And several people in China women’s volleyball team watch the back row and add Sun Jin’s perfect ball. Zhang Fang’s strange handball began to score frequently.
Xiao Gaoji used her height advantage to block, but just now how did she cause Shen Baozhu to block out of bounds? Now Zhang Fang is doing the same thing.
China women’s volleyball team chased five points in succession, which made Morita Chengjiang unable to sit still and called for a timeout, trying to block the momentum of the China team and at the same time let his players wake up.
Ten to thirteen, the current China women’s volleyball team is still three points behind, but it is not a problem to win the game with five points left.
Yuan Chengmin also made adjustments to let Feng Lang replace Jiang Ying.
It was probably a prescient decision to find a loophole for Feng Lang after the Japanese women’s volleyball team was suspended. Sure enough, Jiang Yingchang’s side of the Japanese women’s volleyball team began to attack the area at the fifth position after the game.
Sugiyama Kadai’s ball in the back row is not easy to stop, and the height is still relatively high. yan lin put it in the past, and according to Jiang Ying’s defensive skill, this ball root is not a problem
Yan lin’s judgment is accurate. Jiang Ying cherishes the opportunity for the game, so it is more than 10,000 hearts for defense. This catch is very safe, and when Sun Jin plays the ball, he directly cooperates with yan lin to play a close-up fastball at the third position, which makes it impossible to prevent it if it just replaces Xiaogao Stadium.
Eleven to thirteen, China scored another point.
Japanese women’s volleyball coach Morita Morita has some headaches. She really can’t do anything about China’s No.6 fastball. If these players are good at defense and blocking, it’s better to say it, but the ability of the players to make a half-match between old and new players is uneven. I hope they can stop this fastball?
It’s different from an idiotic dream.
Fifteen to thirteen China women’s volleyball team won the game cleanly.
This is also the only game that Japanese women’s volleyball team put pressure on China girls in the Asian Games.
In the next game, Yuan Chengmin dispatched troops to let Jiang Ying, Yang Xiaolan and Shen Baozhu play repeatedly in order to familiarize them with their old rivals, which made the game go smoothly because of the strength of yan lin and Cheng Yaqiong in front of the net.
The Japanese women’s volleyball team was completely out of temper. Fifteen to fifty-five to seven, China won the women’s volleyball championship in the Asian Games, which was monopolized by the Japanese women’s volleyball team for many years.
Although the gold content of this champion is not very high, when the last ball landed, several people on the bench rushed to the stadium.
Yan lin was held by Zhang Yunjie and didn’t know what to say.
For these young players, this is the gold medal of the Little Asian Games, but for those who are about to retire, such as Cao Hui, this is the last gold medal in their sports career.
After more than ten years of sports career, it is very precious for them to discuss how much gold this gold medal contains.
The Asian Games is modeled after the Olympic convention, and the award ceremony began after the competition.
But when I saw the presenter, yan lin always felt a little familiar. The eyebrow eye outline of a man in his thirties always couldn’t tell the familiarity, but he couldn’t figure out where he had seen it.
The gold medal was engraved with the words "Wen Vlleyball" in English, and yan lin bit it. At the sight of the teeth marks on the gold medal, she was a little embarrassed.
"Isn’t this gold medal too bad?" Shouldn’t we overestimate Brother A’s family?
Feng Lang was amused by her little behavior. "Be careful to lose your tooth."
"That’s just to take a dental implant for me." yan lin had a bitter hatred for this gold medal, but she remembered that she went to the gold store to see gold for almost thirty-five or six yuan a gram. Well, it’s still quite expensive for now
The awarding ceremony was finally held in yan lin. They were going back to the Asian Games Village. Yuan Chengmin said that they would not attend the closing ceremony. It is now December and it is time for winter training. This winter training is obviously the preparation for the Asian Championships in 2008 and the post-Los Angeles Olympic Games.
Of course, I still have to go back to Beijing to hold a retirement ceremony for some old players before winter training.
Because of something in my heart, yan lin walked a little drifting and didn’t hear his teammates clearly.
"Hey Yan came back to life" Feng Lang shouted. yan lin was a little at a loss. "What’s the matter?"
"What’s the matter? Remember to give us an award? I said how to look a little familiar and suddenly remembered that it was the boss of her family. "
The boss of the Huo family married Miss Hong Kong? Yan lin is a little disconnected. She didn’t see Mr. Boss at the Huo family’s old house at that time. The couple thought about his appearance. It seems that this is really the case.
"Oh, it’s not surprising that Mr. Huo is so supportive of mainland sports. It’s not surprising that he has come to give awards to the women’s volleyball team." yan lin didn’t care. It’s not surprising that the boss Huo still awarded the Olympic gold medal to his daughter-in-law at the beginning.
"But Yan, look at the front." Shen Baozhu’s voice suddenly became weak. yan lin was dazed. In front of the Asian Games Village, they lived, and the words Happy Birthday to Roses and Lily were filled at the entrance of China Village, which was particularly striking, while the first figurine was holding a delicate red rose face with a warm smile.
"Happy Birthday" Huo Wenbin came over step by step. He didn’t go to the final award ceremony here, and of course he knew that yan lin would definitely be on the podium because she had the strength.
There were many people in the Asian Games Village, especially Yuan Chengmin and Deng Zengtao, who were not present at the ceremony. They had other things to deal with, so they told the players not to run around and left.
None of the girls in the women’s volleyball team has experienced this posture, especially Huo Wenbin, who is gentle, rich and has a rare temper. Huo Wenbin has a good impression. Although no one helped assist, no one stopped this scene.
Athletes from China village came out to watch the fun, and athletes from other countries were also watching. yan lin looked at the man opposite, and she had a headache.
Why is Huo Wenbin so persistent? Persistence makes people feel very nai.
"Mr. Huo, I made it very clear." yan lin didn’t take the flower. She didn’t brush Huo Wenbin’s face. She lowered her voice very much.
"At the age of 20, you can get married according to the mainland marriage law." Huo Wenbin selectively forgot what yan lin once said. "Even if you don’t want to get married now, it’s good to pursue you. I think you can’t deprive you of this?"
"So do I also have a refusal?" There are more and more onlookers in yan lin. In fact, it is difficult to break this situation today. It is a headache for her to think about it.
Not long ago, she just won the gold medal in the Asian Games women’s volleyball competition from Boss Huo, and now she is faced with such a scene. Is God kidding her?
"You have this benefit, but you have to give me a reason." Huo Wenbin’s voice begged with a little hesitation, which made yan lin even more headache. Who is the special grievance and what is it here?