Xiao Kai looked at the situation for a moment and hesitated for a moment. Then he slowly said, "It’s hard to say that Fujian has an advantage, but Ningxi, a clown, is the biggest variable."
For the clown’s performance, Xiao Kai seems to be fascinated. The one-way tactics have been opened on the road, which makes him unable to bear to look straight.
Of course, the clown’s single belt is not without loss, and the consequence is that the first tower and the second tower are lost, and the outer tower is also pushed off. At present, the situation is very strange
Fujian team’s middle road and road defense towers are all intact, but the road is bare, and even the highland tower has not left a lonely little crystal.
Without protective measures, it is not worrying to see the small crystal alone on the road, because no one knows when the clown will appear and how fast the clown will take the small crystal.
Zhang Hao’s resurrection clown has synthesized a knife, and at the same time, the belt line has brought rich rewards. Zhang Hao has produced another blade of residual violence and greed. It is no longer a problem to single out the blind monk with such equipment, but it is only a little short of money to dream.
When you dream about your hand, the clown really sees who hit whom. The worry in hand is not a lie. The clown output can be shaped by off the charts depending on the fear effect of the W skill box.
"Brother Lingjie Zhang Hao will win, right?"
"Yes, I will," said Tang Qinling. I really don’t want to lie, but looking at Lan Ruoxi with an expectant expression, Tang Qinling still said the best result.
Lan ruoxi heard a satisfied face and stared at the big screen. I don’t know if he was really watching the game or paying attention to some people’s performance.
"Ah" Tang Qinling continued to watch the game with a sigh.
It’s already 25 minutes. Before the dragon rhythm, the Fujian team always wanted to take the dragon, but the clown’s belt was too troublesome, which led to the rhythm being dropped a lot.
At the moment, the clown of Ningxi team has developed, but other heroes are still in the development stage. In terms of overall output, Fujian team is still worthy of Ningxi team.
"Prepare for Dalong" Wu Tong marked Dalong. Nalong is important for changing the situation at this time.
At present, it is the Fujian team wandering in the strong period, the little fisherman, Lucian, Bloom and the blind monk, who is there every second?
On the other hand, for the Ningxi team, lions, dogs, widows, clowns, rats and spiders are all heroes in the late stage, but if they can play a barren and big team battle in ten minutes, Fujian team will have a strong withdrawal.
At the moment, the Fujian team is forcing the regiment to knot in Dalong, which forces the Ningxi team to harass. Once the Ningxi team comes over, the Fujian team will have a regiment fighter plane, and it is nothing left for the Ningxi team to leave the tower.
"Don’t rush me, we still have to take the line. Our team battle can’t beat them." Zhang Hao clown has reached the road and can’t take the line on the road at the moment. After all, it is close to Dalong, and it is not very likely that he will be killed by the opposite side
"Their clown is in Dalong Road." Wang Biao saw the clown’s decisive fight in the road. It is true that he can fight the dragon in front of Ningxi team. No one can pose a threat to Dalong without the clown. Therefore, Fujian team naturally chose Dalong.
"This dragon gave way." Zhang Hao was never prepared to take the dragon from the beginning. Don’t say that the clown is not there. In fact, there is no 100% ability to control the opposite side of the dragon.
In such a team battle environment, it is harmful to clowns, and what clowns can do is to push the line crazily. The first big dragon must be let go.
"Know that everyone is going to retreat." Gao Chengfeng lit the retreat signal. Ningxi team made a good vision and slowly retreated.
"It seems that Ningxi team is ready to give up this big dragon." Adzuki bean told the truth.
"These things in the clown at the moment in the road with Ningxi team is absolutely can’t get the dragon.
"However, this body is very restrictive to Fujian team. When Fujian team takes the dragon and goes home, it will be a long wave. When Dalong buff doesn’t go home, the defense tower may be taken by a clown all the way. This clown feels a bit" cheap "."
Snow laughed when he said it. Such a clown is really annoying, that is, his teammates sacrificed their money and pushed the thread, and they got the clown when they were developing. Fortunately, the clown played well and completed the communication with the road, which proved that this routine is feasible.
When the Fujian team finished playing Dalong, they chose the middle road to suppress five pushes and one push. There is no doubt that the speed of five pushes is fast.
When Zhang Hao pushed off a tower, five Fujian team members had pushed off the second tower of Ningxi team road, killing the battle bit by bit. Fujian team was not afraid of the dragon buff’s endurance in hand, and off the charts was not afraid of being consumed.
"Ah, the two sides have already pushed the tower to fight. The clown continues to take the line, but he doesn’t care about home?" Addou is a little paranoid about clowns
"In fact, even if we go home, the Ningxi team can’t beat the Fujian team. It’s better to continue this routine and rely on the clown belt." Snow looked at whether the two sides had finished fighting.
Fujian team has a lot of real eyes, so the sneak attack tactics of Ningxi team are not very effective, but Ningxi team has passed the most difficult period and moved towards the later period.
It’s that the clown hasn’t formed the output yet, and there are still some shortcomings. The clown has never participated in the team battle. Once the clown completes the equipment and participates in the team, it is comparable to the harvest flow in blade master.
"The Fujian team pushed the Ningxi Road Highland Tower. At this moment, the clown is pushing the Fujian team’s second tower. The clown is pushing the tower quickly. The Ningxi team road highland has been broken, but the Fujian team road second tower has also fallen."
The situation is fierce, and the audience is noisy for three minutes. The game is nearing the end, but it seems that the Fujian team has an advantage, which means it is likely to win the game.
"It’s not cost-effective to change this way." Lingyan looked at the clown and was puzzled.
"He’s coming out of the resurrection armor." Kai took one look and knew what the clown was playing. Pay attention to it.
"That’s still a loss." Lingyan had some resistance, but this array made him have to pay attention to the courage of Penning West, and the array was indeed powerful enough to rely on stealth flow, and it took three minutes for Zhantian to say that he was successful.
In 32 minutes, when the clown pushed the highland tower, the highland tower in Ningxi team’s middle road was gone at the same time. Without the barrier, it was imperative for Fujian team to push off the small crystal in the middle road.
Chapter 16 Push each other to fight for the heights [in]
At the moment, people can’t understand the situation. Fujian team has pushed Ningxi team’s middle tower and road tower, but Fujian team’s road highland and road highland tower were broken at the same time, and the small crystal was in a state of no barrier.
"Go on, the clown can’t come back." Wang Biao is a little excited. You know, he can get at least 10 thousand yuan to win this game
This wave was a bit dreamy. When the Fujian team pushed the highland, the clown didn’t go home, but continued to push the Fujian team. Naturally, he pushed the small crystal of Ningxi Road and attacked the highland tower in the middle.
The Ningxi team was forced to retreat, and the highland in the middle road was easily captured, and the small crystal in the middle road exploded in a short time.
"Withdraw, you can’t play, you can’t play." The Fujian team is a little anxious. It has consumed a lot of blood when it was just pushed. If it wasn’t for the clown, I’m afraid the opposite side would be directly organized.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. They can’t push back even if they push back, but they can’t beat Wu Ge." Wang Biao looked at Wu Tong’s face
"Go ahead and push a tower. After a wave of supplies, you can push it directly."
"Ha-ha, hit hard". Wang Biao was given the gift of being elated and pushing the line.
"Xiao Hao, if you don’t come back, your home will be gone." Gao Chengfeng’s tone is anxious. This has hit the door. The super soldier has been released. If you don’t fight, there will be no chance.
"Come and kill you directly" Zhang Hao has returned to the city to synthesize a dream. At the same time, he directly made a resurrection clown and went into a stealth state when he went out. With the resurrection clown and the group warfare, Zhang Hao is not afraid of being killed by seconds.
"Ningxi team fought the last battle. If this wave is not good, it will be a wave."
At this moment, the Ningxi team started the stealth lion dog and took the lead in pouncing on Lucian, who was also bullied because of wandering. Bing Xin, Time Staff, Langton and archangel equipment made people lose their appetite.
Zhang Hao’s goal is to see that the fisherman Fujian team has three main outputs, namely wandering, fisherman and Lucian, and only three of them need to be guarded and taken care of.
"Killing" has been suppressed for a long time. Gao Chengfeng finally broke out. The widow directly broke away from the stealth state, and W directly approached the crowd. A big move was to bomb the group and slow down, which greatly limited the escape of Fujian team.
"Ah, when the clown arrived, the Fujian team suffered a little, but the line of war was too bad. Even if we win this wave, Ningxi team will be dragged down by the line of war." Adzuki said that he was puzzled by the clown’s persistent single belt just now. After all, the effect of single belt has not been so outstanding
"The fish man is too big for the clown, and the demon clown is slowed down. The fish man leaps up and hurts enough to play the clown and resurrects." Snow was surprised
But the situation doesn’t seem to be the same as Snow said.
"Sloppy" Zhang Hao made a big move at the moment when the fisherman made a big move.
"Damn it," Wu Tong, who has always been calm at the moment, couldn’t help but explode.
"Ah, I didn’t read it wrong. The clown actually escaped the injury caused by the small fish’s big move and E skill when he was busy for 5 seconds." Adzuki almost got up from the stool, and this moment of exercise made him worship
"Good Aauto Quicker Speed" Black has no idea what to do. It just happened. At that moment, the big move was not optional, and the timing was just right to avoid almost a whole set of skill damage
At this moment, a set of skills has been handed over to the fisherman, and there is no follow-up injury, such as colleagues chopping board and fish being slaughtered by ordinary people
Zhang Hao entered the harvesting mode, dreaming and hydra started to hurt off the charts, pushing the line all the way. The Fujian team was in poor condition and did not change its equipment when it was lengthened. Even with the big dragon buff, the home advantage of Ningxi team was untenable at this moment, and it was chased all the way.
"Withdraw" Wu Tong looked at the situation and retreated quickly, but it was already late. Zhang Hao’s e-skill double-sided poison blade had hit the fisherman, who was slowed down and was quickly harvested by a group of tigers behind him.
And then Lucian followed suit and hung up Ningxi team, which lost a front-row spider in Zhou Qiang.