"You are like a duck to water now." Xiao asked with a smile.
"Hey, hey, it’s much more interesting than when I was in Zhao Rizong." Spreading my wings calmly said.
Then let Xiao ask. I didn’t expect a scene to appear. Two people came side by side in the crowd. One was Xiong Buping, and the other was Tuoba Yan. He also asked for another job. But when they came, they politely paid a ceremony. Xiong Buping first boldly said, "Brother Xiao!"
Tuoba Yan added, "Xiao Brothers’ test is fair competition. Fortunately, it is not Xiao Brothers’ opponent. Now you and I belong to the same door. If there is any offense, we still hope that Xiao Brothers will not care about it."
Xiao asked really leng one, but his heart to practice is not too concerned about those struggles. Seeing that Tuoba Yan came first to be nice, he also returned a generous tunnel "I forgot that we have the same friendship in the future."
"That’s good. Brother Xiao really has a reputation."
Xiong took a pat on Tuoba Yan’s shoulder and smiled. "I told you, Xiao brothers won’t dispute with you."
What happened behind is still a little beyond Xiao Wen’s expectation. In fact, he doesn’t know many acquaintances among these new younger brothers. Most of them don’t even nod. As a result, more and more people greet him before, which is like suddenly paying special attention to this affair.
Huo Xiang and others have a lot to say to Xiao, but root cutting is speechless.
Fortunately, after a while, people from Yinghua Lake finally came out to announce their business, which made Xiao ask at leisure.
Yingyuehu is a fairy realm. The middle-aged man first took everyone around several buildings near Yingyuehu, and then introduced Yingyuehu to everyone as the main part of Ming Jianzong.
The middle-aged man simply took everyone to a big ship in Yingyuehu and headed for the middle of the lake.
This Ming Jianzong Daimon Masaru Sect has a lot of food and clothing per ri, and the biggest consumption of a group of cultivating immortals is all kinds of things in practice. These things are not given away for nothing, nor are they blown by strong winds. Ming Jianzong people earned a pulse of J Ο ng research tactic and two arrays of more than ten large arrays of aura at the bottom of the lake to cultivate jade mussels, corals, algae and other things. None of these things are mundane things, although the cultivation period is long, but once they are taken out, it is sky-high! Being a younger brother of Yinghue Lake, especially a new brother, will definitely be on duty in all the large arrays of the lake besides practicing in the future.
Soon after noon, everyone really went to the water and saw several large arrays with their own eyes. If this mother were a casual practitioner, a generation would never see such a scene, even if it was a secondary school!
If you look down from a height, you can see that there is quite a small island near Yingyue Lake. Although this island is in Yingyue Lake, it is already outside Yingyue Lake. It is the only J Ρ ng Yan Dandao Tingzhi Island of Mingjian Sect.
After seeing the lake array, the ship sailed directly to Tingzhi Island, which is exactly what the new brother needs to know.
Halfway through Xiao asked, I suddenly thought of a question: Will they never go back to Yingyuehu again? Where will the hissing wind find him then?
I’m worried that an eagle-eyed person has seen a red shadow coming from the lake. It’s the hissing wind!
What’s wrong with this horse is that it flies close to the lake in the sky, and its speed looks good!
In a blink of an eye, the hissing wind had already reached the ship, stopped near the root, and kept running directly to the high place. All the people in the ship were covered by the boat canopy and never saw it again.
So the topic that was put on hold for an afternoon finally unfolded, and it was hissing.
Xiao asked that this was lent to him by a senior brother, but he didn’t say what seniority the senior brother was, but others couldn’t recognize the problem.
It’s obvious to all that Tuoba Yan is thinking of their grassland Tuoba’s best roaring dragon horse, which seems to be a little worse than the hissing wind … Even if the hissing wind is lent to Xiao Wen for a few days, it’s enough to make everyone jealous. After all, they don’t even have a chance to touch it, right?
More and more people are looking at Xiao Wen with envy, and more and more people are talking about hissing. At this time, Xiao Wen naturally remembered the question left to him by Zuo Ningqing.
He still has a definite conclusion, but he can’t help wondering if it’s not inappropriate to be arrogant in such an environment. Many younger brothers regard him with special respect, not only because of the hissing wind, but also because of his current status. Two younger brothers who are studying "Jing Xian Jian Dian" will go to Feixia Valley in the future! In many ways, he is really better than them! Otherwise, how could they befriend him?
Try it?
The most important thing is that Xiao Wen is a curious person, and he really wants to know if he will feel different when he is careful and arrogant.
Then Huo Xiang suddenly asked a question to draw Xiao’s attention back to reality. Where is Xun Yu?
I have to say that Xiao Wen’s hissing momentum when he appeared was really amazing. As a result, no one thought that he came alone and Xun Yu didn’t come
Now, one has never appeared mysteriously, but one has returned to the big army. What is the situation?
Is it that Xiao Wen’s performance is not good enough and has been eliminated? Didn’t he take the "Jing Xian Jian Dian"? Why didn’t he see a little change?
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Dao Jin (please recommend! )
Where’s Xunyu? How can Xiao Wen know that Cheng is still in the final South clause? That’s what Xiao Wen answered. There is nothing behind, because Huo Xiang really asked, "Where’s Xunyu?"
In those deep meanings, you can really attack by innuendo, but you can’t ask directly. If you offend Xiao Wen, isn’t that full? ! No one dared to ask again, and Huo Xiang finally reacted. This question is not as simple as it seems. After all, he still asked Xiao Ma without moving, and led the topic elsewhere.
However, other new younger brothers have left their hearts with all kinds of speculations. Those who are jealous of Xiao Wen can’t help but think maliciously whether this means that Xiao Wen has lost power and was beaten back to their group. If so, it would be really good.
Xiao Wen is also aware of it, but of course he won’t explain what he cares about what these people think of him. He really doesn’t have to do it at all
Then the big ship took them to Tingzhi Island, but there was no ship. All the new brothers were stunned because they not only saw Tingzhi Island people at the dock, but also saw Xun Yu …
All the people joined the big army on their own initiative. Xun Yu, once a teammate of Tuoba Yan, and others were supposed to greet him cordially and were promised by Xun Yu.
At this time, Xiao asked some stupidly, because he knew very well that Xun Yu had made a strong effort to shock the fairy road. Since then, Xun Yu has brought people a different feeling, but at this time, Xun Yu seems to have changed back to the same level as before.
As for those doubts about Xiao Wen’s fall from power and influence, Xun Yu came back and said that Ri will be with you in recent years, not after that. This is the same as Xiao Wen’s statement. Obviously, the two people are still getting along well, and no one has fallen from power and influence, but they are just experiencing life …
After shore, Xiao Wen took the opportunity to say a few words to Xun Yu, but he didn’t ask Xun Yu to suppress the breath of Jing Xiandao. After all, it was somebody else’s Ziyou.
In a blink of an eye, Xiao Wen has been back in the big army for three days. In these three days, he has keenly grasped a lot of things, but the most important thing is his arrogance.
He always felt that Zuo Ningqing’s speech should not be that simple, so he never came to a conclusion easily. While thinking, he tried to look at the people and things around him with pride. In fact, poor children are easy to have pride, but those aristocratic brothers are easy to have pride. This pride problem would not be difficult if you put it in Tuoba Yan’s life, but it is really difficult for him to fall into Xiao Wen’s head. However, in the past three days, Xiao Wen’s surrounding environment has also prompted him to cultivate pride. The reason is very simple. Except for his closest friends, everyone really thinks highly of him!
Slowly, Xiao Wen finally found some feelings. When he was arrogant, he really looked at people and things around him differently. He also felt different when he looked at his own practice path.
He can’t help but think that if a person proudly reaches the extreme and matches the corresponding talent strength, then this person must be a peerless figure after appearing in the celestial world. I don’t know how many people will become idols. No matter how hard it is, I also believe that I can easily walk through a crushing posture, break through all realms and reach the apex to overlook the heroic life!
Maybe I can do it myself? ! Xiao asked is finally a little excited and has a little expectation for such a person in my heart.
On the fourth day, Xiao asked Yu Zhi, the elder brother, and found him. He told him not to take action with those new brothers for the time being. In the past two days, he would take him around Mingfeng to get to know one of his brothers, sisters, nephews and uncles of Zuo Ningqing.
This is actually what Xiao Wen has been waiting for for a long time. He is a second-generation brother of Mingfeng, but he still doesn’t know Mingfeng personally, so he happily followed Yu Zhi to turn around in Mingfeng.
Xiao Wen has fourteen senior brothers and sisters. Except for the second senior brother and the seventh senior sister, all the other senior brothers and sisters are practicing hard in Mingfeng. Among them, eleven senior sisters, Chu Nianrou, still live with the master Zuo Ningqing. The rest of them are in Mingfeng, and the other three brothers, Lu Yanjing, have only collected six disciples in total, just like the fourteen senior sisters, Guo Ni, who have more than 50 brothers …
Xiao Wen’s specific seniority is still a mystery in the new test, but it is already well known to Ming Jianzong’s high-level officials and people who know the peak. Xiao Wen’s brothers, sisters and nephews have long heard of him, which finally makes Xiao Wen’s reactions different.
His brothers and sisters are lucky to have left Ning Qing to treat him kindly, but those male and female nephews will stop buying his account. Are you kidding us to call a 20-year-old junior uncle? !
That’s the truth. Xiao Wen is younger than most of his nephews. It’s especially annoying that he is the middle-ranking fairy realm, and his nephew has several true fairy realms, and he has a lot of them …