens were broken. After two desolate screams came out of the sea, there was no sound.
Dai Xiangying, who is a delicate man, doesn’t think much about what he says. When he saw the smoke screen broken, he said with joy, "Master, you are so powerful that such a powerful spell was broken easily. These guys want to spy on our guys here, right?" Ling Yunfeng looked around, and after seeing it again, she knew that the other party had escaped, and she was relieved.
Song Chang Gung looked at Dai Xiangying with a smile and asked, "It should be. They should be like the middle stage of then. Seeing that you two are the early stage of then, you want to bully me. When you left me last time, you were still in the congenital stage. It seems that you have spent a lot of work in these two years. How is it going now? But can I get started? "
Dai Xiangying bowed his head shyly and said, "Not yet. Although I have learned it all, Sister Ye said that it would take several years to stabilize the ice sword. If you want to achieve something, you can’t do it without more than ten years of hard work." In fact, she also knew that the other party had already heard the wind, because Admiralty Island was going to take part in clearing the small Antarctic, so she ambushed people here to see if she could sneak up on the lone person.
Because Ye Bin went to Middle-earth, she told them not to go out when she left. If the master hadn’t come, they wouldn’t have encountered this thing. She was full of enthusiasm and was disturbed by this. When the master asked her homework again, she felt uncomfortable and twisted her hands. She didn’t know what to say. The master sent herself here, but she didn’t learn well. I wonder if the master would be unhappy?
Song Changgeng knew what she was thinking by looking at her uneasy appearance. Seeing that Ling Yunfeng on one side was also blushing, she smiled and said, "Things need to be done little by little. If you have a bite to eat a fat man, it’s good that you have been practicing for only a few years. Don’t worry, now that you have learned it, you will have to work hard on your own in the future, so there is no need to stay here.
You can come back with me when the clean-up is over, and it is much better to be with hundreds of other siblings, which is lively and can promote each other than being lonely and lonely here. "
Hearing this, the two women couldn’t help smiling. They were greatly moved when they saw that the master didn’t say that they had to take them back. At the beginning, they knew that the master was reluctant to accept them when they were working hard at Daijiachang, and then they left them in Baiyang Cave. When Jiang took the treasure, they didn’t know the identity of the master. When they met those other sisters and brothers, they couldn’t help but feel poor.
Compared with those students who have been practicing since childhood, they are naturally too weak. Later, the master sent them to Ye Bin to study here. They thought that the master didn’t want them. Later, although they heard some stories of the master and fought the Emei Sect, they only had envy. They didn’t want to suddenly see the master now, but they also took them back. They couldn’t help but be ecstatic.
Song Chang Gung asked about the Golden Bell Island. It turned out that there were only four or five female disciples left on the island. Since Ye Bin entered Buddhism and Taoism, she has become indifferent and indifferent. Even to her disciples, she can’t say a few words at a time. It seems that she doesn’t care about Zhu Luan’s leaks at all, leaving Zhu Luan kneeling outside the palace gate to confess her sins, but she seems to be like the air, and she went to Middle-earth herself.
After asking, Song Chang Gung knew that Ye Bin should be in a special state of mind, and he didn’t care. Since he wanted to take two women back, he had to say something to Ye Bin, so he thought he should go to Jindao and wait for Ye Bin to come back. After talking to the two women, the three of them flew directly to Admiralty Island. Just after flying not far, they heard the shrill screams coming from behind.
Song Changgeng looked round, and he saw a dark cloud coming from the distant horizon. At the same time, before the faint thunder, there was the piercing cry. Obviously, an evil master came. Look at this momentum, it should be directed at himself. What is Song Changgeng’s vision? Just look at it and you will know that now this person should be the same as the two sneak attack guys just now.
Look at each other’s skills as if they were in their infancy. Presumably, the two guys’ masters just now beat the small ones themselves, and now the old ones are out. Song Changgeng can’t help shaking his head. When he saw the two women looking at him a little nervously, he smiled: "Didn’t you two just ask me what happened after I went to Guangming?" Then let you see the new skills that the master has cultivated in the light! "

Volume 49 The new owner of light Chapter four hundred and eighty-seven Tattooed man
While the children were talking, the dark cloud roared over their heads, and a sharp female voice shouted in the cloud, "Who are you waiting for?" Dare to hurt my children, think I’m a good bully, Qin Yi, a five-prostitute fairy? Don’t kneel down and make amends, or I will draw out your souls and refine them into souls, so that you will never be born.
Song Changgeng smiled and didn’t answer at all. With a wave of his hand, he saw five colors flashing, forming five swords of black, yellow and blue in the air in an instant, and then crisscrossing behind him to form a sword wheel. Then the sword flashed, and the flying light Hwa-Sung Do flew five-color flying swords, but it was full of air in the blink of an eye, and the number was not less than 1,000.
The woman in the air who claimed to be the’ Five-Yin Fairy’ Qin Yao was also surprised when she saw it. She didn’t know what this was. It seems that it is formed with vitality, but it is not as golden as the usual innate sword, but its power is amazing, which makes her dare not move for a moment, and she can’t help thinking to herself:’ I can’t see this man clearly at all, so it is better not to capsize in the gutter.
Back in those days, my sister and I were called Baishi Shuangjiao. We were originally a pair of beautiful women. Unfortunately, our legacy was too weak, and our beauty was good. Naturally, we became the target of other evil figures. Our skill was low, so we were given away by people who had enough fun and lingered among many evil factions, and we were forced to have several children. Our fathers were all different, and we survived only by obedience and have it both ways.
If it weren’t for my sister’s getting an advanced tactic, I would have cultivated into Yuan Ying, and I wouldn’t have occupied a place in this 47-island, but I couldn’t touch these tough guys. Ye Bin of Golden Bell Island was already difficult to provoke, and now it’s going to be a fight again. At this time, the characters who came here will definitely not be weak. We finally got rid of the suffering, so we’d better not mess around. In case we get into trouble, we’ll be in trouble.

Thinking of this, she suddenly lowered her voice and said in a gentle and lovely tone, "Yo, I can’t see that she turned out to be an expert. My little girl is really as blind as a bat. It’s rude. I don’t know what to call this one." Next, I’m Qin Yi, a’ five-prostitute fairy’ from Baishi Island, the 47th island in the Little Antarctic. Just now, two children were sent to patrol here, and they were naughty for a while, so they offended several people. I hope you don’t blame me. My little girl has made amends here. "
While speaking, the dark clouds converged, and a middle-aged belle with beautiful appearance and hot figure bowed down, and made a ceremony in the air at a distance. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but feel helpless. The so-called person who stretched out and said that he didn’t smile, the somebody else’s low posture made Song Changgeng not shy about releasing his sword. When he put away the sword light in the air and was ready to give up, he heard a sharp cry from afar, and then a blue light flew in an instant.
After hovering around them, he stopped in the air, revealing a tall man with a rough face. When he arrived here, he gave Song Changgeng a fierce look and then shouted to Qin Yi, the’ five-prostitute fairy’: "I just heard two sons say that they were injured here? Who is it? Did they hurt our son? "
Qin Yi, the’ Five Yin Fairy’, just nodded, just wanted to say that the other party was fierce. Don’t move. I don’t want this man to be rude. He has always been a bully, and he has never been bullied. When he saw the’ Five Yin Fairy’ Qin nodded, he didn’t say much. When he raised his hand, there was a flash of white smoke, which spread in an instant, forming a smoke screen, which turned out to be the same as those two sneak attacks just now.
It’s not that he’s arrogant. But he refined spell really bad. It is also quite famous in Xiaonanji. Therefore, I rely on the evil method and the evil spirit that I have refined. Our own’ Bones Search Soul Network’ specializes in polluting the enemy’s magic weapon and flying sword. It’s amazing. The most difficult to break. Especially the Yin phosphorus rocket hidden in the net. But no matter how powerful the other side is. Upper middle school is hopeless.
So it has been rampant. Now someone has hurt his son. Naturally, I will not let go. Song Changgeng saw him start work. It’s exactly what you want. A wave of his hand. Just now, the innate five-element sword has converged and spread again.
Immediately, countless colorful flying swords filled the air. And then fly like the tide. In an instant, the smoke screen was riddled with holes. The man never dreamed of it. The land held by the other party is not a fairy house treasure. Is never seen a mysterious lightsaber. It is still so powerful. Come up with a cliff and break your magic weapon. Can’t help but be surprised.
Seeing the lightsaber tear open the smoke screen, he ran to himself. He defended himself and shouted, "Who are you? Why do you want to be against us? Do you think that our Tuansha Island is a good place to mess with? "
The’ Five-Yin Fairy’ Qin Yi misunderstood his meaning as soon as he saw this enemy. Do it when you get here. And then a magic weapon was broken in an instant. Seeing that the resentment is getting bigger. Hurriedly put in: "This friend. We’re not looking for trouble. It’s just that the child was bullied. So let’s just see right and wrong. Please don’t misunderstand. This is his fiery temper. Everyone has something to say. Close your hand. "
Although the man was rude, he was not stupid. He thought that the other side was easy to bully, but he didn’t think that the other side’s flying sword was so powerful. He knew that he had provoked a hard hand. When he saw that the woman had said something soft, he stopped saying much, just took back his magic weapon. When he saw that the magic weapon was broken and could not be used, he couldn’t help but feel distressed. He looked up and looked at Song Changgeng with a fierce look.
Song Changgeng originally saw the woman say RuanHua, and wanted to give up attacking them, but when he saw this man’s eyes showing yoshimitsu, and glanced at Ling Yunfeng and both of them, his eyes flashed with obscenity, knowing that this guy had moved her heart to them, which made Song Changgeng angry. He didn’t answer, snorted, flew but confiscated his sword, and the attack became more violent.
There were a lot of thunder methods mixed in the flying sword, and the sound of thunderbolt was earth-shattering. At this time, if you escape, it would be in time. After all, Song Changgeng had to maintain his identity in front of his disciples, and it was impossible to kill them. But the man, knowing that the enemy was fierce, was no match, and he was still arrogant and arrogant, and he was not exhausted and unwilling to retreat.
Moreover, because the magic weapon was not easy to sacrifice, it took many years of hard work, but it was suddenly broken by the enemy. With regret, I was excited and angry. I saw that Ling Yunfeng and her two women were beautiful, and I wanted to catch it. I relied on evil methods and treasures, but I didn’t do it yet. I wanted to fight with the other side by luck. When I saw that the other side didn’t answer, the attack became more violent. Instead, he snapped and drank, bought magical powers, conjured up many incarnations, and went forward to meet them.
Who knows that Song Chang Gung hated him for having a lust for his apprentice when he was on the ground, and he decided to bully him. When he saw that the other party had created so many incarnations, he knew this kind of evil method. I don’t know how many fierce souls he had gathered, and it was refined with life’s core monuments Jingxie and Yuan Shen. Although it was not the same as the real incarnations, it was not easy to succeed, and its use and power were also extraordinary.
However, these evil spells are most restrained by Buddhist spells, so Song Changgeng didn’t move in situ and didn’t take back his flying sword. With a wave of his hand, he could see a vast circle of golden Buddha’s light. It was the little sandalwood Buddha’s light rooted in the’ lotus relic’ in his left chest that could specifically break all kinds of evil, and it was put into use by Song Changgeng, and its power was even more unstoppable.
I saw the golden light everywhere, and those busy people disappeared in an instant, which made Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying and the’ five-yin fairy’ Qin Yi beside them stunned. They never thought that the busy people released by the man were majestic, and people knew it was a terrible spell at a glance when they were flying around, but they were wiped out by Song Changgeng with a golden light. This gap is too big.
Qin Yi, the’ Five Immortals Fairy’, knew that she felt right just now, and the other side was bound to be very powerful. She was no match. With a turn of her eyes, she called to Song Changgeng, "This friend, I didn’t know that you taught my child a lesson. I think you are also a man with a good way. Just now, I was offended by my words. Please be careful. I have something at home. I’ll go ahead and see you later."
Say that finish ignore the man, let go of his flying sword, body sword, into a black light, see her go so simply, let Song Changgeng can’t help but stay a bit, this woman, too that? See the wind is wrong, immediately run, what person, so strong, thanks to her or yuan baby master, this, also is a bit unbelievable.
As soon as the man saw it, he couldn’t help but shout at top of his voice. Instead, he waved his hand to his head, and saw that his clothes immediately flew away like butterflies, revealing the whole body, covered with tattoos. Then he made a trick with his hands and pointed his hand, only to hear the screams of thousands of evil spirits on his tattoos, which were piercing and piercing, dazzling and silent.
At the same time, his mouth roared with thunder. Although this man was ugly, he was tall, muscular, and stood naked in the air. He had a rare charm and was very manly. I saw that his hands were empty now, and he didn’t bring any magic weapons. He only had countless tattoos on his body, and his chest and back were all kinds of spectres.
On the arm and thigh, there are many swords, spears, needles, arrows, hammers, fire, water, clouds and smoke, and all kinds of strange figures. They are painted from head to toe in dense layers, colorful and all over, while his hands are painted with the shape of the sun and the moon and some blood-red flames. Now, after cooperating with him to open his head, his feet are long and his face is ferocious, just like an evil ghost hag.
Song Chang-geng saw this guy so hideous and ugly, with a strange voice, which was very ugly. With the flashing tattoo on his body, he was obviously brewing a very powerful evil method. However, although he also dabbled in many kinds of methods, he was also the director of Buddhism, Taoism and Magic, but he had never seen this kind of method. He couldn’t help but feel a little curious and wanted to see what this guy could pose as a moth.

The forty-ninth volume The new master of light Chapter four hundred and eighty-eight Teaching to solve doubts
After a glance at his eyes, he saw that both Ling Yunfeng and Dai Xiangying twisted their bodies here. He didn’t understand until he was one leng. The man was naked, and the thing he stepped over was quite angry in the air. His two apprentices were all yellow-flowered girls, but they had never seen this thing. It was inevitable that they were shy. Even the practitioners were indifferent to men and women, but they could not help but look at it.
Originally, Song Changgeng wanted to see him cast spells and see what the tattoo did. When he saw the appearance of two disciples, he couldn’t help laughing. He still neglected the boundary between men and women. He was about to deal with this guy when he heard the man drink in the air with a loud explosion. He flew up a dozen different kinds of demon lights, mixed with clouds of blood flames in the middle. As soon as he left, the blood flames blew themselves up.
Although in a blink of an eye, even the dozen demon lights were wiped out by Song Chang-geng’s Buddha’s light, but the impact of the demon light actually made the Buddha’s light swing twice, and the demon figure moved, and the voice of drinking and cursing rose again in the air. While cursing, he began to cast spells to invisibly change and plot against him. In fact, when he saw that his spell had just appeared, he was wiped out, and he was very frightened.
However, although he was wary, the evil spirit in his heart was hard to disappear. He laid hands on him for the second time and changed his method. He wanted to use the secret method on his body to deal with it, but he couldn’t even rush in the other person’s Buddha’s light. He had been thinking about preparing to conjure up several virtual shadows, appeared separately at the same time, and used evil methods in the air himself to try again. If he couldn’t win, he would hide first and make revenge later.
At the same time, he dropped some blood, and changed into three blood lotus flowers in the air. This is the most powerful spell in the magic religion. He didn’t have the intention of fighting poison with poison, but he wanted to prepare for his escape. I saw him swearing, his body shook, and five bodies like real people appeared one after another on five sides, respectively, and rushed towards Song Changgeng.
Song Chang-geng shook his head. He let out a circle of Jin Xia, and then spread like a ripple of water waves. All the phantoms in his place disappeared again. At the same time, the golden light swept across the man’s body, and he saw a piece of light smoke rising from him. At the same time, the voice of Zi Zi sounded, and the man’s mouth spread a piercing cry. He never thought that he was a master of Yuan Ying and was like an ant.