He didn’t shoot the football at the bottom line, nor did he hold it with his hands.
The football hit him on the body and fell into the middle of the restricted area …
"klose-! !”
There was a flash of cold light, and the German striker took the lead, so the football rolled into the goal without any suspense.
This time, even if Degea throws a difficult ball again, there is nothing he can do about this bland shot …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Lost
When Degea saved Faranio’s shot, Atletico Madrid fans gave a huge cheer, and many people jumped up from their seats and shouted.
I am happy that they have such a brave goalkeeper.
But then, all their cheers came to an abrupt end.
The fans of Atletico Madrid are like ducks that have been strangled, and they can no longer make a sound.
Klose appeared where he should have appeared.
Made an action that a shooter should do.
However, the football flew into the goal without any suspense.
Lazio pulled back a goal!
"beautiful! Klose! He pulled back a goal for Lazio! Now Lazio are only one goal behind! For Lazio, who is back to normal, the gap between this goal is almost negligible! "
"A ball! Lazio pulled it back! There are still 20 minutes, and there is still a chance! Lazio has a chance to turn defeat into victory! "
Suddenly, the commentators were optimistic about Lazio’s arrival.
A bunch of swing grass …
After the goal, he didn’t celebrate it. He rushed into the goal, grabbed the football before Degea did, and turned and ran to the middle circle.
Lazio just pulled back a goal, and if you want to win this game, this goal will not work.
There is not much time left, so we need to hurry, so we don’t have to celebrate anything.
When Klose did this, Flores on the sidelines was holding his head in his hands and looked annoyed.
It’s really hard to prevent this kind of attack that depends entirely on the inspiration of the players.
After david silva pulled all the defensive attention of Atletico Madrid players, Hernanes’ forward insertion was short of force, and as a result, he calmly completed a pick pass.
This ball should not have happened.
Yes, as long as the players are more serious, they really shouldn’t appear.
After being annoyed, he rushed to the sidelines and shouted at the players inside.
"pay attention! Don’t drop the strength of defense! "
Whether this is really useful, he is not very clear now.
But it has to be done.
Klose’s goal instantly revived Lazio fans in the stands.
They danced and cheered in the stands and drowned out the boos of Atletico Madrid fans.
Even though the game has started again, their cheers have never stopped.
They are cheering for Lazio in this way.
In the subsequent games, Atletico Madrid continued to defend itself to the death, but they were more closely guarded. Every Lazio player would be accompanied by an Atletico Madrid player.
As soon as they get the ball, these Atletico Madrid players will pounce and stick to it, interfering with Lazio players who get the ball.
Atletico Madrid has no way out now, and they will definitely defend with all their strength.
Because as long as one more goal is lost, the morale of the team will be gone.
At this time, Changsheng can finally start to exert his strength.
He replaced veteran Rocchi with Gotze and Bresciano with modric.
These two substitutions can greatly increase the attack power of the team.
Sure enough, after modric and Gotze came up, the defensive pressure of Atletico Madrid soared.
"Lazio’s attack began to accelerate! Remind those Atletico Madrid fans who cheered for their two goals lead-it is not the most powerful Lazio that you lead! Even now, this is not! So don’t be too happy! "
The Italian commentator shouted excitedly.
Lazio’s chances of winning the game have increased a lot as the attack speeds up.