"Ji Dong Fire Dragon Valley welcomes you at any time. When the sun closes, I will return to the Fire Dragon Valley to deal with some ethnic affairs. Will you bring Maotai and Wuliangye back to see me sometimes?" Big tears trickled down the corner of the dragon king’s eye and fell to the ground, melting pieces of soil.
Maotai and Wuliangye whined for a few times and looked at the dragon king, but they were even more reluctant to leave Ji Dong’s side and refused to leave him.
No matter if she finally found her own child and after the mutation, Dayan Shenlong still has a greater future than her. She glanced at Dayan Shenlong’s wings and Zhang Teng was about to leave. Before he left, he asked Ji Dong, "Ji Kinetic can’t tell me what you would name my child Maotai and Wuliangye?"
"Uh …" When he heard the dragon king’s question about Ji Dong, he couldn’t tell people that he named his child a wine. "I will definitely take Maotai and Wuliangye to the Dragon Valley to see you after the holy evil war."
The Dragon King nodded to Ji Dong. "Concentrate on the scales and you will find the way to the Dragon Valley. A mother, I beg you to take good care of my child. You will be rewarded when you come to the Dragon Valley."
Ji Dong smiled, "Don’t worry, my predecessors, Maotai and Wuliangye are not my partners in Warcraft, but also my relatives. They also have the same blood as me." He didn’t exaggerate this point. His blood played an important role in the process of incubating Maotai and Wuliangye. Although this body belongs to the five elements of the mainland, Ji Dong’s soul injected into this body and combined with each other, everything would have changed. Without his blood, Maotai and Wuliangye wouldn’t have mutated into an Huaxia dragon.
Nodded to Ji Dong again, the dragon king spread his wings and turned to Budai and Wuliangye Company for a long time, and the dragon king returned to the long dragon song and faded away.
Ji Yunsheng sat on the diamond dragon with his back to Ji Dong and said, "I have to go, too. The two guilds have a happy ending. Ji Dong, will you come back to the palace with me?"
Ji Dong shook his head. "No, Grandpa, I have this thing to deal with"-
The end of a wave means that a wave of wonderful brewing will continue. From today, the monthly ticket has been doubled. Brothers and sisters in Tangmen don’t keep your monthly ticket. Throw it out as much as you like. Xiaosan promised to break her word on the 30th. Now every day, Xiaosan writes early until eleven o’clock, which is the May Day. Everyone gives this gift. Chapter 253 Top Ten Ancient Famous Wine.
Ji Yunsheng didn’t say much. Since Ji Dong left the Palace of Equality, he has become white. The fate of this Sun is not something he can master. The diamond dragon wings show itself and fly up. Some people are afraid to look at the Great Yan Flame Dragon. If only it could fly away earlier, the speed would be 30% faster than usual.
With Ji Yunsheng’s departure, the Diamond Corps was sadly gone like a tidal wave. Of course, before this, Ji Dong took the Dayan Flame Dragon back to the life nucleus to continue. They supplemented the vitality, and the monarch, the demon, the yin and yang armor, and the life nucleus were also integrated into the other body.
Shiloh went to the Magic Guild alone and sent Buddha out. The two old rivals were opposite to each other. Shiloh’s face first revealed a smile. "After I didn’t win, you didn’t lose, and everyone was a family."
Wofo also smiled, "Sheng Guangmian, we pointed out the future and the past. Let’s forget everything. The two major guilds are busy afterwards, and I will close them when the merger is completed."
Shiloh said, "Do you want to give me all the big stalls after the merger? Do you want to kill me? I won’t let you run away. "
Wolfer roared, "You can’t hide all the time?"
"No" Shiloh glared back. Both of them were over ten years old. The Buddha glared again and seemed to have returned to the former.
"You are still so annoying," Shiloh didn’t good the spirit way.
Wolf snorted, "You’re no good either."
Suddenly, the anger in the eyes turned into a smile, and the two of them burst out laughing together. Maybe this is to meet and laugh.
Paolong put his arm around Ji Dong’s shoulder. "Let’s go and have a drink."
"Count me in," Zhu Yan emerged from the side with a look of injustice. "It’s too unkind for Sister-in-law and the teacher to leave without me, Paolong. Do you dare to call me when you drink?"
The cannon dragon paused and smiled. "Let’s go together and get your wine less. Come to my place and take care of it."
Frey didn’t ride Zileiyao Tianlong, four people were old and young, and the magicians of the two guilds envied walking towards Zhongyuan City in their eyes. This storm of the two guilds was a full stop.
Yikouxiang first floor hall
There are four people sitting at a table for ten people. One is wearing a chef’s costume, but he has taken off his chef’s hat to show his bald head. He has one arm and is swigging cold ale.
A tall, short-haired man with a steel needle face is strong and full of danger, and the chef’s costume is not small at all.
An old man with red hair is a little trivial. He squats directly in a chair with a huge kebab in one hand and keeps gnawing at the ale in the other. He doesn’t even seem to have a speaker.
The last person is also the only one who is relatively normal to eat and drink, although not so violent, but not slow at all.
There is no doubt that these four people are naturally prying into Ji Dong’s other disciples and adding this incense. The boss cannon dragon and the magic weapon casting master Zhu Yan wish the second child.
The cannon dragon is going to eat in the largest private room on the third floor, but Zhuyan insists that the lobby on the first floor can only eat in this noisy environment, so there is a feeling in front of him. The biggest table in this scene is occupied by four people, and A Bing personally cooks and bakes kebabs. Don’t say that eating just spied food can make people want to eat.
Ji Dong and Fury don’t have the atmosphere of mixing wine. What could be better than eating large pieces of meat and swigging ale?
"Mom, do you know what pains me the most after I have one arm left?" A Bing wiped her mouth wine clear said.
"What is it?" Fury asked.
A Bing laughed. "You can’t come as if you had meat in one hand and wine in the other."
Frey eyes a clot "eldest brother is me you just …"
Pa A Bing patted his bald head. Why do I say this, Frey? I’ve heard this for a hundred times. Don’t talk about your brother. If it’s you and Ji Dong, you will never do less than me if he is in danger. "
Speaking of which, A Bing put the goblet in his hand on the table. "Actually, there are a lot of things that I haven’t told you for a long time. It’s nothing if I say it now. I have never regretted saving you again. I will still do that not because you are talented and promising, but because you are my cannon dragon brother. What’s the name of the eldest brother? When I came back, I found myself a cripple, and I couldn’t stay in the school of Yin and Yang any longer. At that time, I was really in pain. I couldn’t launch a cannonball attack on the enemy any more. What kind of cannon was it? I was so depressed that I thought of suicide. What’s the point of a cripple living? I really did it. It was Taiyi Mian, your mistress who saved me. She gave me a slap. "Ask me, A Bing, are you a little boy? Do you want to die because of such little frustration?"
A Bing made Yin Zhaorong’s phonology vivid. He said these words in a homophonic tone, but it was not deep in the ears of Frey Ji Dong. They all felt strongly that A Bing was in pain at that time. It is conceivable that being a magic teacher or a promising magic teacher in the Yin and Yang School wasted the pressure and pain he suffered.
"The person I trust most in our college is Taiyi Mian. Whenever I see Taiyi Mian, I look like a mouse seeing a cat. Someone once said that my cannon dragon saw Taiyi Mian and became a dragon tamer. This is all because of gratitude. Without her old man’s house, I’m afraid I would have died long ago. Even this fragrant shop was given to me by her old man’s house. I’m afraid no one knows yet. Later, I gradually thought about how people are not alive and can stay in the Central Plains city. I am satisfied to see you occasionally, but I am still somewhat unwilling to look forward to it. I have never stopped practicing because of the miracle. Just a few months ago, I felt more and more wrong. All I have been doing is constantly improving my body magic, hoping to break through the obstacles of meridians one day, but I found it impossible. The body magic has stagnated into solid meridians, which has become more and more supportive. I know that I am afraid that my life will come to an end. I have even written my legacy. "
Speaking of which, A Bing’s burning eyes have left Ji. "But I didn’t die. Brother Ji Dong came to me. Frankly speaking, until now, I don’t know what you and I did. Not only did I unblock all the blocked meridians, but my body magic worked normally, even my fragile meridians became extremely strong. When I woke up, my first feeling was that I was ten years younger and my body was full of vitality. I always thought I was a Han, but at that moment I cried.
I cried unwillingly. I never thought that I might recover one day. Ji Dong, please hear me out. A Bing stopped me from wanting to talk. Ji Dong continued. I thought at that time that you gave me a new life. Although I used to be a cripple, I still have some eyesight. If I didn’t guess wrong, you must be a natural treasure. Otherwise, even if my blocked meridians were dredged, it would not be as energetic as it is now. The magic has not only failed to retreat, but also made great progress. The meridians are more tenacious than ordinary magicians. Tell me what you have done if you recognize me as a brother.
Looking at the eyes of Paolong, persistent and persistent, Ji Dong sighed with a sigh, "It’s nothing. I am my own magic to help you warm up a body and add a bottle of Senyao gens’ life source to help eldest brother to cultivate yuan. If you want to say something grateful, don’t say it. Did you ever expect him to appreciate you when you saved my brother? You also said that we are brothers. Of course I recognize you as a big brother. Since you are my big brother, shouldn’t you save you? "
"the source of life?" Hear these four words Zhuyan immediately stopped from eating and drinking. This is a little neurotic. I wish the second child a grip on Ji Dong’s wrist. "Brother, you said you were the source of life? It’s no wonder that the cannon dragon can be restored. Even your grandparent and Jenny can’t figure out how to restore his original meridians and transform them. At the beginning, your Jenny had personally treated A Bing, but she didn’t expect to let you solve it like this. "
A Bing wondered, "What is the source of life?" Not everyone knows that this vitality condenses wine.
Frey’s expression at this time is also a shocking source of life. It is a kind of wine made by a special race of a famous demon after thousands of years. It is said that every drop of life will take a hundred years to form in the big forest. The best source of life will take a thousand years to cultivate. It ranks fourth in the list of top ten famous wines, and now we can find a few kinds of ancient wines. This wine can live and die. No matter how serious the injury is, no matter how severe the disease is, a drop of life can be hung. Breath alive, a bottle of life source can bring you back to life. Don’t say it’s the president of the Central Plains Branch of the Drinking and Bartender Association. I’ve never even seen the black market. A bottle of life source is asking for millions of gold coins or a valuable market. It’s a real treasure! "
Although Ji Dong kept winking at Frey, Frey was so emotional that he told what he knew. He knew more about the source of life than Ji Dong, vice president of the Bartender Association and president of Zhongyuan City Branch.