"Day swing Xi month entrust" MuBolun sarcastic smile.
Qing Moyan’s eyes swept over. "The sky swings and the moon swings?"
"To be precise, the client who accepted this entrustment was the Lorraine Institute, which has been troubled by the funding problem, and he didn’t get the bonus because of the demon-raising incident," Mubolennai said. "So he has been crazy about accepting entrustment recently."
To the "bonus" green ink yan sneer at.
They didn’t dare to tell Lorraine that Lorraine, who is behind Tuoyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., is still dreaming of getting a bonus from it.
It’s good that they didn’t secretly "kill"
"So this time, when he was entrusted by heaven and earth, I paid more attention to them and went to the southern city, saying that someone had found a psychedelic forest there."
"What is a psychedelic forest?" Blue ink yan is the first time to hear this.
"Generally speaking, it is more like a maze at the intersection of Yin and Yang. Except for Yin and Yang teachers, ordinary people can see them, but I don’t know what’s wrong. In the southern city, some people have found a psychedelic forest and many tourists are lost in it."
"So ordinary people can see them?" Qing mo Yan asked
MuBolun nodded his head.
"So far, there have been four things that have been answered by the news that the company has been entrusted."
Qing Moyan frowned and thought for a while. "Do you want me to take this entrustment?"
If he goes to the southern city, he will leave here. Ru Xiaonan is still pregnant with a child. He doesn’t trust to leave her here in the ancient house, and he doesn’t want her to follow her around the city.
"This is because you don’t understand the psychedelic forest, another" Mubolun’s bass voice ".You can imagine it as the gateway to the Yin and Yang world. If you hit it, the demon on the Yin side will be unblocked and summoned. I mean a lot of monsters … I’m afraid it’s more powerful than keeping a demon array."
Blue ink Yan eyes light a shrink.
"You mean someone wants to use it instead of keeping the demon array?"
"Or it is possible to rebuild a demon-raising array."
Qing Mo Yan wondered if this was the case, and whether it would have been known for a long time, or that this entrustment was also to attract people to trap themselves and become a monster’s food.
Is there something behind this with Tuoyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Hong Pang said that my king has never shown up. Is he manipulating it in secret?
"Don’t hurry to entrust" green ink yan faint way.
"What do you want?" Mubolun is full of expectations.
"Go and see."
"All right," MuBolun clapped his thigh excitedly. "I’ll book a plane ticket. How many people are going?"
Blue ink yan hesitated.
"LingXiao day their identity …"
"No problem, leave it to me." Mubolun laughed. "And Miss Su is wrapped in my body, and I will get their certificates done in three days …" He noticed that the blue ink face was a little distracted.
Blue ink Yan turned to the window and looked out at the cloister.
"Hey, do you have to ask your wife first?" He sarcastically said
Green ink yan gave him a cross got up and went out.
Mubolun followed.
The horse is lunch time.
Ru Xiaonan is helping Su Baitong in the kitchen. Qing Mo Yan doesn’t want her to go into the kitchen for fear that she will hurt herself rashly again.
However, Su Baitong is a very careful person. He stared at it several times in secret and didn’t have any accidents before he let go.
RuXiaoNan came to the courtyard with a small pot filled with boiled soup bones.
The stupid dog wagged its tail with excitement.
"There are three pieces that are not allowed to fight today." Ru Xiaonan squatted down and put the bones in the dog food bowl.
RuXiaoNan ignored Chaosroid’s strong protest and prepared a food basin for her.
After letting go of the bones, RuXiaoNan went back to the kitchen.
Mu Bolun saw the stupid dog pick up a bone from its bowl and put it in Chaosroid’s bowl.
"Ah, it’s quite loving." Mubolun laughed.