The handsome man was not angry because of Hu Xianer’s indifference, because he held many apologies to Hu Xianer, not only to Hu Xianer, but also to Hu Xianer’s mother, the proud fox woman …
"XianEr, I know, over the years, you mother and daughter ate up in the outside. I don’t blame you for ignoring me. I called you here this time to prepare you to attend the meeting of all demons, which is also a kind of compensation for you. " The handsome man seems to have some regrets.
Hu Xianer still doesn’t talk. She doesn’t want any compensation. She just wants to leave this place and go back to Meng Qige. Meng Qige must be very worried that he is gone. Hu Xianer looked at his toes and thought.
The handsome man still didn’t respond when he saw Hu Xianer. He sighed in his heart and thought: It really is her daughter, and even this stubbornness is so similar. Yiyi, where the hell are you?
The handsome man’s brow wrinkled when he thought of the fox woman who worried him deeply. Although he has countless women over the years, he still can’t forget the stubborn fox woman.
"Xianer, still won’t tell me where your mother is?" The handsome man’s voice is a little dry, probably because the softness in his heart hurts.
Hu Xianer raised her head. Since she came to this place, this man has been asking about her mother. However, my mother had already …
Even if he is really his father, Hu Xianer will not forgive him. Why was his mother driven out? Why did you die so miserably? Not just because this man didn’t protect her? Never forgive this man. Hu Xianer didn’t even tell him that his mother had been dead for many years.
She knew that once she told him about it, her mother’s great hatred would be repaid. But Hu Xianer wants to take revenge himself, or let Meng Qi take revenge for himself. She doesn’t recognize him as her father, so she doesn’t want an outsider to avenge herself …
"Mother doesn’t want to see you." Hu Xianer faint spoke this sentence, and then lower the head again.
However, the handsome man felt a pain somewhere in his body, and then said bitterly, "You, you go back first. In a few days, I will take you to the Jingmai Spring in the clan. After soaking in the spring water of Jingmai, I think it should be possible to ascend to the then Dan stage. Go back and study the Moon Fox I gave you first. "
Hu Xianer nodded, stood up and left this beautiful little pavilion. The handsome man continued to sit in the gazebo, looking like he was in a daze, but he was not. He just remembered something many years ago.
At that time, he just sat in the position of the patriarch soon, and on his head, there were several fox patriarchs who were against him. These elders are not under him in terms of qualifications or accomplishments. Originally, they were all rivals for running for the chief of the clan.
However, after he successfully became the head of the fox clan, these elders knew that they could not compete with him alone, so they joined forces. At that time, he was left behind.
In a depressed mood, he disguised himself as an ordinary ethnic group and went out for fun. However, I accidentally met a beautiful fox woman. She had a white fur and attracted him for only a moment. And the fox woman was also attracted by his fiery red fur. The two soon fell in love.
Like all dog blood stories, he didn’t tell her that he was the new head of the fox family. He just enjoyed a pure love, until one day, the woman had his child.
You know, the hierarchy of the fox clan is extremely strict. As a member of the royal family in Vulpix, he has an affair with an ordinary woman. Giving birth to a child is absolutely forbidden in theory. In addition, during that time, his struggle within the family had just improved, and it was absolutely impossible for such a handle to fall into the hands of the other party.
So, he told her the truth, hoping that she would not have the child. She was naturally shocked at that time, but after much consideration, she insisted on having the child.
Finally, and is very consistent with the end of the dog blood plot. He gave up this woman for power …
Chapter 231 There are always a few days at a time, and I feel uncomfortable.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Every time there are always a few days, uncomfortable.
Later, he finally won the victory in the struggle within the family. Except for some elders who were indifferent to the world, there was no opposition from the whole family.
However, he found that he missed the fox woman he gave up more and more. That yearning, like a sharp knife, keeps drawing scars in his heart. He tried to make himself forget this feeling, so he had many women, but none of them could make his heart feel better.
But after all, time is a good medicine to smooth all wounds. Although it can’t completely heal him, at least he has formed a scab at the wound. In addition to making him feel uncomfortable and itchy, he also buried this scar in his heart.
However, in an accident, his confidant brought back a woman who looked like her very much. And tell him that this is his blood.
Looking at that very similar woman, plus her own blood, there is no doubt that this is the child she gave birth to for him. He was ecstatic, and he did not care about the pain uncovered by the old scab, so he accepted the child through public discussion. And gave her everything he could, and he only hoped that she could return to her side. He wants to make it up to her.
However, the stubborn daughter like her refused to tell herself her whereabouts after listening to his story. He was angry at first, but his anger subsided when he looked at the face that was very similar to her. There is only deep guilt in my heart.
Therefore, he only tries to compensate her, hoping that his daughter can forgive herself, and that she can forgive herself …
"Alas ~" All the moods of middle-aged people are turned into a long sigh. If this scene is seen by his confidants, it will surely be a big surprise. When will the patriarch who has drastic measures become so heroic and short of breath?
Besides, Hu Xianer, after she returned to her room, began to study the moon fox. Fox * * this month is actually an extremely profound method tactic in the fox family, which is not something that ordinary people can practice.
Hu Xianer’s own method is not bad, but compared with this month’s fox * *, it is not only worse. So, Hu Xianer just hesitated for a while and began to practice fox * * this month.
And she just practiced fox * * for several months this month, but it was that she had already broken through the middle period of beginning to understand, and only stayed for a short month in the late period of beginning to understand, so she had the practice of beginning to understand dzogchen now.
Although this is related to the panacea sent by middle-aged people regardless of the cost, this month Fox * * is really terrible. As for the middle-aged man’s Jingmai Spring, Hu Xianer has also heard of it. This Jingmai Spring is a top spiritual treasure used to purify blood.
The pure pulse spring can only condense a few drops of spring milk in a hundred years, and as long as one drop of spring milk is combined with the rest of Lingbao, it can be turned into a pool of pure pulse spring water, which can only be used by one person. Just soak it in it for nine days, and then the blood in the body will have a qualitative improvement.
Any living thing can use this spring water, but each living thing can only use it once in its life. However, this pure vein spring eye is unique to the fox family, and several opportunities in the past 100 years are naturally extremely precious. However, Hu Xianer would rather use this opportunity to get back to Meng Qi …
At this time, Meng Qi, with the help of Zi Qiu, recovered from an injury. But you still need to rest for a short time. After all, not all injuries can be treated at once.
However, there should be no major problems in combat.
Meng Qi’s next opponent is a monk named Ying Ming, who only entered the later stage of then within a few years, and he doesn’t have much reputation within the dragon. I think he should be just an ordinary monk in the later stage of then.
After getting the news, Meng Qi was greatly relieved. In the case of can only play an eight-point strength, if you meet a character like Fang Meng, Meng Qi is really too much, I’m afraid only to sacrifice his last resort-silence.