16 Xia Tong is the woman I see.
Xia Tong doesn’t know how she ran out of Yi Jia. Of course, she doesn’t know whether she ran out of Yi Jia or not. She knows that she has been running for a long time.
Her brain is a mess in the casino. She was kissed after drinking. If that bastard Yi Haochen directly kissed her in front of her, Xia Pupil was whispering in the roadside stone mouth.
Easy home red carpet Nangong Law frowned for a long time before looking at Yi Haochen and said politely, "Yi Haochen, I think it is necessary for you to give me an explanation."
Yi Haochen smiled lazily, lifting his eyes and lips. He didn’t feel any warmth. He stepped forward and directly provoked and said, "It’s very simple. Xia Pupil is I look at women."
"It’s fresh, Master Chen. Don’t you know that I will never be in a woman’s body unless she makes me interested?" Nangong Law wants to be Uber to the extreme. "Master Chen, I don’t mind confronting you head-on."
When he finished, he left Yi Yichen directly, and his eyes were as sharp as jewels with great interest. Finally, as if nothing had happened, he was polite and said a few words to business partners.
Not long after taking a sports car, Nangong Law saw that Xia Tong was kicking a stone with a dissatisfied face, and suddenly felt funny. Although she had become a little witch, she was still as naive as a little girl, so Nangong Law drove to Xia Tong and whistled, "Do you want a ride?"
"Don’t take" saw the Nangong Law and Xia Tong immediately turned his head and went his own way.
"I’m not the one who makes you angry, little witch."
"But you brought me here." Xia Tong retorted that she still didn’t look at Nangong Law. Hum you, so you can let me forgive you? Dream on, haha
Gee, Yi Haochen, you seem to have a bad image in the eyes of the little witch. Nangong Law smiled at Xia Tong. "The little witch told you a little secret. In fact, you are still at Yi Jia!"
Summer pupil turned his head and looked at the nangongshan law strangely.
"Take the car or Yi Lichen’s cunning wolf will take you away."
Xia Tong is in a state of extreme dissatisfaction. She doesn’t know what is subconsciously afraid of Yi Haochen-that’s right, like a group of cunning wolves mentioned by Nangong Law.
She stopped talking by car, playing a Samsung mobile phone game there alone, treating Nangong Law as a penetrating person and constantly psychologically suggesting not to talk to him.
Nangong Law really didn’t expect that he would be rejected by a little girl. For the first time in his life, he felt frustrated. This feeling also aroused his love hunting psychology. "Hey, little witch …"
"Little sister?"
"I said if you don’t talk, I’ll leave you at Yi Jia." Nangong Law braked the car in an emergency and looked at Xia Pupil’s peach blossom with flickering light.
"You lost it!" Xia Tong is also dissatisfied with who? She was kissed by Yi Yichen because of this hateful and narcissistic man. "You lose it, you lose it, I’ll go back and open the car myself. I want a car."
Are little girls so difficult now? Nangong Lunai caressed his forehead. "I am not afraid that you will be bored alone?"
"I’m bored. It’s my family business. What’s your business?" Xia Tong asked, she picked up the phone and checked the list. "Don’t bother, I’ll call my driver to pick me up."
Xia Tong was robbed by Nangong Law as soon as he dialed his mobile phone. "Hello, yes, I’m Xia Tong’s boyfriend. Xia Tong may go home late tonight. Please inform Xia Tong’s parents."
After a sentence or two, I hung up and became mad. "Nangong Law, what did you say to my driver?"
Nangong Law smiles and sings. She thinks that Xia Tong is angry, and the appearance of a wild cat makes him feel more interested. "Even if it is not now, my brother will ask you again to be a brother and girlfriend?"
17 Very good.
After Xia Tong was sent home, it was very late, and when she got back, she was tortured. I can’t say for sure when she made a boyfriend. She simply hated that Nangong law. After she refused him, she drove her on the highway for four hours.
Don’t let her see him lying in bed again. It’s a relief, but the trouble is coming again-how will she face Yi Haochen?
In a daze, the next day
Summer pupil eat breakfast go to school LanFeiLin hexagrams gather together to "summer pupil you last night …"
"I had an idea last night." Xia Tong was dragged away by Nangong Law as soon as school was over. Fortunately, the topics were relatively simple, otherwise she would definitely have to copy again.
"What’s the idea? Nangong is very handsome, isn’t it? Are you ready to marry him? " Lan Feilin is clamoring for Xia Tong’s career and won’t let her do it.
Xia pupil squinting "LanFeiLin that is not my idea is-break up with you LanFeiLin hear"
Hum, Xia Tong is very angry and the consequences are very serious.
Actually, Lanfeilin wanted to laugh wildly for a moment when she heard this sentence, but she still stubbornly endured Xia Tong’s words. From junior high school to high school, she won’t get tired of it. Sometimes Lanfeilin is also very fond of Xia Tong. It’s so naive to say that Xia Tong can’t do it from her appearance to her young teeth.
"Lanfeilin, do you really want to laugh?" Xia Tong grabbed the job and began to do it. "I’m serious this time."
Ok, seriously, Lanfeilin thought about it and decided to see how long Xia Tong will come to make up with her this time. I remember it as ten hours, Xia Tong, this silly girl.
Just as LanFeiLin was still trying to figure out Xia Pupil’s mind, the Nangong Law came screaming outside the door, leaning against the door and looking at Xia Pupil, and he didn’t forget to blow a handsome kiss.
Let Xia Tong think about what’s going on. It’s really nerve-racking for Nangong Law to come to school. Why did he come? Why did he say he would come?
"Summer pupil he blew me a kiss? God, he’s so handsome. "Lanfeilin looks like I’m going crazy. Xia Pupil is really going crazy. He’s been talking about it, but-he’s really here. He also said that he was going after her. This should be a joke.
The nangongshan law is very interesting to see Xia Tong’s face frightened, and the kitten will be frightened. It’s really interesting.
He has always been open to all beautiful women. Xia Pupil is an object he has never touched. Nangong Law doesn’t want to miss the pure young teeth at all. Although it seems that he can’t get it, he can’t stop, so he just accepts it together.
Soon after, when Xia Tong was once the worst thing, Yi Haochen also came to school. At this moment, two extremely handsome figures are facing each other.
"LanFeiLin help me ask for leave, just say that my stomach hurts and I went to the clinic." Summer pupil immediately packed up the table and wanted to leave.
Who knows that Yi Haochen has stepped forward to the front of Xia Pupil and looked at Xia Pupil coldly?
Summer pupil was stimulated by the eyes. Yi Jia once heard that death is the lightest punishment for offending Yi Jia.