As a result, my face was swollen later.
It turned out that Emerson was already in decline, and Diarra was easily injured.
So Real Madrid still needs to buy a midfielder.
In addition to these two teams, many other giants are interested in Melo.
Chelsea, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Liverpool … and many other teams that have enjoyed a good reputation in European football all want him.
This has provided a foundation for winning the wild price.
But even this would not be enough
Constant victory also needs the power of public opinion.
Just after the end of the league, the news that Juventus are interested in Melo was exposed.
The reporters interviewed Chang Sheng, and Chang Sheng did not deny this. He admitted that Juventus did call him to inquire about the possibility of Melo’s transfer.
"But I turned him down. Melo is the core of Lazio’s midfield and the absolute main force. I will not sell such a player who is very important to the team. "
Changsheng cleared up all rumors about Melo’s transfer.
But this clarification can’t really keep Melo away from the whirlpool of transfer rumors.
Thereby serving as an introduction.
There is a big discussion in the media about the importance of Melo to Lazio.
Journalists and critics have written articles on Melo’s important role in winning tactics.
Brazil’s lower back has also been given various nicknames.
Titles such as "command tower", "commander" and "metronome" were put on Melo’s head.
He used to be a grumpy card eater, but now he has become an absolutely indispensable figure in Lazio midfield.
There is a view that is very representative.
"… maybe Melo is as dazzling as modric and david silva, but he is definitely the most indispensable person in the team! Lazio can live without david silva or modric, but it just can’t live without Melo … Lazio won 27 of the 30 games with Melo this season, and his importance to the team is self-evident. He belongs to the kind of player who doesn’t look obvious and conspicuous on the court, but his tactical position is very high. He may be the invisible man in the eyes of fans, but he is the player that every head coach dreams of! "
"When he was on the court, you couldn’t see his goodness. Only when he is not on the pitch do you know what an important player Lazio has lost! "
Heaven and earth conscience, Chang Sheng really didn’t instruct the media to do this-even if he did, the media wouldn’t listen to him.
But these media just say what Chang Sheng wants to say but can’t.
This kind of praise for one’s own players, and it’s flattering, is always better than saying, but in the media, no one will have any doubts.
When more and more people say this, Juventus amateurs have to be fooled.
Of course, the data won’t lie. Melo is really important to Lazio, which can’t be faked.
However, Changsheng is not worried about this problem. Because such a core, since you can make one, you can make a second one.
Melo’s gone, and he still has Khedira.
And Inler, and ledesma, and nocerino. There are many choices.
The advantage of the traveler is that he won’t rely too much on a player, because he can always find a suitable replacement.
There are more and more discussions about Melo, and there are more and more scandals about him in the transfer market.
Some media vowed that Real Madrid had asked Lazio for a price.