Shocking the golden light like a rainstorm, it broke into the fake Dan zombie mud pill palace one after another through the eyebrows, and the fake Dan zombie eyes disappeared again. The original brilliance became dim, but he smiled with satisfaction when he saw such a real person named then. He knew that this moment was the time for himself to bring this then zombie into his control.
When the real person surnamed Yu then closes his eyes and turns his hands like a wheel, the phantom stands motionless in the virtual, as if suddenly the real person surnamed Yu then has thousands of hands. Generally, if someone who knows the goods is present at this time, he will recognize that the real person surnamed Yu then is moving, but only when he gets to the real person’s territory can he display the tactic of uniting all laws.
As the name implies, ten thousand different dharma tactics can be fully combined into one dharma tactic after practicing to the highest level, so this method will not only affect the original dharma tactic effect, but also play a very strong bonus together.
This tactic of uniting all dharmas is a required method for the real people in the elixir. Only in this way can they display those powerful forbidden laws in an instant, which seems so understated and casual. Otherwise, they will have to cast them step by step with those low-ranking monks.
The real person surnamed Yu then naturally failed to practice the dharma-in-one tactic to the highest level. At this time, his ability can also combine 365 dharma-in-one tactics for a week and fight them out together. It sounds like a far cry from 10,000 ways, but this power can not be underestimated, especially at present, this zombie has been suppressed by it without any counterattack. It is absolutely enough to make such a dharma-in-one tactic for banning zombies.
Only in a flash, all kinds of dharma tactics were played out by the real person named then, and then the phantom of all kinds of dharma tactics in the virtual came rushing towards the real hands of the central government, and the real hands were left behind.
This tactic seems to have a potential, but it actually contains 365 ways to ban zombies. As soon as the real person named then drinks his hands and forms a tactic, he presses the zombie in front of him.
The palm of the real person surnamed Yu then has a faint golden light on it. Seeing that the printed tactic light is about to be sold out, suddenly the zombie eyes tied tightly by the corpse rope explode and shoot out two bright and extremely fine mans, which are as harsh as a sharp arrow. Then the zombie face also reveals a ferocious smile. "Good grandson wants to catch me?" You are still young, now you can enjoy a big meal specially prepared for you by a grandfather! "
As soon as the words fall, then the zombies are a few proud and very strange smiles
At this time, the real person surnamed Yu then suddenly felt that something was wrong, because the zombie breath of the real person who was originally an elixir suddenly dropped to the realm of fake elixir, but his body was faintly handed out with a horrible breath. In his heart, he secretly said, "It’s not good!"
But at this moment, most of his skills are being put to good use, but he can’t escape when he feels bad as usual. Real people named Yu then can also retreat towards the rear by sending out the tactic in their hands and flying later.
But even so, it is too late.
A shocking roar of fake Dan zombies blew up, and the corpse-binding rope was blown off on the spot, and the shock wave soared in all directions.
After this fake Dan zombie burst, the body flew out of three dark swords, and the light was chopped straight towards the real person named Yu then. Among them, the middle one was blocked by the light released by the real person named Yu then, and the remaining two were hit by the real person named Yu then temporarily releasing the force shield.
A clear sound shield broken two sword light split in the surname then true person.
Chapter 355 Huntian evil by Huntian evil corpse
Chapter 355 Huntian evil by Huntian evil corpse
Self-destructing fake Dan zombie puppets are busy hurting the enemy, and their speed of pursuing themselves is that Fu Shan, an then zombie, had thought about it long before he came out of Zhong Volcano. Of course, he couldn’t judge the external situation very well at that time, so he thought about the countermeasures. There are not only dozens of them, but he has taken into account all the situations that can be thought of, such as the encirclement, chasing, blocking and intercepting of the elders of Yin Demon Sect.
Among them, the most dangerous situation is naturally that two then zombies who are responsible for guarding the main gate of the Bell Volcano Gate archway were found as soon as they came out, so that they were enclosed in an instant together with the three real-life experts who were responsible for guarding the Yin demon Zongthen elders. In that case, even if he refined 13 fake Dan zombies, his chances of successful escape were less than 10%.
Fortunately, however, then the zombie fortune teller was not bad, and he didn’t encounter that kind of situation. Not only that, but he was discovered until he was about to leave, and this situation was at the forefront of all kinds of situations he could think of, so he came to plan and arrange when he was quite rich.
Therefore, when Fu Shan, a former then zombie, cast the magic door, Li Daitao’s stiff solution, he buried his own life in three fake Dan zombies’ two places at once, so Dan’s vitality is quite harmful to his body. Although it is not irreparable, it will take him years to make up for it.
However, Fu Shan, then a zombie, is not half a pity for this, because in his view, he struggled hard in the Bell Volcano before, and even his soul was about to burst before he found a way out from the hands of the Yin Magic Sect elders. Naturally, his hard work can’t be spilled in vain. If there is no chance, it will just be. Since there is an opportunity, it is natural to severely retaliate against the Yin Magic Sect elders.
Every realm of monks is very mysterious, and their own practice can’t reach that level. Just by observing the surface and hearsay, we can get a clear understanding of a higher realm, especially the great realm differences like Tsukiji, then and Yuan Ying.
And Fu Shan himself is a real person, so he has a very real and exact understanding of the real situation of then. He knows very well that he has collected fake Dan zombies. Although they are all old hands in Zhong Volcano, they have a solid foundation and strong mana, but their self-explosion, especially that of only one person, can certainly cause a little damage to then real people, but this kind of damage is small and not enough to affect their great cultivation. After a few months, they will recover as before. If those people are determined, they can continue to pursue themselves.
Of course, that kind of arrogance is almost an idiot, and there is no protection at all. The fake Dan zombie self-destruct power can impact the body. Then the real person is not included. However, it is natural to plan the enemy as much as possible. After all, if you think too much, you will be surprised when you finally deal with it. Once you think less, you may lose your life.
Fu Shan has been hanging around in the Bell Volcano for a hundred years, from weak to powerful, from death to resurrection. I don’t know how many things he has experienced, but he has developed a fine habit. It is a little bit for him to say "old thief". However, he thinks that the enemy will naturally not make that mistake of underestimating the enemy, so he will not hesitate to spend his own life to condense the zombie hidden in the fake Dan at the moment of its explosion and pull them to condense three sharp swords.
This sword light is extraordinary. If a real person is careless and hard to use a sword, he can directly behead his body and soul. If he is lucky, he can turn back to the ancestral gate or linger or reincarnate and rebuild. And if you are unlucky, you may be caught refining treasure or alchemy.
Such a colossal power can’t be stopped by an ordinary defensive treasure. What’s worse, it’s just a temporary urging force to let out the mana shield. With a blow, I heard a "crack", and the fragile mana shield disintegrated. Two black sword lights continued to attack and split into the flesh of the real person named Yu then.
Fortunately, the real person named then still refines a magic weapon of life-Huntian corpse banner, which comes from the most basic step-by-step sacrifice practice, so the magic weapon spirit is given by him, so his body can be described as particularly critical, and he quickly rushed out to protect the advocate.
At this moment, the real person surnamed Yu then punched "before" several times in the pores of his whole body, and the thick black smoke came out of it and surged in front of him, forming a thick shield about half a foot in size and standing in front of him.
"bang! Hey! "
Two loud noises, the black smoke formed a thick shield, and the cracks were densely covered with the "crack" at the blow of these two black swords.
Fortunately, at this moment, the corpse of Huntian also rushed out from the real person named then, and the size was only one foot suspended on the top of the head. A light curtain with perfect darkness but glittering and translucent crystal was spilled, just like a waterfall, which stood in front of the real person named then and blocked the two black swords.
These two black swords are still sharp. Although the black curtain is dense and sticky, the resistance is very strong, but these two black swords are still penetrated inch by inch.
However, at this moment, after such a real person whose surname is then has calmed down, the body force has also mobilized the initiative to instill in the corpse of Huntian, and the power of going to the corpse of Huntian has also increased. The curtain that pours like the Tianhe hanging upside down has become more and more solid, and it is more and more difficult for two black swords to impact.
These two sword lights are a life-saving zombie Fu Shan. Although he has no real thinking ability, he also knows that even if he is close at hand, it is impossible to chop the root and "bang" one or two huge black sword lights into the real person named then.
The power of double sword combined blasting suddenly broke a lot of the earth, and the black curtain burst. The air fluctuation formed several fine wind blades, and the sword crossed the skin of a real person named then. Although it failed to be riddled with holes, it also drew several blood stains. The deep red blood leaked slightly and was really like a blood person.
Although the real person surnamed Yu then didn’t get hurt at the root, these are all skin injuries. You can find some panacea casually, but he has always been conceited about his image, but now he is suddenly so damaged, but his heart is full of anger and he secretly vows that he must catch the then zombie and draw out his soul to torture him.
Where is the slightest distraction in the battle? The mind of the real person surnamed Yu then is so shaky not far ahead that the last one is the combination of all methods, and it is released. The big ban technique is deadlocked, and the black sword light suddenly transfers the big ban technique, which is rapidly impacting the real person named Yu then.
That speed is really as fast as a real fencing master’s platform flying sword, and it can be achieved in a flash. At this moment, the root is unguarded, while Huntian’s corpse is a magic weapon, but in the moment when it recovers its platform ability, it has already given everything to the platform of the platform. This is that everyone who refines the magic weapon must set a ban, otherwise it will be a headache all the time to guard against the magic weapon, especially when it is a magic weapon of his own life.
Because of this, this black sword light easily cut the surname then reality into two pieces, and then the whole sword light was scattered to turn hundreds of firm but gentle hairsprings towards the surname then reality two pieces of residual resin to strangle it.
So it is to kill the real person named Yu then and never leave a trace in this world.
However, it is not a waste that the real person surnamed Yu then can practice to this extent. At the moment when the firm but gentle hairspring just took shape, he then took part in the distraction and disappeared into the corpse suspended in the virtual sky.
Then, the corpse of Huntian flew out and a black brilliance quickly enveloped the head of a real person named Yu then, and did not let the firm but gentle hairspring wring it into dregs. Then, after a long and vigorous vibration, a triangular face emerged, with red eyes, strong body and beautiful appearance, and some evil visions.
This apparition flashed in Guanghua, and it appeared in the world from this muddy corpse. As soon as he rushed out, he turned his arms and smashed two bowls of big fists towards the firm but gentle hairspring that swam all over the sky.
"boom! Boom Boom! "
After the serial three strikes, the firm but gentle hairspring differentiated from the black sword light was wiped out. After sweeping this diffuse firm but gentle hairspring, this huge magic phase kept moving in succession, throwing dozens of fists in all directions, "thundering" and several black light blasters, and smashing the trees, the earth showed a huge ravine.
There is not a trace of the enemy in those places. Obviously, this huge magic phase has been calmed down after venting, but how do you look at that expression is a little tearful.
The evil corpse of Huntian is a combination of zombies and demons. This evil corpse of Huntian is the highest secret method recorded in Huntian Evil Classic. It was because of the accidental acquisition of this book that the real person surnamed Jin Dan practiced some of the secrets before defeating many powerful enemies and worshiping into the clan of Yin Demon Sect, which is good at refining corpses.
This evil corpse in Hun Tian hesitates to combine the zombie and the devil’s head, so it is not only a tough horse with steel and iron, but also a flying horse. It is really tough to haunt the enemy, but if it is only because of this, it is not as important as the real person named then. After all, he worships the Yin Devil Sect and refines all kinds of tough zombie puppets. The practice is as strong as Hun Tian’s evil corpse
In this case, the real person surnamed Yu then still insists on practicing the Huntian Evil Classics to offer sacrifices to Huntian corpse, which is naturally more beneficial to him.
The advantage of this evil corpse is simple to say, that is, it can 100% help the real person named then break through the realm of then and achieve a true gentleman of Yuan Baby.
According to Hun Tian Xie Jing, this Hun Tian Xie corpse should be nurtured in the state of dzogchen, and self-cultivation should reach the peak of then dzogchen period, so that one’s own elixir and spirit can be passed on to Hun Tian Xie corpse, and then one’s own body blood sacrifice can be given to Hun Tian Xie corpse through the secret technique of blood sacrifice recorded in Hun Tian Xie Jing.
At the moment of the combination of two phases, a powerful specific force will naturally be derived to promote the success of the birth of the evil corpse of Huntian.
According to Hun Tian Xie Jing, it is necessary to be fully prepared to have a baby, but there is no risk. You can have a baby successfully without worrying about the possibility of failure.
Although it is said that to practice Huntian evil corpse sacrifice to dzogchen, it is necessary to practice Huntian corpse sacrifice to a high-order magic weapon level and it also needs massive resources, but all this is not worse than being strong after childbirth. If other methods of childbirth are successful for two or three times, it will be fine. If it takes five or six times, it will consume far more resources than this method.
Of course, it’s not good or bad to have a baby so easily. The disadvantage is that it will be a hundred times more difficult to have a baby brother in a higher level than in the normal way after achieving Yuan Baby, but he doesn’t care at all because he knows that his qualifications are not bad, but he is not a genius. It’s lucky to have a baby in an orthodox way. I’m afraid there is no hope for Ding Dianer.
People always have to take it one step at a time. Although it is said that this way to form a baby has such a future trouble, it is still a baby! After the life span is greatly increased, there will definitely be more opportunities. Do you know if you will find a way to eliminate this future trouble?
However, the hope of the real person surnamed Yu then is now shattered, and his own body is destroyed. It is no longer possible to achieve Yuan Ying through this self-attack, even if he finds a blood sacrifice with a body 100 times stronger than his own body, because this evil corpse in Hun Tian created this kind of shortcut to bear a baby, which is a foundation to prevent the spirituality of Hun Tian evil corpse from adversely affecting the monks after bearing a baby in the future. In the process of offering and practicing Hun Tian evil corpse, his potential has been completely erased.
If there is no friar’s flesh and blood sacrifice to break through Yuan Ying’s realm, then this evil corpse in Huntian can practice itself to the realm of then dzogchen. Although it can’t be said that it is impossible, that hope is as slim as a speck of dust in Chineydy in the sea.
That is to say, if the real person surnamed Yu then does not reincarnate and rebuild this generation, then it is also a leader, and the word true gentleman has its origin again.
If such a result can not make it resentful, but what about this? He also white himself, which is lucky. This evil corpse was born out of his own sustenance, so he didn’t feel exclusive to himself. He easily occupied success. If he changed others, even a mortal body would be annihilated by fly ash.
It wasn’t long before the real person surnamed Yu then collected all kinds of emotions in his heart. He knew his mind very well, and nine times out of ten, he couldn’t survive the mystery in the womb. Moreover, he couldn’t bear to part with his position gained through two hundred years of hard work, and that’s what this life is like, so he just muddled along.
When Li Yu’s real person named then used the soul-taking method to pull himself out of the mud pill palace and put himself in the evil corpse of Huntian, he was distracted and entered the evil corpse of Huntian.
After entering, the real person surnamed Yu then also found the advantage of this evil corpse, that is, the physical strength is better than that of the earth, and Qian Shan is shrinking. Although there is still a big gap between the sun and the moon, the Millennium Peak is also handy
"honk, honk, honk,"