Turning it out gave him a fright.
When Changsheng saw so many training skills, he was stupefied!
Chapter 17 Skills of Secondary System
Fortunately, the coach masters rule the world in a sense of constant victory, otherwise the constant victory will probably have to stand still until the training is over and become a fool to be watched.
He froze in his mind for a moment.
He has done many main lines and seen many achievements.
However, this reward is so good that it is the first time he has seen it.
"Is this the main line?" Ever-victorious in consciousness to ask
"it’s the main line"
"But I have already done the first-level main line …"
"There is not one main line that must be completed at each level, and this is the main line of the second-level system," explained Tong.
"The second level system?" Winning one leng and then react "the second level? But I’m only at the first level now … "
"Before you finish this, you will have been upgraded."
Changsheng only wants to see his own experience at this time
After upgrading from the primary level to the first level, the system has gained experience, and upgrading from the first level to the second level requires 500 thousand experience
And now he has 400 thousand experience!
After confirming that he is not mistaken, Changsheng is overjoyed.
What is it to work so hard? Isn’t it an upgrade?
The benefits after the upgrade … Isn’t that obvious!
Changsheng stared at the log reward.
The rows of rewards are spent on his eyes.
Except for a "primary physical strength training", all the others are new faces.
Generally speaking, this is the second level, then these rewards are obviously the second level rewards.
He looked at it one by one.
[Primary Tactical Training] The effectiveness of tactical training increased by 3% to [Predict/Judge], [Calm], [Middle], [Decision] and [Teamwork] for one month.
[Competition Training Tactics Elementary] means that players will be shortened by 10% for one week when they are familiar with tactical formations.
[Special training for junior middle school] Specify at most two players to train and upgrade their [middle school] attributes by 3% for one month.
[Primary Attack] In the game, the attack efficiency increased by 5%
Ever-victorious saw the attribute of teamwork at a glance.
He is worried because he is now in luis garcia, and he is particularly sensitive to this now.
[Primary Tactical Training] Can be upgraded to this! It’s a pity that this award won’t be available until the end of the new season …
"What do competition training and special training do? Are they different from general training?" Changsheng asked him strangely that he had noticed these two special words.
"General training is daily training. Competition training is mainly aimed at the game situation, such as tactical training." Primary tactical training "is the specific attribute of the players, while" primary tactical training "shortens the players’ familiarity with the tactical formation by 10%, not directly related to the specific attribute, but through other means to improve the team’s ability." Competition training is mainly aimed at arranging skills for possible situations in the game … "
His explanation that he always wins is like set-piece training, which is a typical game skill, because set-piece training will not be specially arranged during pre-season training, but if he meets a team that is good at set-piece attack and scoring in the game, he will add set-piece defense training course to the training plan one week before the game, so that the opponent’s set-piece attack can be effectively curbed in the game through targeted training.
This training skill lasts only one week … It is also consistent with the reality.