As the saying goes, wine is a color medium, and today is no exception. A pair of looking for a marriage looked at each other, and one was a beautiful fairy; One is that the talented son is handsome and gentle. The distance between the two is getting smaller and smaller. At this time, the purple heart is full of pictures of this man in front of him. The white sword blinks and kills people. It is determined and ruthless to fight alone. The pride of the dragon’s bloody sky and the thought of his cold purple heart when he pointed his sword at his neck is even more unbearable.
But just as Yi Yu looked at the purple heart with a flush and a heavy look, she thought that she could push it tonight. Purple heart "burst" fell unconscious on the table. Yi Yu can only smile helplessly when she looks at this beautiful scenery of sleeping in spring.
A ray of sunshine in the morning woke up in a daze on Purple Heart’s face. I was drunk last night, and now I’m a little thirsty, but just when Purple wanted to get out of bed and drink water, I found myself asleep next to him. Looking down at the clothes, I was surprised that I was only wearing underwear and it was still baggy. The belt in the waist has also been loosened, and a big hand has been reached from the skirt and tightly held on her chest. As she moves, there is a strange feeling that has never been seen before.
Some panic purple heart looked at his arm red palace sand also slightly relieved. Feeling the strong hand on the waist and the generous chest and purple heart close at hand, I changed to a more comfortable posture and quietly looked at the man who had only known each other for a few days.
White face and delicate facial features always smile, even when killing people. At this time, I fell asleep with my eyes closed. Without those wise and sharp eyes, I looked only fifteen or sixteen years old, more like a lovely little brother. Purple heart carefully touched Yi Yu’s rosy face. Seeing the eyeball move slightly under the eyelid, Zi Xin stopped quickly, closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. She really didn’t know how to face such a scene.
Yi Yu felt her arms gently moved and knew that Purple Heart had woken up. When she opened her eyes and looked at the beauty in her arms, her eyes were still closed, but her eyes and uneven breathing under her eyelids had betrayed her. Yi Yu bowed his head and caught the deep red mouth and kissed it.
Last night, this girl actually fell asleep at the last moment. Who let us be gentlemen? I went to bed without taking advantage of people’s danger to help Zixin undress, although I ate a lot of tofu.
After being kissed, my little girl was even more shy and still pretended to sleep, but with Yi Yu’s big hands constantly attacking the city and plundering the village, she not only occupied the breasts, but also attacked the buttocks below. Purple heart finally can’t hold on. Big eyes stare but soft way: "No! … "Although there are three points of annoyance and seven points of shyness, there is no anger.
"How can you be so … let purple heart how to behave in the future? !” After the initial shyness, the purple heart seems to think of something wrong and let them sob.
"My sister is crying again. If you like, I will marry you. Come on, don’t cry, little beauty. Her eyes are red. " Yi Yu gently kissed off the tears still hanging on Zi Xin’s face.
Purple heart said angrily, "Hum! You scoundrel lured me to drink yesterday and then took the flight … Now that I’m in bed with you, what can I do now? "
"My heart sister, I will be good to you in the future. If you marry, I don’t know if it’s a blessing from a few lives! ….. "Yi Yugang was interrupted by the purple heart in the middle." Wait, what’s your name, sister? It’s quite downstream. I remember you said you’ve been in Qingcheng Mountain for only three years. How old are you this year? I think at most sixteen little bad guys. Who do you call your sister? ! You should call me sister! If you dare to call the wrong person, you will be ignored. "
Yi Yu’s blink of an eye seems to have come when she thinks about it. It seems that this body is only eleven or twelve years old. Plus these years of practice, isn’t it just fifteen or sixteen? And purple heart seventeen is not a sister!
Yi Yu said, "Oh, my heart, baby, if you say that the first person to achieve spiritual practice comes first, I am better than you and I am a senior brother. If you talk about home … "
Purple heart straightened his chest and said, "How’s home? I am older than you at home. You should call me sister. "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "At home, I am a husband. I am still older than you."
"Little rascal, don’t play tricks on who is your wife. You listen to me when I want to be my sister, or I’ll see how my sister teaches you!"
"How to teach me? If you crush me with it, I’m scared to death. Ha ha ha! " Listening to the malicious words like purple heart coquetry, Yi Yu pointed to the breasts that were crushed and deformed because they were tightly attached.
"You! I’ll kill you, you little rogue! "
If you want to know the funeral, please see the next time "The Sword Fight in Qingcheng Mountain"

The seventh time Qingcheng mountain fights swords
There is no need to say more about the pleasant lingering in the ancient city accompanied by beautiful women, but those who seek truth and seek truth under the moon and flowers are only an episode in life after all, and they will have to embark on this dangerous and unknown road after a rest.
After squandering twenty-two thousand silver, Yi Yu and Zi Xin left the comfortable and prosperous Chengdu. It is true that the so-called Bashu mountains and rivers are more spectacular and Emei is the best. Although I haven’t seen the beauty of Emei, the hills and hills around Chengdu are still so much less Da Yue. Sichuan has the most powerful theocracy, but there are temples and temples on the mountains. Every year, good men and women who face the mountains come from thousands of miles to add to the mountains. There are many people who specialize in sightseeing in the mountains.
Yi Yu and Zi Xin set up a flying sword tactic to urge the sword to shine in the wind. At the beginning, Yi Yu disagreed with the dangerous driving mode of Royal Sword Flying. Although their skill is far from sound, there will be no sonic boom, but flying at high altitude and under high pressure will never be comfortable, but there is no way to fly with Royal Sword as the fastest, most convenient and most popular mode of transportation at this time, which must be accepted.
The purple heart is still the blue sword light, about three feet long and wide, and it is smart and elegant. And Yi Yu’s sword is bigger than the general flying sword. At this time, the light from the sword is about ten feet long and wide, and there are more than two feet of bright white light. Some cold and uncertain shock wave arrogance anomalies are faster than purple hearts. Of course, it’s not that Yi Yu’s flying sword is better than Zi Xin’s. On the contrary, if the single-round quality of Yi Yu’s sword is just inferior, but Zi Xin’s flying sword is medium. However, Yi Yu’s own degree is fast, and the sword tactic of the innate Geng Jin firm but gentle has just burst and naturally spent people, but it also consumes more mana.
Qingcheng Mountain is located in the southwest of Dujiangyan, and it is named after the lush mountains and beautiful mountains. It has always been known as "Qingcheng Mountain is quiet in the world". Qingcheng Mountain is backed by the Minjiang River and overlooks the Chengdu Plain. Although it is only 200 square kilometers, the climate in the mountainous area is mild and green as the sea. There are many historical sites in Qianshan, which are centered on Changguan and Shangqing Palace. The cultural landscapes such as Jianfu Palace, Zushi Temple and Chaoyang Cave add color to each other with the natural scenery such as Jinbianyan, Book Case Peak and Zhangren Mountain. The panoramic view of the Chengdu Plain at the top of the mountain makes people feel suddenly enlightened.
Originally, Yi Yu just went down the mountain to experience and shouldn’t go back to the mountain, but it is a good thing that Zhu Mei definitely despises saying that it is not small or small. From then on, it is also a good thing to have a multiplication tactic. But for Yi Yu, a novice disciple, making such a contribution is enough for his cheap master to remember the name Yi Yu.
Sitting leisurely on the flying sword, the purple heart is leaning aside and gently pinching Yi Yu’s legs. At the beginning, we both flew with our own swords, but Yi Yu’s speed and purple heart couldn’t keep up, so we just let her come up. Anyway, the light of the sword is also very wide. Yi Yu, a beautiful woman who is a little stubborn and paranoid about Zi Xin, but most of the time is very submissive, can’t help but want to bully her. This is not under the threat of Yi Yu’s grasping hand of the milk dragon. Purple heart has become his little maid, and it is very comfortable to have the right strength.
"Who did my heart learn from? I really found the treasure. You can’t be stingy and give me a massage often."
"If you hate calling your sister, you bad guy will bully others. Besides Master, you are the first person to enjoy a purple heart massage."
Just as the two of them were talking about love, several swords went up in the distance and I didn’t know what had happened. As soon as I frowned, I put down my sword and fell to the ground.
"Brother!" Purple Heart always remembers to establish its own position. "There seems to be a sword fight in front, but here it is close to Qingcheng Mountain. Who dares to be so presumptuous? !”
"Let’s go and have a look. Let’s walk carefully on the ground and don’t get too close."
Yi Yuhe purple heart carefully leaned over to face this kind of gang fight of fix true person with their current practice, which is so fragile. Yi Yu doesn’t want to be involved in their struggle for no reason.
Looking at the sword fighting in the air from a distance of thousands of feet. Three people formed a circle, two people were fighting far away, and two people kept looking around as if they were on sentry duty. Obviously, the five people watching were with one person in that field.
I saw a young Taoist in the field dressed in a Qingcheng Taoist costume with a handsome face and a graceful charm. It was Qiu Yuan, a brother of Yi Yu. This man has been following Zhu Mei for many years, and his magic is profound. However, although he has the upper hand, he is a little anxious. It should be the trapped person. The other man is also wearing a sword tactic in his hand. Although he is slightly disadvantaged, he still has a ferocious smile, and Qiu Yuan has a deep hatred to kill him.
"Purple heart, do you know those people?" Yi Yu asked quietly.
Purple heart looked at it carefully and couldn’t help but take a breath and show her eyebrows. "The one who fought with your brother Qiu Yuan is the laughing monk."
"oh? It’s really funny. Since the laughing monk is a Buddhist, why do you wear Taoist costumes? "
"Brother, you don’t know where this laughing monk is an ascetic Buddhist disciple. Buddhist people should be merciful and patient, but this smiling monk doesn’t like to be very angry. Although this person is a recent master of Emei and beyond others’ reach, he feels quite uncomfortable with his arrogance. Not nearly as good as Brother Zhuge and Brother Shen Tu. It’s not surprising that he acts recklessly and puts on a costume on weekdays. "
"oh? Laughing monk? ! What about others? "
"The other five people are also disciples of Emei, but there are no outstanding people who seem to be proud of laughing with the monks on weekdays, but I can easily beat one of them."
Yi Yu nervously watched every detail of the aerial sword fighting. This kind of master’s skill is not something you can usually see and maybe you can get some oil and water.
I saw Qiu Yuan holding the flying sword in his hand and Ju Ying exclaiming loudly, "Laugh at the monk! You Emei are the most noble family in the world, and you are so presumptuous at the gate of Qingcheng Mountain regardless of your fellow feelings. Do you really think Qingcheng Mountain is empty? !”