"I have learned a little, but it is naturally unbearable to suffer from the lack of guidance from famous teachers." Yang Muyu laughed.
"I heard that this contest is not just a contest!" Jia Ming added, "Anyway, I want to try. If I can be recruited by Tianyimen as an interior staff, it’s always good. Not to mention Tianyimen’s generous reward, this honor is worth fighting for."
Yang Muyu shook his head and smiled: "Since Jia Gongzi wants to try that feeling is good, I wish you success first."
"Yang Gongzi really doesn’t attend?" Jia Ming asked busy.
"Of course!" Yang Muyu nodded and muttered, "I don’t have a monkey to show people!"
"That Yang Gongzi … can you support me?" Jia Ming asked.
"How to support the law?" Yang Muyu puzzled asked, Can you still cheat?
Jia Ming said with a smile: "I got the news that it was to take care of the freshmen. Freshmen can be composed of three to five people and then they can make it together. If they fail to pass the knockout, only one of them can participate."
Although he didn’t make it clear, Yang Muyu was not a fool. It was immediately understood that the provision of winner college was naturally to form a group for freshmen, which should also be the survival of the fittest. Even if it won, it should be the strongest one in the group to enter the next game.

Chapter 14 Who are you?
However, according to this statement, Jia Ming wants others to help him unconditionally. If he loses, it’s fine. Once he wins, he can only enter the next game.
Yang Muyu thought for a moment and smiled: "There are no clear rules now, so let’s wait until there are specific rules for the competition in a few days!"
Jia Ming looked a little embarrassed when he heard the words, but he didn’t show it on his face. Instead, he laughed and said, "Yang Gongzi is right, but I’m impatient. Let’s talk about it in a few days?"
Yang Muyu nodded and said, "Let’s talk about it in a few days, Jia Gongzi. I’ve just come here for a busy day and I’m tired. If you want to go to bed early, go ahead!"
Jia Ming stood up and said goodbye, "I’m sorry to bother you!"
Yang Muyu said politely, "It’s fate to live without neighbors!" Said the Du Yun sent out.
The ghost servant and Yang Tie appeared behind Yang Muyu at the same time. The ghost servant said first, "This guy is so cunning that he takes everyone as a fool?"
Yang Muyu smiled and said, "It’s just that people are always a little selfish." With a lazy yawn, he took Yang Tie upstairs and told the ghost servant and Du Yun, "It’s okay to go to bed early, but my dad said that I didn’t come to any competition to study."
Du Yun said with a smile, "I was just about to tell you not to take part in any competition. A family like ours doesn’t want those hollow reputations."
Yang Muyu nodded with a smile and went upstairs. When I get upstairs, I will take off my robe outside and lie on a couch at will. Smile and ask Yang Tiedao: "What do you think?"
"Father, I always feel that the sudden arrival of Tianyimen is not aimed at you, is it?" As he spoke, Yang Tie knelt down beside him and took off his shoes and socks. He was about to use his unique massage technique to help Yang Muyu expand the meridians, but Yang Muyu shook his head and said, "No, it’s useless."
Yang Tie can only give up. Got up and poured him a good cup of tea and smiled: "This is a special cloud tea on an island near Jinsha Bay. It tastes good, Father!"
Yang Muyu took the handless cup and held it for a long time before saying, "I don’t deserve Tianyimen’s big fight."
"The father god also te look down upon yourself if you are not worth it. Plus the city of Qingyao and Mr. Mo and Yang Chen. I don’t know if it’s worth it? " Yang Tie laughed.
Yang Muyu bowed his head to drink tea and whispered with a wry smile: "The city of Qingyao is worth making anyone crazy!" He was telling the truth, but in the last two days, he knew that the reputation of the city of Qingyao and the incalculable wealth of the city of Qingyao were really a piece of fat. Ordinary people wanted to curry favor with and squeeze into the city of Qingyao, and it was better than its name. I’m afraid I want to annex him …
"Father … are you telling the truth or joking today?" Yang Tie asked.
"What?" Yang Muyu doesn’t understand that he said too much today. Where do you know what Yang Tie asked? "You said you were going to destroy the winner gate …" Yang Tie laughed in a low voice.
Yang Muyu learned to look like Mo Qing and touched his nose with a wry smile: "The problem now. It’s not that I can’t destroy him. But-will he leave me alone? "
"Father God should have planned ahead." Yang Tie laughed.
"So I let you go to Jinsha Bay!" Yang Muyu said indifferently. "Now whoever can make an alliance with Dongliu Flower City in Qingyao City and Tianyimen will have an 80% chance of winning." Here he sighed deeply, but no east flower city is a good bird. First, the mysterious Hao family, then the blue robe man who can almost compete with Yang Tie …
Yang Tie frowned and thought for a moment: "Father, if I am absolutely sure to control the East Flower City, how sure are you to destroy Tianyi Gate?"
"There is no floor!" Yang Muyu shook his head.