The plane is still moving slowly and gradually arrives at this destination, roissyharles-de-gaulle-Gaulle, Paris, France, dg airport for short.
After a long journey to represent China, several boys were very tired. The plane was wearing an eye patch and no one wanted to talk.
After the arrival of the plane at night, the group quickly went to the official designated hotel couch. Fortunately, the official was still very generous, and a large room was given to all players for the players to relax.
In a few hours, zenih Center in Paris, France is about to welcome excellent teams from all the divisions in the world.
In this competition, the voting system was adopted in China Division, while the rest of the region directly pulled a team over.
After staying in the hotel, the coach of the Three Kingdoms didn’t have too many mouths to let the players have a good rest.
Back to the room, coach Sanguo looked at Zhang Hao and gave him information. At first, it was all some basic introductions, and the coach didn’t take it seriously. But now, the more I look back, the more I find that something is wrong. This information can no longer be said in detail, but it can be regarded as a strategy.
After all, it’s Chen Yi’s hard work day and night to come to the conclusion that many things can’t be said to be 100% correct, and it’s not much difference. The coach of the Three Kingdoms Wounds is getting more and more frightened at the moment. If this information is sold out, it can definitely fetch a good price.
Of course, in the World Finals. Now it seems that not many people are interested in him.
"What kind of person is this?"
The coach of the Three Kingdoms Wounds is paying attention to Chen Yi. If there is no accident, the future will surely be a strong competitor of the Three Kingdoms Wounds.
And it is beyond the royal family.
The strength of the royal family guided by the coach of the Three Kingdoms Wounds depends largely on the game talent of reaction ability, but as time goes on, these things will occupy a lower and lower proportion in the league.
It is more about the familiarity and tactical understanding of the opponent. At this moment, Yun saw this data sheet, and the coach of the Three Kingdoms felt that a powerful force in the future seemed to rise gradually.
Chapter 411 Star game curtain Rev!
In the morning, Zhang Hao woke up at 7: 00 local time in Paris, France. Although he wanted to talk to the sk guys, he thought about it and gave up. This is an international time difference.
There is a seven-hour time difference between France and China. It is better to leave them alone while they are asleep.
"Alas," Zhang Hao sighed, "allsar is going to be like this. Everything is unknown, and everything has to be gradually adapted by Zhang Hao.
It can be said that this star race is really full of twists and turns, but it has come anyway. Zhang Hao wants to laugh at the moment.
The rest of the guys are getting up one after another.
According to the instructions of the League of Legends in Paris, each team will report to zenih Center in Paris in the afternoon and sign in.
On the third day, there will be a curtain ceremony here, and then the first game of League of Legends Star Wars will start.
In addition, the teams that come to participate in the competition are also trained here, and the official training account is used for trial training.
Early in the morning, the coach of the Three Kingdoms called all the players to the zenih Center in Paris. The coach’s idea was simply to find a place to train.
Although there are still two days before the game, there is not much time left for them to run in. Of course, the coach is more about guiding the way.
By the way, let each team member get familiar with it, let the team style blend, and don’t have their own battles.
When we arrived at the zenih Center in Paris, there were already workers here, but it seems that there were no teams reporting for duty.
In other words, the China team was the first to report for duty.
"Wow, it looks like we’re early." The coach joked and worked as a team certification worker at the same time
"I hope our quota will be the first in the end."
Luky, the royal team, sighed with emotion.
Zhang Hao didn’t say anything about waiting quietly for the entrance and then preparing to train them. The couch hotel is very close to the zenih center, so it is very convenient to travel back and forth. This shows that the official also attaches great importance to the players’ interest.
The coach took a group of people into the venue with the help of the formalities department.
I went into Zhang Hao to have a look. Compared with the allsar venue held in Shanghai, the scale here is a little small.
According to official information, the venue can accommodate up to 5 spectators, and the number of spectators at the sea venue is indeed much smaller than 12.
However, it is generally a stage for various French artists, even international artists, to hold the League of Legends competition here, which has already said the importance that this country attaches to the league.
At the moment, the venue is lit, but Zhang Hao knows that when these bright lights go out, it will be a king’s feast.
The working staff guided the lpl team to a room where the environment was good and all the equipment was suitable for self-disassembly, so that players could bring their own peripherals for training.
At the same time, the worker lpl gave the account password on behalf of the team, and it was white at first glance on the login interface.
Although everyone can’t understand the foreign characters of the logger, it is still good to build a house for the familiarity of the alliance, and it is necessary to say more when it comes to the basic operation and the game.
Even if I don’t know all the characters, I can’t make mistakes with my eyes closed by my familiarity with League of Legends.
Log in to the official account in Paris. At first glance, it is still humanitarian. The 30-level segment is also standard on the ten-page rune page around diamonds.
Maybe these configurations are not very good, but they are enough for general training.
It is said that when the mainland arrived in Taiwan Province during the s4 Finals, due to the network delay, it was said that when it went there, it was either insufficient level or some bronze and silver section numbers.
Such an environment, let alone ordinary training or ordinary entertainment, can not be guaranteed.
Those teammates are simply incomprehensible. In this case, the international friendship is still very good
When there were no waves, the runes and talents were matched, and the five men landed and sat side by side for training.
At this time, Yan Liang finally communicated with Zhang Hao "happily"
"I think so."
Zhang Hao looked at Yan Liang and nodded to reveal a confident look. After all, it is the comrades-in-arms who will risk their lives in the next few days. The two must be consistent in their thoughts
"Cai Liangyan that small how to go to your team."
"After some twists and turns, how do you know each other?"
Zhang Hao is also curious to hear Yan Liang ask about Cai Liangyan.
Yan Liang nodded. "After all, he also played a few games in the professional league. At the very least, he was better than the ad in their first team."
"I see."
Zhang Hao listened to Xiao Kai and Cai Liangyan before he secretly pondered. He had a lot of opinions about a group of guys. At the moment, he heard Yan Liang’s comments and got a deeper understanding.