She bowed down to her family and slowly raised her head.
The queen wanted to see her, but she didn’t dare to look at her. Although she raised her head, she didn’t dare to look at the queen and put it in front of her in a dazzling light.
In fact, before she came, she guessed that the queen would probably want to see her. If she were a queen, she would also want to see her!
Things are scarce and expensive!
Which lady is not a noble family? She’s the only one! And it’s a big bargain by mistake. Who does she look at?
Is waiting outside again, she already don’t know how many people secretly looked at quite numb.
The queen didn’t have any difficulty. She looked at her eyes and nodded and smiled. "General Li has a good eye. You are very good!"
Then the female officer called up all Shane and filed away.
After the banquet, it was as calm and smooth as usual, and there was nothing unexpected.
However, even Fangzhou always feels that there are two lines of sight that fall on her body and she is always looking at herself. That feeling is very bad.
Pretending not to care, and then suddenly looking back, I finally caught the two lines of sight red-handed. Before the costumed woman appeared embarrassed, she withdrew her eyes without trace.
Sitting in that position seems to be the daughter of Zhu’s Dali Temple, Princess of the Second Emperor Glass King.
Even fangzhou is funny, but this princess empress is funny. Don’t worry, stare at her fiercely! She doesn’t have flowers in her head!
In addition to moon cakes and newly-made palace flowers, Lian Fangzhou was also given a handle of Hetian jade by the queen, a pair of golden beads and two brocade horses when she left the palace.
Li Fu remembered that she had been waiting at the gate of the palace for a long time, so that the guards who kept the gate of the palace stood tall and dared not go out.
Although the five armies are not in charge of the body guards, after all, the guards are a little respectful and afraid.
Seeing Lian Fangzhou and Mrs. Shen coming out, Li Fufang took a sigh of relief and lay aside to avoid the carriage.
Even fangzhou almost gave him a fright when he was not on guard.
Two people laugh make a Li Fu then smile and ask "ok? Did anyone bully you? “
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Your mother is not stupid. Do you want to bully others? Besides, these people are used to talking seven times, but they can’t fight! There are a few words of sour words and somewhat ironic words. I think they are jealous. Chapter 698 Qin girl has been stimulated.
Li Fu couldn’t help laughing and said, "Pay attention."
Even Fang Zhou laughed and shouted that he was tired of leaning against him and asked him to help rub his shoulders and waist, complaining that "the neck is going to break!"
Do you want to talk all the way home?
When she went out, it was still early, but when she came back, it was seen by everyone except the servants around her.
That a luxurious and dignified straight let people look straight eyes.
Li Yunhan laughed and sighed and boasted, "Three aunts are really beautiful!"
Miss Qin was shocked when she saw it, but she felt deeply hurt every time.
Because in the past, no matter how Fangzhou was, her heart would despise her birth.
She always wants to be what she is. She’s just a country woman. She’ll be full of shady means. When she gets to Beijing, she’ll run into a wall everywhere and meet dignitaries. She’ll be too ashamed to speak completely!
How can a timid, timid woman be a wife to her brother? How can I see it when I have given my brother for a long time!
It never occurred to her that she was so dignified and magnificent.
This complicated and dazzling imperial decoration fits her like a tailor!
It doesn’t seem that she can hold on even if she is noble and gorgeous!
Seeing that she looks so flamboyant and full of vigor and vitality, I suppose the palace banquet didn’t make a fool of herself today?
She managed it …
How is that possible!
Miss Qin was so excited that her insides would burn. She didn’t want to take one more look and turn around and leave when people were unprepared …
After changing her clothes, the queen enjoyed the best, and Jin Chai even put away Fang Zhou. But the moon cake was opened and everyone tried it together. "It is said that eating in the palace is the most delicious in the world. Let’s also try what the first delicious taste of the day is!" “
Said they all laughed.
Li Fu has been to the Palace Banquet. Those Japanese dishes look beautiful and taste really flattering. Maybe they were cooked early and cooled down, but the palace snacks are still good.
Seeing my sister-in-law and nephew unconsciously reveal a touch of curiosity and expectation in their eyes, Li Fu felt a dark heart. He was so negligent to them before! He earned his own military service, and they will have a good life. Actually, it’s not like that …
Fortunately, he has a good mother now …
Looking at his wife’s gentle, quiet, smiling eyebrows, listening to my nephew’s cheerful and joking sounds, as well as spring apricot, peach and so on, his heart is slightly trance. This is the feeling of home
Everyone laughed and shared the moon cakes, and even Fangzhou conveniently asked Chunxing Peach and Redjade Tea to share one, and smiled and asked everyone how they tasted.
Well, she doesn’t really like it.
In ancient times, the taste of moon cakes was single, where was it like modern times? The gift from the palace seems to be a taste of five benevolence.
It just so happens that the taste of Wuren is the last thing Lian Fangzhou likes.
Everyone said "it’s okay", perhaps because the previous expectations were too high, and now it’s a little disappointing.
The things in the palace are just that!
Li Fu laughed and said, "You don’t want to think about how many moon cakes you have to prepare in the imperial dining room this festival to give to the minister. Of course, it’s different from the nobles in the palace! It’ s already good to do this. It’ s still half-baked in previous years! "
When everyone "oh" suddenly realized, they turned their attitude of looking at the gods away for a few minutes.
Spring apricot can’t help but wonder, "Do you dare to make it half-baked? Is the imperial kitchen really so bold that it is not afraid of being found out and punished? "
Li Fu laughed. "If you know in the palace? Thunder, rain and dew are all due to your kindness. Who dares to say that in a big way? I dare not complain to the palace! Only Shane! "