Because we can’t see the outside, we can feel that the shuttle has taken off, but we don’t know which direction it is moving. Occasionally, we are distracted and don’t detect other objects.
I don’t know how long it took, maybe two hours, maybe more shuttles finally landed in a woodland.
Eleven of us walked on the shuttle and immediately felt a completely different temperature and climate, where the forest leaves were dense, fresh and humid.
The two warriors didn’t fly the shuttle with us, but controlled the shuttle to leave quickly.
Our party has been walking along the road, bypassing an Ainu village and entering a small castle. We have been greeted and arranged for us to stay in the inn.
We asked for three adjacent rooms, and Kumi Hara stayed with Aili. Four of our slaves lived on the left, and Longjie and five of them lived on the right. Competitors from other families also lived in the same inn. However, regarding Kumi Hara and Aili, we all wanted others to communicate, and even meals were sent directly to the rooms by the inn.
At 10: 00 in the middle of the night, my scattered consciousness instantly covered a thousand kilometers around the inn, even the whole castle was included. However, in some areas, the consciousness was vague, which obviously shielded the consciousness, while in other areas, none looked like a stadium.
In the morning, Harakumi arranged for us to change the exposure match in the house, and then each person put on a big cloth coat just to cover the bare waist, abdomen and thigh roots. Aili wore a reddish silk gown, which looked very elegant, and Harakumi changed herself into a white suit.
I gave my three magic weapons bracelet, red ribbon and ring department to Harakumi.
"Teacher, last night, my mind failed to detect that the stadium department must have shielded the spiritual power. Then I’m afraid I can control the Gankun circle and the mixed sky silk back to my hand, but my jade dagger can penetrate these shields according to the teacher’s statement, but I haven’t tried it."
Harakumi grabbed my hand. "Nezha, Ryunosuke and I will find a suitable place around the stadium. Once your ring disappears, we will try our best to break into the stadium."
Then we took the organizer of the contest, and we prepared three carriages to go to the stadium. It was still Harakumi who accompanied Aili, followed by the four of us and then Ryujie.
The competition was held in a round building with a tall appearance, at a gate where Ryujie and others were stopped, and Kumi Yuan only sent us to the second gate.
Outside the second gate, we took off our clothes to reveal the inside of the game, and then Aili was inspected together and put into the stadium after making sure that she didn’t bring her magic weapon.
I was just about to lose my mind when I was immediately warned and had to take it back.
Looking around, although the building looks big from the outside, it doesn’t look very wide inside the stadium, which is obviously not a successful architectural design example.
Twelve areas are evenly distributed around the circular arena, and we are led to a "Susuke" area to sit in front of Aili, and the four of us sit side by side behind Aili in the order of Xin Ying, I, Yui and Pupil.
Other areas belong to Yiyu, Dayuan and other tribes, and each tribe is also a well-dressed young woman, followed by four "spiritual slaves" who are as naked as us.
Outside, there is the podium and the audience. Except for the podium, there are more than a dozen distinguished guests, there are not many spectators in the ordinary audience, and the audience has a circle of armed guards around the stage.
I silently calculated in my mind that there would be about 120 people in the field, including 60 members of the team, 30 members of the audience and 40 guards.
So how many of these 120 people are enemies and how many are friends? Because I can’t move my mind, my heart is getting more and more uncertain
The host claimed to be from Izumo Yiyu tribe. After introducing the participating tribes and guests, he announced that the contest was first of all between Shenmen and Nengyi tribe.
My mind slowly withdrew from the surroundings and gradually went deep into the competition. It takes 66 games to adopt the round robin system, and each team has to participate 11 times, twice a day on average.
We were placed in the fourth game in the afternoon against Renduo tribe. In this game, we finished the game in less than two quarters of an hour, and the four of us completely defeated the opponent and won the game.
We are scheduled for the second game in the afternoon game. Everything is calm. Maybe nothing will happen?
In this game, our opponent fought a little hard in the first game of Shenmen, and it took nearly a quarter of an hour to knock him down.
"Please prepare the No.2 players on both sides!" The host indicated
I got up and nodded to Yui and Pupil, then walked to Saitai.
As soon as I got to the stage, I suddenly found that Sakura, who was still at the stage, had a wrong expression. She was about to run the stage and was suddenly hugged by her opponent behind her.
What does this mean? No, something’s wrong!
I suddenly scattered my consciousness and turned to see Yui stabbing Ai Li from behind to the front with a dagger.
My heart almost vomited to assassinate Aili. The assassin was actually Yui. She had obviously calculated that Aili should be unaware of it at the moment when my heart was there.
Passing 18-wheeler, next to the pupil, he immediately pounced on Yui and stood in front of Aili. However, she was not yet an opponent of Yui with her bare hands, and where did she stand in the way of Yui’s sharp sword? A few feet away, I clearly saw Yui’s dagger stab into the pupil’s bare abdomen and immediately pulled out a splash of blood.
I rushed forward but was stopped by two warriors on the sidelines. I knocked them down every two punches, but more warriors gathered in front.
I jumped and took off, and half saw Fang Pupil hold Yui’s chest and was stabbed by Yui. Two swords finally fell in a pool of blood. At this time, Aili had run two feet away, but Yui jumped to catch the sword at hand.
Flash forward and listen to the broken jade dagger has appeared in my hand.
I waved my sword in the middle of the pedal beam to detain Yui, and there was a blood stain, and the whole person turned to the ground.
I fell to Aili, and Aili was already at a loss. Yui turned over and his eyes were red. "Nezha!" Keep stabbing me with your sword.
92 bloody battle field
My heart is entangled with her and waving is another sword. She was injured by my firm but gentle again, and her belt and surface cloth were broken.
Yui once again got up and glared at him, regardless of the spring scenery. He raised his hand and threw his dagger into love.
I have found out that the dagger is only a high-level magic weapon, and I can’t recognize that the Lord is definitely not owned by Yui. So I handed my jade dagger to my left hand and my right hand to raise my hand and forcibly grab the dagger, and then handed it to Aili. "Take it!"
The stadium is already in chaos, and the female masters and spiritual slaves of other tribes have already been in a mess in screaming.
At this moment, Chief Yiyu on the rostrum broke off and said, "Dare to assist Ling Nu to enter the stadium with weapons and people will shoot them!"
My heart is tight, which means that almost all the people in the room will be my enemies
Around us, dozens of warriors are approaching Taiwan with bare hands. Sakura just got rid of the entanglement of the opponent of Shenmen, but she was cut by the former samurai.
I quickly approached Aili, grabbed her waist with one hand, and jumped to the platform again. At the same time, I threw my sword at a samurai with a knife and cut at the heart cherry.
I can’t hurt my heart cherry with my firm but I can’t think of many. At the moment we landed, the samurai fell to the ground at the same time. I did the same thing and seized the knife from the samurai and gave it to the heart cherry who had just climbed up.
At this time, her belt had already been broken, and her white skin was bloody. A knife mark went from the armpit to the thigh, and the blood was still oozing out, which made people look shocking.
More than a dozen warriors have rushed to the stage with their knives. I jumped half a turn and the tip of my sword drew a circle in the middle. The warriors around me fell to the ground in shock wave.
My spiritual knowledge has enveloped dozens of feet in the field at the moment, but I have broken through the outer layer of the field. Among the 130 people present, I am at the level of the head of the Italian Yu clan, but I am quite a few people around him.
However, four spiritual powers are significantly higher than mine, and two spiritual law explorers are still sitting on the rostrum without moving.
After landing, I pointed my sword at the podium and shouted in Fusang language, "Who dares to salute Princess Izumo here?"
I don’t know if Princess Izumo’s name is worth anything at this time, and the Princess Izumo beside me is already too nervous to speak.
Seeing the samurai in Taiwan and Taiwan moving one after another, I added, "If you dare to kill the princess again, shoot!" "
I didn’t expect this sentence to really make the warriors move slowly.
"What are you doing?" Meaning yu heads shouted "what is a cloud princess? Kill them! "
I suddenly appeared in my consciousness, and I was more familiar with light and shadow. I couldn’t help but feel happy, "Bang!" A skylight on the roof was broken, and gold bracelets and red ribbons flew in until my hand.
Then a white figure floated in and landed on the stage with a sword, Professor Kumi! She finally arrived.
At the same time, there was a commotion at the door, and Long Jie five people also broke into the stadium.
Italian yu heads stand up "bearer is the original long-term beauty professor of Ayhara tribe’s century-old charming girl feather college? Do you want to take people armed and break into the forbidden area of Lingrou Competition? "
Yuan Jiumei didn’t mention the sword to him. "Yiyu old thief, how dare you assassinate Princess Yun in broad daylight and seriously injure Princess Lingnu?"
"Yuan Jiumei, don’t be a dirty lie," replied the head of Yiyu clan. "It was you who sent Lingnu to disturb the stadium with a sharp sword to hurt its owner, and I made it take it …"
"Nonsense!" Harakumi immediately interrupted, "When I sent them in, I passed your hand inspection, and you actually made it intolerable to assassinate several unarmed women?"
"I have been away from Izumo for many years, but I don’t want to participate in junior high school affairs. Princess Izumo participates in the competition. I am a student of Yamato College. The official representative of Yamato College can’t help but interfere in this matter. Sir Yamato Miyata, since you are the representative of the country, please come forward and make a decision."
I didn’t notice that there was a middle-aged man on the rostrum because his spiritual level was not very high, but his seat was occupied by two spiritual explorers.
Chief Miyata got up slowly. "I have seen what happened, and I will report to the country. It is not convenient for me to make a decision here. Although the local things are out of the clouds, Princess Yamato, who is honored by the country, is also a world-related person. According to the country, Yamato College has extraterritorial laws. Now please ask Yamato College to take the Chinese department of the college off the field on behalf of the former Kumei!"