Changsheng has a record-if he leads the team to the final, he will definitely win the championship!
In Hertha, he led his team to the final of the King’s Cup and won the championship against the powerful Mallorca Hertha.
In Valencia, he defeated Real Madrid twice in the final of the King’s Cup, led the team to the final of the Champions League for the first time and won the championship …
This is the magic of the champion coach.
Lazio fans have always won after a season of observation.
This is a young but magical head coach.
In his hand, Lazio has completed the transformation, and the salary of the team may not be as high as that of Kaka’s annual salary. Now the diaosi team ranks second in the league, and Juventus has just killed the first in the league once.
Then what happens in the UEFA Cup is normal.
Lazio fans can’t wait for the UEFA Cup final.
Although the UEFA Cup final will wait until May 11th.
Fortunately, it’s not the end of May, otherwise it will be enough for Lazio to wait.
After the UEFA Cup semi-final, Lazio played Lecce at home.
This is a very ordinary game.
Lazio and Lecce talked about no hatred and no direct competition.
This was true before Lazio poached Ledesma.
But things changed when ledesma decided to join Lazio this season.
Before the match, Lecce sports director Regalia said, "If Lazio want to compete for the league title, we don’t mind giving them a taste of pepper! Just as Lazio did at the Alpine Stadium, Lecce can do it again at the Olympic Stadium! "
Then when a reporter went to interview Chang Sheng, he told Chang Sheng what Regalia said.
"Does anyone want to know how to answer our reporter often?" In the evening program, the host laughed very cheap.
"Announce the answer after the advertisement!"
In front of the TV, the audience cursed "damn advertising!"
After forty seconds of advertising, the picture was cut back to the studio.
Then the host smiled and revealed the answer to everyone.
The picture becomes the scene outside the Fulmelo training base, and the background is the green grass tour.
Changsheng is surrounded by reporters in front of the training ground.
Then I saw a reporter ask, "Regalia said he would let you taste Chili peppers at home, and he also said he would imitate what you did at the Alpine Ball venue. What do you think of this?"
Changsheng shrugged and smiled "hehe"
Chapter 10 Hehe
In the early years in China, it was very popular to play "Hehe", and everyone often met and chatted with "Hehe".
"Ha ha, you’re here?"
"What are you busy with recently?"
"Hehe" at the beginning and "Hehe" at the end
This is to show politeness and friendliness, because at that time, everyone was not used to chatting in words.
In order to avoid the other person feeling cold, everyone will make a lot of "face words" such as ")" Hehe ",although it is not a face word, it has the same effect.
Just let the person across the brain know that you are chatting with him with a smile, which can make up for the fact that everyone can’t see each other’s expressions.
What is better for everyone to communicate face to face? Why do people often say, "I can’t make it clear in this conversation. Let’s talk face to face"?
Because expression is an important part of communication, you can know the meaning of the other person by looking at the expression, which is more than listening to him.
At that time, "Hehe" was a polite language.
But when this "hehe" is too much, it is difficult to be perfunctory.
In the end, "hehe" finally became a negative word.
I don’t know who first discovered it, but later everyone thought that "hehe" was equal to "idiot"
Of course, this is a saying in China’s online world before Changsheng crossed.
Italians certainly don’t know the true meaning of the phrase "Hehe", but this doesn’t prevent them from seeing clearly the meaning of Chang Sheng.
Whether it’s "Lecce idiot" or "Hehe", the central idea remains the same, that is, constant victory and deep disdain.
A penultimate team in the league is trying to teach Lazio, the second in the league, at the Olympic Stadium?
I can really despise it.
Italians can see that they always win and despise.
How can Lecce not see it?
The phrase "Hehe", which is often won, makes Lecce feel more angry than scolding Lecce.
This is naked sight!
Does he dare to do this against Juventus? He dare not!
He dares to do this to Lecce. Do you really think Lecce is a bully?
Immediately, Lecce was full of fighting spirit and vowed to win Lazio away!
Although there is a huge difference in strength between the two sides
However, Lecce is now a relegation team. What is it that they can burst into great energy to beat Lazio away from home? When did you avoid relegation and there won’t be an incredible game?
If we always beat Lecce, we will let them avoid relegation!
Regalia is very happy about this kind of thing. He is very happy and always wins, showing disdain.
I chose the worst way to deal with it because I always win.
He is happy to win a victory at the Olympic Stadium to make the winning streak suffer.