"There’s news," said Angela. Hurry up. It was someone who replied to her in her mailbox.
"How do you say?" Qin Shaojie asked
"Someone replied to the third photo, but …" Angie paused and said, "But it’s nothing big."
"Huh?" Qin Shaojie also curious walked over and looked at others to answer.
"Date? Is it a date? " Qin Shaojie wondered and asked
The text in the third photo is just a date.
"It’s a date," Angela said, "but it’s not that there is no shortage of answers from the other party. It’s almost the same as I know. It’s almost the same as the date of the seal Dracula."
"It’s not a fart to know the date." Qin Shaojie sat down on the sofa and picked up the coffee table with mango peeled off and took a bite. "I also know that Jesus died. What’s not missing?"
"Don’t worry, I don’t know if someone will reply to the first two photos," Angie said
"Ding" a brain and information sound.
"What did I say? It’s coming." Angie smiled and quickly clicked her email.
"Lear?" What do you mean? Qin Shaojie looked at these two words and asked inexplicably
"This is the word of the second photo," Angie said and pointed to the part of the second photo.
"Of course I know. I mean, what do these two words mean?"
"Lear, Lear" Angela didn’t answer Qin Shaojie’s question, but looked at the brain and muttered to herself.
It’s really troublesome to ask together, for fear that others will know the secret of the card and wait for a reply when necessary.
"I know." Qin Shaojie was wondering what these two words mean when he suddenly heard Angie yell and he got a fright.
"What do you know? What exactly do these two words mean? " Qin Shaojie asked
"Lear is a name," Angie said excitedly. "If I didn’t guess correctly, the date of this card is the name of the seven archangels. Lear is either in charge of Hellfire, Uhlir or the moon."
"According to you, this card is an archangel with a date?" Qin Shaojie analyzed, "If you follow this statement, then the card you lost is also an archangel, and the name and date will prove that there are seven cards in total?"
"It should be like this," said Angela for a while.
Qin Shaojie nodded. "The question is, what are the names of the seven archangels in the Dracula token?"
Chapter 356 It’s too hard 【 6 】
"Did the seven archangels seal Dracula and get all the last energy into these seven cards?" Qin Shaojie guessed
"Then these seven cards have some power to revive Dracula. How many cards can you successfully revive Dracula?"
To tell the truth, Qin Shaojie himself doesn’t believe this.
This is a bit ridiculous. First of all, it’s just like some food cards. It is said that several kinds of cards can be exchanged for prizes, and then many silly children ask their parents for money to collect such cards. In the end, they can also be used as childhood memories. The winning prize may have been taken back to their home by the company manager. Qin Shaojie did this kind of thing when he was a child.
Besides, this card seems to have been around for some years, but neither Qin Shaojie nor Angie felt that there was energy in it.
"Is there energy on this side?" Angie said. "I feel this token is like a key."
"keys?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully, "If this is the key, it will be too complicated, and seven pieces will be needed."
"No," said Angie, waving the card in her hand, "This is not an ordinary lock key, but a key rather than a password."
"What do you mean?" Qin Shaojie a face of doubt.
"Think about it. Dracula’s sealed place is like a safe, and the safe needs a password to play these seven cards, just like a seven-digit password. Each card represents a number. Without a password, the safe can’t play until all the passwords are found."
"According to you, don’t you have to find seven cards to revive Dracula?" Qin Shaojie thought about it and said, "If that’s the case, then we won’t look for it."
"You want to come to this place just because you want to know that your card is in your hand and you princes don’t know that there are seven pieces of this token." Qin Shaojie paused and said, "Then can we go back? Anyway, you have a piece in your hand."
Qin Shaojie thinks that since it takes seven cards to revive Dracula, Angie lost the one before, but now he has another one in his hand and other princes don’t know about it. Just take this one as a supplement.
If you want to take care of this piece, you won’t worry about what the thief will do. At the same time, Angie can sit still.
"No" Qin Shaojie Angela still shook her head.