"Our family has been guarding an ancient temple for generations. It is said that there is a dragon among the four spirits and sacred animals. I think he wants to call out the dragon."
"Do you want to call Qinglong to protect your family?" RuXiaoNan curious asked a sentence
Mu Bolun couldn’t help coughing up. He shook his head weakly. "No … I think he wants to harvest Qinglong as his own enemy."
RuXiaoNan breath in the mouth chill.
There are usually three ways for Yin and Yang teachers to train Yin soldiers. One is that they are transformed by resentment and belong to the class of perishing ghosts. This kind of Yin soldier is characterized by being stronger at night but finishing the dharma during the day.
The second kind is similar to a stupid dog and a thousand wounds, and it is necessary for Yin and Yang teachers to connect with each other and be willing to follow them.
The third is that there are powerful monsters or sacred objects, which are somewhat like the king of green ink and Yan method. Sometimes they are far stronger than the masters of Yin and Yang, and it is extremely difficult to tame them, and sometimes they have to risk their lives.
Just like the method of the king almost ate the green ink yan when out of control.
If Mu Shiyu really wants to summon the Qinglong among the Four Spirit Holy Beasts, as Mu Bolun said, he also wants to collect the Yin soldiers …
RuXiaoNan made a cold shiver.
Judging from this incident, Mu Shiyu is either a master in hiding or a complete madman.
She looked at the blue ink yan.
In fact, in a sense, Qing Moyan is also a crazy place, so he can first detect Mu Shiyu’s plot.
"Is the guardian in your family’s ancient temple really a dragon?" Blue ink Yan seems to be not interested in Mu Shiyu’s arrogance to accept the spirit beast Yin Bing.
He wants to know more about the news of the ancient temple Qinglong.
"It’s Qinglong. I’ve been to the ancient temple and I’ve seen it with my own eyes …" Mubolun nodded. "At that time, I was young because I could enter the ancient temple and have a family patriarch. Others could stay outside. I was curious to find my eldest brother and sneak in one night."
Blue ink Yan narrowed his eyes and concealed the sharp brilliance of his eyes.
MuBolun continued, "That was the first time I saw my eldest brother show disdainful expression … He said that one day he would summon the spirit beast to accept Yin soldiers and become the strongest man in the family."
"Become the strongest man, and then what?" Green ink Yan word for word "and then kill all those who have laughed at him and despised others"
Mubolun Ruxiao Nan was shocked by this.
"Eldest brother, he … how could he …" MuBolun stammered. "He should be too eager to be strong and want to be respected …"
"Don’t deceive yourself." Qing Mo Yan looked at Mubolun calmly, and his eyes were like a knife in the heart of Mubolun.
"Actually … I wish you were really dead this time." Before leaving the door, I lost a sentence.
MuBolun looked at the blue ink yan holding RuXiaoNan from the back, eyes full of doubt.
But soon the doubts faded, and he suddenly covered his forehead as if he were suffering from some severe pain.
When he looked up again, his face wore a gentle smile that did not belong to him.
"Shao Qing’s adult is as cruel as before."
Chapter 53 Her heart knot Mu family meeting
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
For several days in a row, Qing Mo Yan lived in an ancient mountain house with Ru Xiao Nan.
He entrusted Mu Bolun to Shi Dingtian’s care.
Because RuXiaoNan hurt his leg, he has been doing his homework these days. Every time he comes to the mountain to deliver food in Xuanji, he either sees QingMoyan tidying up the house or tidying it up.
"Mr. Qing, why don’t I send some servants?"
Can’t let their owners do it themselves?
Blue ink Yan refused "no, it’s not easy for outsiders to live here in the ancient house"
Xuanji wants to help Qing Mo Yan not to let him bite the bullet and watch there.
Qing Mo Yan skillfully tidied up the things on the table. "I heard that Mu Bolun has lived in the hospital?"
"It’s because he hasn’t recovered well recently. He often says that he has a bad headache. His head turned white a few days ago."
Hearing this, the green ink Yan manually delayed.
"It seems that this incident has dealt a great blow to Mubolun." Xuanji sympathized.
Qing Moyan was silent and didn’t answer the words. After a while, he changed the topic "What happened to the Mu family?"
"It’s been quiet recently. I heard that Master Mu wants to choose an heir from the side of the family."
"It’s not far from the chaos." Green ink Yan faint tone seems to be with a smile.
Xuanji didn’t see a smile when he saw it.
"I have sent someone to stare at the Mu family ancestral temple. It is said that the ancient temple has been served with Qinglong since ancient times. It seems that Mu Bolun’s speech is extremely credible. Mu Shiyu probably wants to summon Qinglong."
Qing Moyan tidied up the table, sat down and poured himself a cup of tea. "Do you know the Four Spirit Holy Beasts in Xuanji?"
Xuanji thought for a moment, "Green Dragon and White Tiger Palm Square Suzaku Xuanwu Shun Yin and Yang"
Qing Mo Yan nodded, "But did you know that there is one in the real Qinglong?"
"So the Qinglong in Mu’s family ancestral temple … is fake?"
"No, it’s true." Green ink Yan took a sip of tea.
Xuanji was completely confused.