He doesn’t understand whether the second young master wants to marry Xia Hua or not. If he wants Wen Sao to go, he doesn’t want to think about Xia Hua like that.
Today, the wife Wen was invited by the second lady to go to Xia’s home. He was happy to come to Qinling, thinking that finally the second lady had done a good thing by herself. Who knows that Qinling was unwilling to let her go to Xia’s home?
He doesn’t understand that the second lady is Qin Lin’s mother! How can a mother have the heart to ask her son to do such a thing? Since the death of Master Qin, Qinling has been determined not to inherit the family business, but for the fact that Qinling has always liked a person, he would not be forced to submit by his second wife.
The final game of his office in Qinling Mountains may still be like the master’s, and he died in a certain night or day.
He doesn’t know who Tong Moya is after all, and what kind of lofty status can make Master Qin obey him. He knows that this is an heresy, a terrible heresy of sucking women’s yin and blood.
Those women are usually orphans and women who have committed crimes and copied their families into exile. Many of them are women from nearby villages.
If Tong Moya can’t see the women, the second lady will not hesitate to find a new buyer to sell them. If there is an emergency, she will also kill Xia Jia Xia Pandi.
It was a lively life, a tender and more beautiful girl than a flower, and even a child. They were all sent to the mouth of the fourth master of Peony Tong Family.
As soon as the master dies, there will be a chance to turn back in Qinling. Who knows that the lady was greedy and cruel than the master, but without the master, it was more rampant than before to muzzle the second lady.
He knows and only he knows that this seemingly beautiful young man is already scarred and his heart is full of holes.
If one day there is a real retribution from heaven, he is willing to take the place of Qinling. If Qinling is as bad as a master, perhaps Qinling will not live in such pain, but it happened that Qinling still has a trace of good thoughts. Every time Qinling harms everyone, it will carve a deep knife mark on itself.
He watched him gradually change from a kind-hearted and gentle young master to a demon like Master Qin, and he was very capable of being their accomplice.
Ding Sangong said yes, don’t talk again, silently drive the carriage, but it hurts a little. His wife has stayed in Qin family for a generation, and he has lived in Qinling since he was a child. He almost regards him as his own in his heart.
"Sir Zhong …" Ding San wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Qinling. "Well, it’s better to hurry if you say more!"
Summer flowers burst into indecision, thinking of the sobbing. Is it true that Qinling’s so-called hands are covered with blood? What he often does can be seen in the night, and there will be something to hide.
Summer flowers can’t help but slow down and listen to the Qinling Sigh. In that sigh, they are all sad and tired. "My hands are already covered with blood and I can’t wash them off again."
"Sir Zhong, since you are disgusted, don’t take advantage of your master’s death to step back?" Ding San’s dull and dull voice entered the ears of Xia Hua.
"Ta-da ….." Behind her suddenly came a horseshoe, which was far away but she could still hear it.
Running wildly, she breathed the freshest breath and felt a sense of detachment and comfort, which greatly released her depression.
She built her own house at the foot of Sifang Mountain. In addition to not wanting to live with Xia’s family, another reason is that it is convenient for her to run the mountain road every day to exercise. The mountain is sparsely populated. She runs too fast and no one has seen that this most primitive exercise method is very effective. After tempering her body, she can withstand her growing power.
A petite figure in a winding path is running at a high speed like the wind. She dare not run so fast during the day, or the villagers will think that she is a monster. She has to start exercising her body for more than half a month. If she wants to achieve the speed and strength of the last world, she still needs to make a hundred efforts.
ensyle=lineheigh:3p; bakgrundlr:#ef6f; fnsize:18p; lr:#; padding:p5pp5p; Display:blk16 Bad luck meets blackmail (second watch)
"Ow …" Dabai excited 116 fans to have a big carnival, asking the Great God to grab the gift!
"Great White …" Summer flowers stopped with joy.
"Ow ….." A wolf roared to Xiahua and turned to look at a mass of white rushing nearby.
In this world, the most terrible thing is not monsters or corpses, but people’s hearts.
In fact, tigers caged in cages are pitiful and pathetic, and human beings are also pitiful and pathetic. They lose their humanity in the face of interests and potential. They are self-confident and can dominate the whole world, and eventually they will be trapped and destroyed.
Usually, people who want to see tigers can enjoy tigers in the zoo, which is a group of people who have lost their freedom and nature.
The sounds of all kinds of birds and beasts are more clear in the silent mountain forest. From time to time, a few tigers growl, and Xia Hua feels happy. Fortunately, there are really big tigers in this mountain forest. Nowadays, it is not as rare as modern tigers. It is illegal to kill tigers.
One day, a crescent-shaped Xuan Yue disappears, and the moonlight is too weak to light up the sky. When you look up, it seems as if it is a circle that is so light that you can hardly see the hazy silver, like a meteor in the Milky Way.
There is a gust of northwest wind blowing in the mountains, and it is mixed with a kind of dark mountain forest with chilly winter. The footsteps of summer flowers are so light that you can occasionally hear the rustling of leaves.
Don’t say that Qinling Mountain and Ding San can’t stand being entangled. Summer flowers have a headache when they hear Qing’s buzzing like dust and flies, and they have a slow and tepid sound. They take advantage of the night to spread their legs and fly as if they were hiding in the depths of the forest.
"Qin home second young master is really misunderstood being original. I am very accommodating and never make things difficult …"
"Aren’t you deliberately making things difficult for others?" Treat people with generosity. At this time, there is a kind of unbearable idea in Qinling Mountain. I wish I could beat up this smelly Taoist priest, but years of cultivation still keep his face in the end and position, even if he is annoyed.
"What?" Qing’s eyes are staring straight like dust, but the sound is still the same. "Don’t you dare say that being original is blackmail. I am honest and never blackmail others. If you can restore your original clothes and dust without spending one or two gold, I won’t want you to be original."
"You can pay for it, but you are blackmailing me." Even the Qinling Mountains, which have always been peaceful, can’t help showing annoyance.
"Oh, how can being original rob money? I’m easy to talk to and never rob others’ money. I’ll ask you for compensation only because you broke my things."
"Aren’t you robbing money?" Ding San angry way
"Rang Rang Rang ….." Qing Ruchen frowned and was very distressed. He took out a few white lines from Ding Sanzhi and waved them in front of the Qinling Mountains. "He also broke my dust and added 12 gold."
Ding San waved his hand impatiently, and his finger was just wrapped around the dust. He struggled to pull a few hairs from the dust-dusting animal to make a thread.
"Who says twelve silvers being original is twelve golds?" Qing Ruchen dusted his hands and brushed his face against Ding San.
"The master can buy you a lot of clothes with twelve silvers." Qinling looked calm but didn’t want this crazy Taoist priest to pester him too much. He turned to Ding Sandao. "Ding San went to the baggage and took twelve silvers for this master."
Qing Ruchen will break into pieces of cloth and blue clothes, and he will bury his head in the wisps for a long time. "It turned out that there were just 16 pieces, but now one piece is missing, so you can’t make this auspicious even number and pay twelve."
"If you come here with this dress, you’ll have to pay for it!" In the middle of the night, I was angry, but I didn’t dare to make moves easily. Everything is different tonight. This Taoist priest is also weird. It’s such a coincidence.
"hey! Tear the poor clothes and pay for it! " Qing as cold as dust face stretched out his hand directly.
Ding San has reached out and tried to catch Qing Ruchen and throw him far away. Who knows that Qing Ruchen moved slightly? Ding San tore one of the strips from Qing Ruchen’s clothes.
"alas! Smell is always so unbelievable. What kind of bodhisattva is being original seems to be just fishing for fame? Actually, from ruin. "
Qinling light road "please forgive me for the inconvenience at this time."
"Qin’s second young master hasn’t spoken yet. What are you talking about?" Qing Ruchen brushed his hands and looked at Ding Santou again and again at Qinling Road. "It is said that Qin’s second young master has a bodhisattva heart. Can’t he bear to watch being original and starving to death and refuse to enjoy a meal?"
Qinling frowned to see that he didn’t speak again. He shouted at Ding San, "Not even a grain of rice."
"I’m easy to talk to, and I never pay attention to food, even a grain of rice, so I can plug my teeth."
"We didn’t eat here." Ding Sanleng.
"Oh, it’s okay to be original. I’m hungry and can’t sleep. I want to come out and find something to eat."