The strong man narrowed his eyes. Although Li Feiyang was a smile, the chill contained in that smile still made him feel a thrill.
"Well, the villagers can leave you and come with me, but don’t try to resist. Of course, you can kill me, but Wanliu City sent me to catch these villagers. If I can’t go back, you should know what will happen." In the face of Li Feiyang’s oppression of the strong man, he still chose to compromise and didn’t forget to threaten these villagers.
Li Feiyang smiled "Don’t worry, I’m white"
The strong man nodded and ordered, "Let the villagers go back to the city!"
The soldiers immediately scattered Li Feiyang and walked with the strong man. As a result, a group of villagers gathered around and said, "This official Li Feiyang may be wrong. Can you please be lenient? Although the village is poor, we still have some savings to collect some silver … Look at your mobile phone, officer.
The bell rushed from behind and grabbed Li Feiyang’s sleeve. "Brother Feiyang, I don’t want you to go. If you want to go, I will go with you."
Mutu also came over and said meaningfully, "I didn’t expect you to solve the problem like this. You really surprised me, but do you know this is a capital crime?"
Hearing the wooden figure, the villagers immediately stirred up. Several big men immediately said, "That’s no good? That is more can’t let the flying brothers go with them … "
The big fellow frowned and looked at the restless villagers, but there was no other reaction to look at Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang smiled as if he didn’t care about life and death, but his heart was really touched by the villagers.
"Thank you for going home. I shot the mountain. Of course, I should be responsible for the novel update. Rest assured that I will come back safely. Don’t let this official be difficult. If you are sincere, I will please go home."
The villagers still refused to retreat. Li Feiyang said loudly, "Listen to me, if you go back now, I will be safe. If you make this official look ugly, it’s not only my safety, but also everyone’s safety."
"Well, everyone listen to float in the sky and go home." Wooden figure also came out and said.
When I heard the wooden figure, the villagers slowly dispersed, but they still looked at Li Feiyang’s bell with concern, but they still stubbornly grabbed Li Feiyang’s skirts and looked at him with tears.
She was an orphan since she was a child, and grew up taking care of her in Mutu. Although Mutu loved her, she lacked it.
Children in the village have to help their families make a living and learn to hunt when they are very young; Someone can accompany her to play with Li Feiyang. After her arrival, she is like a brother. This period of white in her heart has long been regarded as an inseparable part of her heart, the latest and most.
This kind of affection and love between men and women is pure brotherhood.
Li Feiyang fondly touched a bell and smiled gently. "Silly girl brother will come back and be obedient."
The bell was hesitant. Li Feiyang’s clothes were as careful as a kitten and asked, "Brother, don’t lie to the bell. Are you really going to be okay?"
"Ha-ha, I’m fine. Go home and wait for me at home."
Dang promised to reluctantly let Li Feiyang go.
"How far is Du Tongling from Wanliu City?" A line of people walked silently for more than half an afternoon. Li Feiyang was not tired, but the road kept looking for words to talk to this big fellow. This big fellow obviously did not resist talking to Li Feiyang. The big fellow was generous and honest and frank was also very interested in Li Feiyang.
From the big fellow’s mouth, Li Feiyang learned that his surname is Du Wanshan, and the old man around him is Wanliu City and Wu Zhu.
In addition to official positions, barbarians also offer sacrifices to witches after their death. Witches have great benefits. Witches are the most powerful among them, and the witch wishes are as good as those of the prime minister. It can be said that there are one person and ten thousand people.
There are witches in every city who are responsible for offering sacrifices to the empress dowager, asking doctors, divining for rain and drought relief, and officials are used to asking witches for advice first when making any major decisions.
If a foreign enemy invades the enemy, those who have magical powers will also be greeted by Wu Zhu.
Li Feiyang understood that this witch wish is actually the so-called yogi, but the way of practice is different from that of the Central Plains.
Old Wu Zhu doesn’t like to talk. He is silent all the way to see his gloomy appearance. Li Feiyang doesn’t want to have any entanglements with him, so he talks to Du Zongguan all the way. Gradually, the two people are very familiar with each other.
"It’s not far away. In about half an hour, Wanliu City will arrive. Brother Li, to tell you the truth, I admire the brave Han most. If you are so strong, you will get it soon if you join the army. It’s important … you shouldn’t shoot down the back hill. I’m afraid I can’t help you with such a serious matter."
Li Feiyang kept silent at this time, but the old wizard suddenly said "not necessarily"
Du and Li Feiyang looked at the old man in amazement, but he didn’t even lift his head and still lowered his head and said, "After the landslide, it’s not necessary for someone to bear the burden."
After Wu Zhu was in charge, the priest blamed him for saying such a thing when he knew it was Li Feiyang.
Du looked unnatural and didn’t pick up the words. He didn’t dare to say much in the face of such a topic.
Li Feiyang, on the other hand, didn’t feel anything about the empress, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. He realized that the old man was trying to do something.
Sure enough, the old man didn’t pay any attention to the two men, but simply said, "The white barbarian country and the black barbarian country are at war, and the number of witches in the black barbarian country is much higher than ours, and Barroul is at a disadvantage in the white barbarian country. This is a fact that everyone knows."
Li Feiyang raised his eyebrows and he didn’t know who Barroul was, but he didn’t have a mouth but listened quietly.
"It’s a good thing for you that Li Shaoxia is not a white barbarian." The old man didn’t say where this is good, but continued, "Your divine power and military courage are also watching in heaven. Although you have blasphemy, your empress is a merciful Lord, and it depends on whether you are willing to take it."
Li Feiyang smiled. He has determined the meaning of the old man.
"Lord Wu Zhu, what do you want me to do?"
Old Wu Zhu’s face showed a little satisfaction. "Smart young people have strength, but it’s a pity that they are more impulsive and ridiculous. But this is also an advantage. After the empress shines, young people should get a chance to grow up. I am too old to take up the post of Wu Zhu in Wanliu City for a few days. When I enter the temple for retirement, I should choose my successor. Unfortunately, my apprentices are useless. Would you like to be my old brother?"
Li Feiyang paused for a moment, and the old Wu Zhu said, "I don’t need you to salute our bank. I know you Zhongyuan people take this very seriously, and you don’t call me master. I have a son who works as a forward officer in the hands of General Dongya. This is not a good job. When people are old, they always want their children to be safe …"
Chapter 122 Fighting for each other
Don’t worry, doyen. You said that I would be satisfied if I had the opportunity to update the latest novel chapter. Li Feiyang seems to have planned a small future by himself. Although it is not clear how this involves the distribution of interests, what kind of secrets are there, it is not a bad result for Li Feiyang. "
When a witch wishes?
Li Feiyang didn’t have the urge to join a foreign country. He had to go back to Mu Zhuoqing. He had to understand what happened that day. He also wanted to know if those people in his heart were safe.
But it’s definitely not going back like this, not to mention what happened to the devil religion and the holy witch church. Even if he goes back safely, I’m afraid there will be endless enemies besides friends and lovers.
Li Jingyao’s strong feeling of narrow escape when facing Taoist Tianfeng was very soaring. Seeing the shocking sword and the beast’s legs falling on his body made him white. There are too many things in this world, and the more powerful he imagined, the more he must not be too ostentatious before he really became stronger.
When Li Feiyang was in the Five Elements Sect, he always felt that he had the practice of cultivating immortality, and he always consciously put himself in a strong position. Even in the face of the threat of a strong enemy, sometimes he felt as if he was playing a game. Maybe he could get up in one second after being killed, but now he doesn’t think so.
At last, he was completely and clearly integrated into the whole world, and gradually realized that he was a tiny part of the whole mysterious world. He had too many questions to explore, but before that, he had to live to know everything in the process of exploration.
Being a witch is not his goal, but it is indeed an excellent way out when it comes to it.
The white barbarian country and the black barbarian country are at war. It seems that the white barbarian country is still on the weak side. At this time, the white barbarian country needs the latest and most power.
If it weren’t for Li Feiyang’s earth-shattering arrow, he might not be able to get such an opportunity.
It’s a general strength. For a country, there is not much place for Li Feiyang. I believe that there should be something as strong as Li Jingyao’s master Zhiyuan Xuanji, but …
It’s absolutely rare for a mountain to collapse with an arrow thousands of miles away like this.
What effect will it have on the war situation if the enemy commander is shot dead by such an arrow when the two armies are fighting?
Old Wu Zhu saw the great potential contained in Li Feiyang’s body, and Li Feiyang himself knew that there might have been conflicts, which was very tragic. As a result, he moved from a fork in the road to unity in this alternative appreciate each other.
Li Feiyang, a man of insight, is not a barbarian, but he is willing to come out. These villagers are responsible for judging whether this kind of business is stupid or impulsive. Old Wu Zhu feels that he should seize it all.
For Li Feiyang, it is not necessary for the other party to conflict with him, and he does not want to be an enemy of the white barbarians.
If you become a witch and wish to go to the battlefield, Li Feiyang will have a chance to rise in his own strength.
He can’t always rely on leapfrog to kill those superior people who are better than himself to upgrade, which will certainly get great rewards, but it’s a little too exciting for Li Feiyang. He feels that he is wandering on the edge of life and death, and it’s nothing to look back on, but he is still very unhappy once he has to go through it.
Go to the battlefield and let countless enemies become their own experience money among thousands of troops. This is the safest way to upgrade.
Who else in this world can rely on killing people to improve themselves like Li Feiyang?
Li Feiyang promised the old WuZhu "deal" and Du also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. The atmosphere suddenly became a little weird, and the three of them refused to say another word, so they silently moved forward.
Half an hour later, a group of people arrived in Wanliu City.
Since Li Feiyang was a barbarian country, there was bound to be some desolation and depression, but it was only after Wanliu City that he realized that he was wrong.
This is not his original world and history. Aliens attached themselves to aquatic plants and lived in a tent. Wanliu City has a very large scale. The main entrance of the city is tall and dozens of meters. The door is made of big bluestone. There are three strange and simple characters written on it. Li Feiyang doesn’t know it, but I want to come. It is the word "Wanliu City" in the barbarian characters.
The city guard mansion is towering in the center of the city, and you can see the striking red glazed tiles from a distance. A line of people silently walked into the city. Li Feiyang curiously looked at the customs and customs of Wanliu City. Residents dressed in Yi ornaments came and went in the street, and the fragrance of all kinds of strange snacks was mixed with the selling of people’s stomachs.