This little flower is called Xia Hua, and there is a goose bump all over her body. The corners of her mouth unconsciously smoke twice. "Call me Xia Hua."
"Bad or small (love reading network) flowers sound better, so kind and different. I never knew little flowers about you.
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Xiao Hua, you look forward to me every day like this. "He frowned and added," It’s not good, it’s not good, Xiao Hua. Don’t call me Qing Guan after you. It’s too different. Just call me Qing, so listen to me kindly. "
There are layers of black lines on the forehead of summer flowers. Seeing that she is hesitant, don’t dust in her hands. Dust is dancing in the sunshine. He added softly, "People in the dust are not dust in their hearts. If you don’t mind, you can turn me into a dust in your heart. I have always been very accommodating. If you really don’t want to call me Qing, you can call me dust, but this dust is no ordinary dust. It will stay in your heart and you will never be able to erase the dust …"
"Then call you Qing Ruchen" Xia Hua interrupted.
Qing Ruchen shook his mouth and shook his head slightly. "If it’s not good, it’s not good. Call me Ruru. I’m a good person. I dare not say anything difficult. Small flowers. You specially made a few small flowers, but you can’t choose my favorite or Qing Qing …"
"Well, I’ll call you Ruru!" Xia Hua fought back her impatience, but now she can’t treat him as before. He’s a wonderful doctor, and his life depends on him. Let’s just scream.
But Qing Ruchen shook his head again. "If you listen, it doesn’t seem like a slave … how can I make people call slaves or Qing Qing the best? I still like Qing Qing the most … Little flower, listen to me and slowly tell you where the Qing word is …"
Xia Hua felt that she was going crazy, and she almost covered her ears. She saw that she stood beside Qing Ruchen with a face of deference and the face of the ancient doctor always looked at Qing Ruchen with a kind of reverence. She almost wanted to admire this ancient doctor. How patient she was to endure the pernicious language of Qing Ruchen.
Xia Hua stared at Qing Ruchen and kept opening his lips. I really wish I could sew his mouth with stitches. She couldn’t help biting her teeth.
Qing Ruchen’s mouth suddenly stopped for a while and asked, "What are you doing with your teeth, little flower? Is there any objection to my words? If there is any objection, you can talk to me. I have always been very accommodating … "
Xia Hua shook her hand and sobbed at the corner of her mouth. "My teeth itch and I want to grind them."
Qing Ruchen immediately handed the dust in his hand to Xia Huadao. "If you grind your teeth and hurt your teeth, if you can’t itch, it’s in my dust mill."
"No, I don’t itch." It’s already very cold in Hua Yin in summer.
"Oh, it’s good that it doesn’t itch. Then I will continue to talk about where I was just now …" Qing Ruchen slightly wrinkled his nose.
The ancient doctor woke up respectfully and said, "Master, your family just mentioned that Qing is a kind of honorific title and a nickname for people."
"Well," said Qing Ruchen, "Little Flower, I will continue to explain to you. The so-called Qing Qing is …"
"All right, called" Summer Flower is finally called Nai.
Qing Ruchen’s scarred face immediately emerged as warm as spring water and laughed. "Little flower, you are finally convinced by me."
"Qing Ruchen, let me ask you"
"Wrong is called" Qing Ruchen shook his head.
"Well, very much in love ask you, do you really have the ability to bring back the dead?"
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Qing Ruchen shook his head, and Xia Huawei was disappointed to hear him say, "It’s not that I, the old man, helped me brag about it, but I can’t bring it back to life, but I can also save those who are dying." Cough continued, "Most of them can still be saved if they don’t die."
Xia Hua’s face lit up with hope again, and the fire was a little excited. Hold Qing Ruchen’s hand. "Can you save my mother?"
Qing Ruchen felt that her soft little hand held in her own hand had a different kind of warmth. He smiled and shook his head. "Call Qing not Qing Ruchen."
"Well, you’re as clean as dust."
"Once again, it’s called very much in love-"He ended it very high.
"All right, called"
"You little flower is good at everything, but you have a bad memory and you have to let me go! It’s time to go to your house and see my little flower girl, "he said, and held Xia Hua’s hand tightly."
Xia Hua knew that he was rude at the moment and wanted to draw back, but he held his hand to death. Xiao was absolutely cold and wet, but his hand was warm and dry.
He looked at her and smiled. "Why didn’t the little flower even shake your little hand? In fact, I didn’t mean anything. Don’t impose these thoughts on me if you are imagining things. I’m very accommodating and don’t want to argue with you. Don’t treat you like a sister before shaking your hand. Don’t imagine that I treat you like a woman. Although it’s accommodating, I won’t like it easily …"
"All right, all right, you can shake it if you want." Summer flowers are bored.
Grass mud horse! If you want to shake my hand, just say it. It’s a big pile. Fuck her!
Qing Ruchen called back again, "Xiao Gu went to my Baiyun Temple and brought my medicine box, and you just asked Xiao Hua to bring the medicine together."
"Eh-"The young ancient doctor was called and promised excitedly. He just turned around and then turned back. "Master, where is this Baiyun Temple when I first came to this village?"
Qing Ruchen rolled his eyes and shook his hand. "It’s also troublesome to go to this little thing. You won’t ask if you have a mouth. Everyone in this village knows Baishui Temple reas." Then he turned to Xia Huadao. "Let’s go and see my mother!"
"Your mother? When did my mother become your mother? "
"Rang Rang Rang, I said that you have a bad memory, so soon you forgot that I took you as my own sister. I am your own brother. Your mother and my mother are all the same, of course." He still clung to her tender little hand and his eyes were always smiling and added, "Come on, come with me. My feet are really painful. It’s all because of that smelly girl."
He said all the way.
"Little flower, why do you have to like that Xiao Jue? Your body is cold and cold, and there is no warmth at all. If you really lack a man to rely on me, you can hardly rely on it for you!"
"Oh, little flowers! Why don’t you love to talk? It would be nice to talk more. First, you can move your mouth. Second, you can express your thoughts. Third, you can contact your feelings. Fourth, you can … "