Nanzhanbuzhou is now the most powerful country, the capital of the Tang Dynasty, Liangducheng …
It was different from the capital city of the Song Dynasty, which was just leveled by Sun Wu. The so-called "Tang people believe in Buddhism and Song people believe in Buddhism". Of course, some people believe in Buddhism, but it is only a small part! However, this does not mean that the people of the Tang Dynasty are as good as the Buddha. On the contrary, the Tang Guojun team has always been known for its ability to recruit good fighters, and almost every family is fierce and enthusiastic in martial arts! These are the two characteristics of Liang Ducheng’s folk customs!
Lonely born at this time wearing a yellow gold silk robe head holding a bun, inserting jade dragon treasure hairpin feet on the cloud road, walking around the waist and hanging palm-sized gold gourd hands two feet three inches cold dragon sword is really handsome and aggressive!
There are not many Taoist priests who come to Datang, and this dress is really a blink of an eye. When you walk down the street, the handsome appearance of Lonely Born immediately caused a lot of idiots to exclaim!
"Ah … measure the Buddha and let being original wait!" Lonely born at this time, watching the crowds coming and going in the street seems to see the ghosts floating in front of me … Lonely born face does not leak color and continues to wander around in my heart, but I am secretly thinking, "There are millions of people in this outline of Datang National University, right? I’ve never seen Didi! Enough! Absolutely enough! I really can’t. There are not many people this day, right? "
"Um … I even became a monty secret method to refine the soul, which is probably much stronger than my second brother, right? Not right either! It seems that the dead monkey thing has improved again … "
Lonely born there full of thoughts suddenly heard a noise not far ahead looks up to … Boy! What a sea of people! Thousands of people gathered in front of a bluestone earth wall, and the people in front pointed and talked about it. One by one, the people turned their toes up and wanted to see the last person, so they kept pushing forward …
Lonely born suddenly thought of a picture of a delicate and touching little mm kneeling on the street to bury her mother because of her dead bird! At this time, according to the usual practice, there are bound to be several playboy and bully characters suddenly appearing, followed by the familiar line "Little Beauty … Let me be happy! Oh ha ha ….. "Of course, at this time, there must be a person who suddenly appeared. This person must be handsome and handsome. He kicked the local ruffian and slapped the bully. From then on, the famous mountains and rivers traveled harmoniously … (in the end)
It’s also the orphan’s natural generation who has seen too much garbage and TV dramas. Only when I think of this vulgar "hero saves the beauty" bridge section can I have confidence in the imagination of orphan’s natural life. According to common sense, it must be somewhat beautiful if I look like Sun Erniang and have no money to rob directly, what else can I buy?
"Buddha! This owner is being original! " Lonely born can’t hide the excitement in my heart. I quickly walked to a middle-aged man behind the crowd and stretched out my hand and patted the man on the shoulder and asked, "Excuse me, are there so many people here?" But what happened? "
The middle-aged man was wearing a red brocade robe, wearing a rich crown and a shiny belly, and he almost hung down to his knees. Seeing that he also weighed more than 300 kilograms, he was a rich man! At this time, due to the huge size, I can’t squeeze into the crowd. This brother is sweating!
"Taoist!" The fat rich man first respectfully called out that the last thing these rich people want to offend is Taoist priests and monks who are monks. "It seems to be a woman’s business from the previous people … I don’t know!"
"It was! It seems that today’s old happiness is not shallow! " Lonely natural thinking nodded in my heart. Lonely natural always wants a good night’s sex. This time, I can cheat a little sister who sells herself to bury her mother. Lonely natural doesn’t feel ashamed at all! (I was born alone, and I’m sure I’m selling myself to bury my mother in front of me! )
"measure the Buddha!" No matter what shocking solitary born directly with a teleport spell flicker to the front of the crowd mouth shouted "being original also …" This shout loudly suddenly to noisy crowd quietly!
"Huh?" Lonely born looked around to see where there was a little sister who didn’t even have a hair …
"hey! Where is the Taoist priest? How dare you say something crazy? Can you really cure Niangniang’s illness? " Suddenly, a warrior in shining armor shouted at the solitary man in the previous step.
"Sick? What disease? " Lonely born depressed, how to watch the excitement and want to fool a sister? What’s wrong with the bed? What is the empress? Why did the empress sell herself to bury her mother? (Khan! )
"Bold Taoist! Today, the empress Chitose is seriously ill, and the imperial doctor in the palace can cure her! Saint, this just published the list and asked for a cure! How dare you openly make trouble here? Come on! Give it to the general! " The military commander in shining armor didn’t see the scene of solitary natural teleportation, otherwise how dare he talk to solitary natural like this?
"Wait a minute! Master Dao, did I say that I can’t cure your empress? " It’s not bad to be born alone. He’d like to kill these people directly, but it’s estimated that the jade emperor’s face will be ruined in a few days if he is so daring to kill people. Now he doesn’t want to have a confrontation with the jade emperor!
A military commander in shining armor was about to get angry when suddenly a soldier behind him came to his ear and secretly said something. Can such a whisper be concealed from loneliness? Give ear to the soldier or tell the shining military commander that he has something to show for himself!
I saw that the shining military commander’s face suddenly turned bird after listening to the soldier’s words …
"Fairy long! Just now, if you have offended more, you should forgive me if you don’t remember too many villains! " The shining golden warrior hurriedly came to the lonely born and bowed down to the ground!
"well! Ignorant sin! General, please get up! " Lonely born also don’t stretch out his hand to help is motionless in the same place, then Jin Jiawu will feel that he was pulled up by a huge force and can’t go to worship again, so he values lonely born again a few minutes!
Someone asked if the orphan was born with sex? Why are you meddling in such things? In fact, lonely people are born with their own calculations. Since they can’t be bold enough to converge the ghosts, they have to climb the emperor’s old son to search for ghosts in the name of Emperor Gaozhili, so it’s not true if others know it, because it belongs to the rule of human beings and immortals. That’s asking questions!
"Fairy leader, since you have something to save my empress, can you come with me into the palace to meet the holy one now …" The military commanders in shining armor asked carefully for fear of provoking loneliness and natural unhappiness!
"Buddha! Helping others is to be a monk! Today’s holy sandwich martial arts make the country prosperous and the people safe. This is the amount of merit! Let it be! In this case, you should use some means to save the empress! "
"In that case, please be immortal …" With a wave of his hand, the shining golden military commander suddenly rushed over with a group of people and made a passage in the crowd!
"Wait a minute!" Lonely born stretched out his hand and stopped, "If you want to cure your empress’ illness, let your saint come and beg me personally!" " (The first article of "General Deception" is to learn to pretend to be B)
"this ….." shining golden military commanders with difficult look.
"Hum!" Lonely natural uncomfortable cold snorted "in this case being original!" Turn around and leave!
"Long wait!" A military commander in shining armor naturally knows that this Taoist priest will cure the empress’ illness, so he will definitely follow the promotion, but if it is not cured, it will be a big problem!
"General, what else?" Lonely born hear shining golden military commanders call yourself secretly relieved!
"Fairy long avatar in nature can’t doubt it and tell my emperor long live but don’t necessarily believe it! This ….. please show me some magical powers from the immortal, so that you can see them in the future … Now you can report back to the holy one! "
Lonely naturally laughed. "Are you trying to teach your family?"
"I dare not … but it’s …" The shining military commanders also know that they are too bold to speak for a long time.
"Alas … let it be! Show a few hands when you are being original, and let you ordinary people see! " Lonely people are born to talk. This is called madness!
The hand-pinching method was born suddenly with a big drink, "Heaven’s fire comes and burns the mortal heart!" Suddenly, I saw a flame with a height of more than 30 feet suddenly jumped up at three feet in front of my eyes. The flame was not like any flame, but it was purple-blue. But the heat wave from the flame suddenly made everyone stay back. What’s more, the system almost passed out at such a high temperature!
"Fairy long … put away the fire! I’m … I’m going to tell you! " At this time, the military commander in shining armor knew that the solitary natural avatar was scared and cried quickly. If he didn’t stop, his golden armor would be tested!
"accept!" Lonely born with a shake, the flame suddenly disappeared as if it had never been there. It was a pit with a diameter of ten feet on the ground where the flame was located. It was said that what had just happened was not an illusion!
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The fourth chapter idiot emperor wife worry lonely born continue to pretend to be B.
Li Shangwu, the current monarch of the Tang Dynasty, is sitting in the Golden Jubilee Hall with a melancholy face. Behind him, Kowloon Gold is sitting in the sunlight from the gate, and the golden light is scattered. Even with his dragon robe, the Kowloon crown is scattered with strange light! But all this can’t cover up Li Shangwu’s worries!
Face-to-face military etiquette is divided into two sides, and everyone respects and lowers his head. From time to time, someone looks up and secretly glances at Li Shangwu! Many of them followed Li Shangwu to the north and south before he succeeded to the throne, but these people have never seen this politically close enemy in front of them so depressed!
Li Shangwu’s life can be said to be a miracle! The first emperor, Li Xiuru, had thirty-six emperors, and Li Shangdao was the youngest! Li Shangwu didn’t have a chance to inherit the throne in the court struggle, because Li Xiuru was twelve years old that year!
Twelve-year-old Li Shangwu can finish his cruel deeds. At the funeral of the first emperor, thirty-six emperors counted odd. Everyone wanted to compete for the throne of heaven, but no one noticed that at that time, at the age of twelve, he was so sick and stupid that he could not even recite his ancestral training.
But everyone is wrong! Li Shangwu killed his thirty-five flesh and blood brothers with hidden force in front of civil and military officials, and then killed the angry veterans one by one, including some respected veterans of the three dynasties! Only then did people know that the army of the Tang Dynasty had been secretly held by Li Shangwu, then nine years old, three years ago!
After Li Shangwu ascended the throne, he did another earth-shattering thing, that is, he made a maid beside him a queen! That is, the now seriously ill queen Xuande! This is not to mention that Li Shangwu has never laid a finger on a woman since then, even though his harem now has a full 3,000 girls! But these women are still virgins until now!
At this time, Li Shangwu’s heart is like a knife. In the past 30 years, he has broken his family’s hand. Thirty-five biological brothers, three of whom are his half-brothers, and thirty-four and thirty-five emperors were thirteen years old, but he killed a general and achieved great success!