At this moment, a girl in a white skirt appeared beside the man in white, with a black waterfall shawl and long hair. The wind was beautiful and beautiful, and her face was extremely cold without a trace of expression. She asked, "Brother, why do you want to save her?"
"You can’t kill her now," the white man said lightly.
"She is a demon. If you don’t kill her now, don’t you wait until she wakes up?"
"Although she is an inferno, but the body is also flowing with our vampire gens blood. What are our clan rules? Never kill each other! "
"Even if she has half vampire blood, it is also through abnormal means that she should not live to be now! Brother, don’t forget our duty never to let demons control the world. "
"But we can’t kill the koo."
"If the inferno is immortal, the world will never get real peace unless she is turned into a complete vampire before she wakes up."
"It’s not yet time for her to leave things to me. Sakura hopes you won’t act without authorization again."
"If my brother is still undecided, I can do it myself."
The girl in white turned away after speaking, and the black hair and white skirt fluttered mysteriously in the night wind.
The man in white picked up Su Orange and Qiuqiu and jumped into the room after Su Orange just fell out of the window and put her on the bed with Qiuqiu.
Qiuqiu is still in a coma, and a pair of wings that have just grown are pitifully placed on the sides of his body and look strong.
"what a poor little guy."
The white man’s hand brushed gently over the mound wing fracture and immediately healed.
Qiuqiu’s wings disappeared again because he ran out of energy and maintained his transformation posture. His body gradually became transparent and then disappeared and went straight back to the warehouse.
The man in white stretched out his hand and touched Su Orange’s forehead a dozen times, breaking Sakura’s illusion.
Otherwise, Su Orange will continue to jump out of the window after he leaves. Isn’t it a waste of time for him to save her?
After the dreamland was lifted, Su Orange’s frown finally stretched, and the white man turned and walked to the bed and disappeared into the night with a slight leap.
Chapter seventy-six When did this guy mutate?
The campus is as quiet as ever, as if nothing had happened.
Trapped in the dreamland, Su Orange didn’t know that she almost jumped to her death.
She heard the call of "Mu Xue" and went to the window and walked along the road of roses to an unknown place.
At the end, the shining road disappeared. In front of her, there was a vast dreamy lavender. A young girl stood in a long white dress and played a beautiful song on the flute in the sea of flowers.
"MuXue …"
Sue orange unconsciously moved forward.
When the flute stopped, the girl turned around and Sue Orange couldn’t help feeling suffocated …
What she saw was a strange face, expressionless as ice and snow sculpture, black eyes without any temperature, just like the beauty of the goddess of moonlight, which was extraordinary and suffocating.
Sue orange was startled and slightly absent. The girl suddenly pointed the flute at her heart like a sharp arrow about to penetrate her chest!
At this moment, suddenly, the sight flashed, and the purple lavender and the girl in white disappeared, and Su Orange fell into the darkness.
She didn’t know that if she was killed in the dreamland, she would die in reality.
If it weren’t for the man in white, there would be no room for her to resist whether she fell to her death or was killed in a dreamland.
Sue orange woke up the next day and remembered this strange dream. She looked at the big window and couldn’t help but become speechless.
The wind blew through the curtains and fluttered in the air …
This reminds her once again that seeing the girl in white in the bell tower before going to bed last night felt a little unreal and unreal.
At the same time, I recall a large piece of lavender playing the flute in my dream, and a girl in white flying with skirts and black hair.
Sue orange shook her head, perhaps because she saw the girl in white before going to bed, she dreamed that she called her name and somehow recognized Mu Xue calling herself!
Hanging around in the bed, I don’t know where I am. It knows the rules and went back to the warehouse by itself.
Sue orange didn’t take this matter to heart. As a result, the hills didn’t appear again after a few days in a row, which made Sue orange feel a little strange. Why did this guy suddenly stop sleeping?
Just try and see if you can summon it directly.
"Qiuqiu, are you there?"
Sue orange dozen unified call a few in my heart.
No response, just call the warehouse door and find this guy is lazy in bed, fast asleep.
This lazy guy! It’s a damn that she should be worried about it!
Su Orange was just about to close the system when she suddenly felt something was wrong …
What is this guy’s black stuff?
At this time, Qiuqiu turned over in his sleep. This time, Su Orange saw it clearly. Wow, no way! Are those wings?
When did this guy mutate?
Why do those wings look limp? And in his sleep, Qiuqiu looked listless and seemed very tired.
Look at the unified exchange record again. Because the energy value has not increased these days, there seems to be no change in the energy value of several hundred points.
Sue orange hand poke poke "hello you sleep for several days? Are you all right! "
Qiu Qiu struggled weakly for a few times before he opened his heavy eyelids and showed an innocent and pale smile. "Daddy, did you miss me?"
"You didn’t eat these days? It looks very bad! "
"Daddy, I feel sleepy …"
The original clear eyes look a little foggy …
"Can you come out from the system? It is very inconvenient for me to communicate with you now. "
"Uh-huh …" Qiuqiu struggled for a few times to get up from the bed, and her hair was disheveled. little wings vigorously hung on her sides, but she still mobilized her residual energy to come out of the system and came to Su Orange.
Before this guy appeared, he would roll in bed in search and rescue. This time, something really isn’t right.
Sue orange picked it up from the bed and held it in front of her. Why does it look sick? I feel much lighter than before.
"Hey, what’s the matter with you?"
"I have no strength …"
Su orange put it on the bed and looked at it with a wing. "When did you grow wings?"
"I have wings?" QiuQiu this just barely cheer up twist a head looked at the face peep out one silk surprise look "? I really have wings. "
There are several black lines hanging from Su Orange’s head. "You don’t know if you have wings!"
"I’ve been sleeping these days and I feel blind … Daddy, why did you jump off the building that night?"
Although he was very sleepy, it was rare for Dad to call him out and talk to him. Qiu Qiu braced himself and wanted to ask a question.
"ha? I jumped off the building? "
Is this kid’s head burnt out? Su orange feels a bump on his forehead, as if his temperature is a little high!
"Well, I saw daddy jump down the window, so I chased him out. Fortunately, my wings came out for a long time … but I was too weak and we fell."