"Cat demon, I want to discuss something with you. Can you help me find two pieces of equipment?"
"equipment? What equipment? How do you need me to find it? "
"I want to save it all, but it’s too difficult, so I want to use some iron and blood power."
The cat demon was stunned. "You know the jihad suit, too?"
"How could I not know?" Sun Sheng asks and suddenly wakes up. "So you’ve seen other parts of the Jihad suit? Who has it? I am willing to exchange things with him. "
The cat demon laughed. "I’ll have one in my hand if I don’t change it."
"You have? Where where to take it out and have a look. "
The cat demon said happily, "Don’t worry, this thing isn’t in my body in the trade union warehouse. Come with me." Then he took Sun Sheng out of the hall and came to a humble hut.
"There are potters in this room and I can go in. Please wait for me." Then he pushed the door and went in, leaving Sun Sheng waiting anxiously outside the door.
Two minutes later, the cat demon came out with a golden armor in his hand.
Walking up to Sun Sheng, the cat demon said, "That’s it. This armor was a reward when we were a gang. At first, everyone almost went crazy. It’s a good thing."
Sun Sheng was amazed at the attribute of World War I armor, and it was really strong with the matching attribute of Ruyi Golden Hoop.
Donghai Crystal Armor (Artifact Jihad Suit) can instantly move to the place where the Italian envoy has reached three times a day after its defense is increased by 1%. Equipment needs professionals; Do not drop or steal after equipment.
However, it was difficult for Sun Sheng to get up again. I’m afraid it’s not easy to let the cat demon give such a good thing to himself.
"It’s a bit too demanding to wear this thing. No one in the gang meets the requirements. Since you want it, I’ll lend it to you first."
The cat demon was really generous, and Sun Sheng didn’t take it over, so he got up and laughed and said to the cat demon, "Please help me declare the other three."
"Well, I’ll just help you announce your entry into the national war."
An hour later, the news of the national war started almost all over the game, but the news was released without losing blood. The martial arts family in Wan ‘an grabbed the lead this time, but then blood also confirmed the news again and told Tianxue that there were two jihad suits in his hand, hoping that players could exchange them for other parts and be willing to pay a high price.
Soon after, players with enough levels mobilized to be ready to defend or attack countries that don’t like themselves or that don’t like themselves.
Yu Sun Sheng thought about the Huangyan City, although he didn’t kill Xiaohei, but he also kept it as a pet. He should be considered as having completed the recapture of the city. It was exciting to think that he suddenly became the duke of a megacity, Sun Sheng.
I greeted the cat demon and Sun Sheng went straight to Huangyan City. Although it was daytime, the skeletons in the city had disappeared. I shouted happily that Sun Sheng went straight to the treasure room of the duke.
I searched everything I could, and Sun Sheng wandered around the city trying to find some more treasures.
How can there be so many treasures in a city to find Sun Sheng? It is disappointing after all.
Walking on the wall, Sun Sheng can’t help looking at the majestic city, which makes him feel how spectacular the city is. Is it just here for people to see? Sun Shengyi excitedly sent a message to the cat demon telling him that the city is in.
When the cat demon heard it, it almost jumped up from the ground. A city about the size of Pangu Dragon City, everyone can know its value. Let Sun Shengqi send a horse to the battle.
This stumped Sun Sheng, who turned around the city, and found no shadow of the array. Sun Sheng had to ride Xiaoyu in the sky to find a possible array sending device in the city.
After flying for a long time, Sun Sheng finally found a similar door delivery device in the southeast corner of the city. A very flat wall depicts many symbols in a circle, surrounded by pits, which are inlaid with transparent spar.
I took a look at the spar and found that they were all seven-order ores. Sun Sheng smiled. This grade of ores was still in stock. Sun Sheng took out some ores of different sizes from his arms and put them in the potholes one by one. To say that the potholes were also terrible, he could change his size with the ores.
All the minerals were touched by Sun Sheng’s hand in the circle, and then the white light from this circle enveloped Sun Sheng’s body. Sun Sheng appeared in the iron and blood station to send the array.
Sun Shengdao smiled at the cat demon waiting outside the array. "Let’s go."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine (end)
The Cat Demon took a few people to Huangyan. After seeing the momentum of Huangyan, the Cat Demon was so excited that he could hardly speak. He patted the hard battlements around the city wall and agreed to follow the Cat Demon. The performance of several people was not much better. The expressions were so excited that it seemed like, "With this city base, you are not afraid of any attack. Do you really want to give it to Iron Blood?"
"I kept it and didn’t bring you the iron man. I can still earn some tax money by tourism."
"Okay, okay, I remember."
After exercising the duke’s interests, the iron and blood moved to Huangyan City. Of course, it turned out that the station still had to be guarded by some people. After all, there was also a lot of iron and blood invested in it. At the same time, many craftsmen were found to repair everything in those houses in Huangyan City and the city gate. Of course, even if the door was repaired, it would still be a small amount of money. Although Sun Sheng was rich, he was not rich enough to have the strength to repair all the houses.
A week later, the big move of Iron Blood was almost completed, and Sun Sheng also touched a little bit of light. His duke’s mansion has now been renovated and moved into a villa-like mansion. At this time, iron blood was put everywhere, and those snooping around also sent some news.
"It seems that the first thing to move is the small countries in the south. Although there are also some countries in the west and Europe, it will not affect China Day for a while, and there are signs of another World War II. What do you think we should do?"
"Take the initiative to attack his mother" got the nod from the members of the Ministry of Iron and Blood. Playing games is fun. Now there is an opportunity to vent their anger on cynics, and no one wants to let it go.
"Then who shall we hit first?"
"Of course, those guys in India are still ignoring it now. After all, there is still a period of time before their ship arrives in China. It is not too late to clean up the day when those people in the south are finished."
Everyone had no objection to this, so the cat demon organized troops to go to the south to fuck those guys in India
After the meeting, Sun Sheng also got the third piece of jihad suit, South China Sea Zijin Ling, from Iron Blood.
Nanhai Zijin Ling (Artifact Jihad Set) spell cost reduced by 5%, casting speed reduced by 5% and lasting by 1/1; Do not drop or steal after equipment.
"Who is this?"
"A guy named Zhuge Daren said it was for your meal."
Sun Sheng thought for a moment, and it seems that there really is such a guy who cheated himself for a meal at the beginning, but the meal was too expensive. If you can give yourself such a thing every time you cheat yourself, it won’t hurt to be cheated several times.
There are still two pieces of Sun Sheng left, which is really a bit to look forward to. It should be difficult to get together, but now there are three pieces of "Is it an act of God?" Sun Sheng has some YY thoughts.
It’s not a problem that many people are on their way after being sent to the front. In less than half a day, more than half of them came to China and the nearest Indian city, Chang ‘a.
On the second day after arriving in Chang ‘a, nearly 1,000 Indian players felt mighty. Outside Chang ‘a, they clamored for China players to go out and fight with them.
"Is it a warrior? Come out if you are a warrior! "