Then he withdrew his eyes and hurried down the steps to catch up with his father.
Father is still cursing Changsheng and Bayern Munich.
"Shit German! It was unreliable! Shit bayern Munich! How dare you talk about Lazio’s nemesis with such a bad performance? Ridiculous! Shit! How the fuck could I have believed what the media with no professional ethics said? I wasted my 205 euros! And that damn China man, why is his luck so good? Met a Bayern Munich whose Ribery was suspended … Shit … "
Golka quickly caught up from behind, and then said to his father, "Dad, I’m not going to look for a job."
The father, who was scolding vigorously, turned to stare at him: "No? I have no money to support you! Now fucking what prices are high … "
He began to complain endlessly about the grim economic situation in Spain and the greedy and stingy European Union.
"I want to be a coach, a football coach." Golka said, ignoring his father’s complaints and nagging.
"Whatever, you can do whatever you want … What did you say?" The father finally reacted and turned to look at his son.
"I can’t play football, but I can still do football-related work. I think I can do this job well. " Golka said.
My father was stupefied, and then slapped him: "That’s a good idea! If that damn China can be such a rich man, why can’t we? When the time comes, the annual income will be ten million … "
Golka’s father began to talk about the days after his son became a handsome man.
Golka was silent.
He didn’t think so much, he just felt that he still couldn’t live without football.
Even if you can’t play, you can be a coach.
People always have to do what they are best at.
Football is what he is best at.
It was this final that made him determined.
Seeing that Jose Passareira, who was ridiculed by him in the past, has become a world-class star, he is not willing to continue to sink like this.
He is still young. It may not be too late to work hard from now on!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Gezer’s birthday present
I won’t go into details about the grand occasion when Lazio returned to Rome with the championship trophy.
Anyway, those happy scenes are the same as the last time Lazio won the Champions League.
Changsheng looked at these happy fans on the bus and felt ashamed of himself.
He prides himself on winning, but he will waver before the final and wonder if he still loves winning and winning.
Look at these fans. Their doubts are ridiculous.
Ask the fans, will they get tired of winning and winning?
They will say to the team they support, "You don’t win any more, you always win, and we look bored. It’s only interesting when you lose a final and a championship …"?
Obviously, no.
Who says who is an idiot?
As a fan, no one will be tired of winning and winning. These things are directly related to their achievements. Why do you worry that you will be tired?
He is a native of China, and China’s table tennis is an absolute advantage. I haven’t seen China’s table tennis coaches and players deliberately lose the championship in order to maintain the status of this project in the Olympic Games …
Victory and champion are the core values of competitive sports.
Anyone who really loves competitive sports will never get tired of two things.
Lyon have won seven league titles in a row, AC Milan have been unbeaten in 58 league games, and Real Madrid have won the Champions League five times in a row … Are these people tired of winning and winning?
So I’m ridiculous …
I should be worried about such a problem.
Changsheng got up and took the Champions League to the second floor of the double-decker bus.
When he appeared on the convertible, Lazio fans cheered even louder along the way.
When they saw the constant victory, they issued such shouts in succession.
"often! Please give us more champions, Chang! We love winning and champions! !”