Shi Zhangyu patted Xin Tong’s arm and said with a smile, "Boy, don’t think too much. It’s personal karma. You have to live and die, Dan, I have to forget my old friend, and I have a younger brother, which is more than what you got. Hey, as long as you practice hard and fulfill your teacher’s wish for thousands of years at an early date, that’s it. "
Xin Tong muttered, "After a while, it has become a wish for thousands of years. When will it be a rest after such a long time? Great, great! " Seeing that Shi Zhangyu stared again, he coughed and changed the subject. He asked, "Old thief, last time you told me about the 20 stages of the practitioner, what stage do you think I have reached now?"
Shi Zhangyu’s brow wrinkled when he heard this, and he said to himself, "This boy still asked me about this." I walked around the house with my hands behind my back and mused, "Well, it’s not appropriate to designate you as a certain stage. As far as you are concerned, you should just have just passed the broken customs period … "Looking up, I saw Xin Tong’s expression of" why is it so low "and scolded:" Don’t be dissatisfied, your boy. Most practitioners have worked hard for decades, and they may not be able to break through the broken customs period! Your boy is just a sleep, and he is stronger than others in practicing for decades … "
Xin Tong, with a smiling face, said, "I am satisfied with the villain, and your old man will continue."
Shi Zhangyu pointed his finger at Xin Tong a few times, then said, "But judging from your lack of hunger until now, it has already had the characteristics of breaking the valley. From the concise degree of your Yuan Jing and Yuan Shen, it is at least equivalent to the temperature that an extremely talented practitioner can achieve after a hundred years of practice … My old man’s house estimates that the lowest level can be the tenth order of concentration or even the eleventh order of concentration, but you have not even reached the fourth order of Dan period … Damn it! Your boy’s situation is special and strange, very strange! To put it more appropriately in your words, it’s really’ weird’! Qingyun son that son of a bitch is right, your boy is really a freak! Freak and blame Dan make you such a weird freak! Damn it, it’s the first time for my old man to meet him for more than a hundred years. "
Xin Tong scowled and said, "Is that weird freak like me a good tire or a bad tire?"

The eighth chapter Dan effect (in)
Shi Zhangyu teased, "What’s a good baby and a bad baby? Did your boy become pregnant after a long sleep? Doesn’t it look like it? " Xin Tong grimaced even more, saying, "Laodao, I mean, is this strange phenomenon good or bad for me?" Shi Zhangyu’s expression on her face gradually turned serious, but she still shook her head after thinking for a long time.
When Xin Tong saw this, he was surprised and said, "Is it a bad tire?" Shi Zhangyu shook his head and said, "The reason why my old man shook his head is because I still haven’t figured out how to classify you as a freak, not that you are a bad tire."
Xin Tongchang vented his anger and contentedly tunnel: "It’s good that it’s not a bad tire! Whether it’s a good tire or a freak. As for not knowing how to classify it, it doesn’t matter. "
Shi Zhangyu praised, "Good boy, I’m worthy of my old man’s kindness to you. In the state of mind, although much worse than my old man’s house, I can also be called a person with a wide heart like the sea. As long as you can maintain such a normal mind when practicing, then more than a dozen wishes of your teacher in the past ten thousand years should be realized soon. Heaven has … My old man’s house is so discerning! I can’t even admire it! "
"Yao Debao’s father was a skilled craftsman in the world for thousands of years before he became a monk. But all the craftsmen’s skills are mastered by Yao Zushi. He is especially good at civil engineering, casting, organization, sculpture, gardening, embroidery and porcelain making. His accomplishments in these seven aspects are unprecedented! Even in the 1,500 years after Yao Zushi, no one can surpass Yao Zushi’s peak achievements. When Yao Zushi was in his fifties, he had to be instructed by a Taoist master. After practicing for 180 years, he started a Sect! Since then, in the spiritual world, a magnificent and gorgeous Sect-the Seven Clever Guarding the Heart Pavilion has stood up. "
Xin Tong rolled his eyes at Shi Zhangyu, who was intoxicated, and said feebly, "I said, Brother Thief, your old man will continue to increase his master’s wishes like this, and I will be scared to death by you before I finish more and more master’s wishes."
Shi Zhangyu smiled and said, "No more, no more." My heart said, "Of course, I don’t need to add any more. Nearly 10,000 years’ desire for a teacher is enough for my old man to think about it for a while. If it is added, where can my old man find so many teachers’ wishes? "
"Old thief," said Xin Tongdao, "I’m half a master of Qiqiao Pavilion …"
Shi Zhangyu glared and scolded: "What half a master? It is a master who can’t be less! "
Xin Tong said helplessly, "Well, I’m a master of Qiqiaoge who doesn’t have a hair …" Then he glared, "In this case, your old man should not only let me know something about my master, but also pass on his unique skills to me. Now, I don’t know anything except the name of my master! Not to mention the school I expected! Hum, you are still a brother, which makes me doubt whether you can achieve brilliant achievements in the glorious and arduous career of human soul mentor. "
Shi Zhangyu suddenly coughed, coughing and saying, "It was an oversight, ahem, a pure oversight. Ahem, brother, what do you want to learn? Brother, you must know everything, and you will be satisfied! "
Xin Tong was amused. He spread his hand and said, "I don’t know anything about our school. How can I know what its unique skills are? I don’t know what I should learn. "
Shi Zhangyu smiled awkwardly: "Hey hey, I neglected it again. Brother, first tell you about the glorious history of our school, and then explain the unique skills of our school to you in detail. First, you choose the practice you are interested in. How about this? "
Xin Tong was secretly pleased and nodded.
Shi Zhangyu Su Rong said, "Our school … our full name is Qiqiao Shouxin Pavilion, which belongs to one vein of the three main streams in today’s spiritual practice. Debao was founded by Yao Gong, the founder of Kaipai School, at the end of the Zhou Dynasty Empire. Its history is even longer than this dynasty, nearly 300 years. It has been passed down to my generation for twenty-two generations. This school … "
Xin Tong shouted, "Stop! Stop first! " After some mental calculation, Xin Tong pouted, "Old thief, I think your old man is far from being able to steal chinese odyssey! If nothing else, let’s talk about this deception. Gee, I don’t think even a three-year-old child can cheat. "
Shi Zhangyu immediately blushed and his neck was thick. He blew his beard and glared at him, saying, "Son of a bitch, what nonsense are you putting around? My old man lied to you? What are you doing? What my old man just said is true! I’m old … "Words not to say that finish, xin with raised his hand and asked to speak. Shi Zhangyu shut up angrily, heart way: "see what your boy fart? If it doesn’t smell good, my old man must let your boy remember that the pot is made of iron! "
Xin Tong smiled and said, "Is everything true?"
Shi Zhangyu said angrily, "Of course every word is true!"
Xin Tong looked at Shi Zhangyu for a long time and suddenly burst out laughing. Shi Zhangyu saw that Xin Tong laughed more and more proudly, and suddenly understood why Xin Tong said that his deception was inferior, and his heart could not help but cry out. But before he could figure out how to panic, Xin Tong stopped laughing and said, "Brother Lao Thief, it’s less than 1,200 years since the founding of this dynasty, even 1,200 years. Our master was founded at the end of the Zhou Dynasty Empire, which is nearly three hundred years longer than this dynasty, even three hundred years. One thousand two hundred years plus three hundred years is only one thousand five hundred years. Although the history of our master has a long history, it is still far from what your old man said about’ more than a dozen wishes of our master in the past ten thousand years’. There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Looking at Shi Zhangyu’s increasingly crooked nose, Xin Tong’s pride in his heart is beyond words.
As to why the disparity is so great, Shi Zhangyu naturally tries every means to deny and quibble. However, Xin Tong knew that this matter was related to the degree of fatigue in the future, so he never gave in, and strongly refuted Shi Zhangyu’s reasons that were already inconceivable.
Two people argue for a long time, after all, Shi Zhangyu indefensible, very unwilling to give in a big step, finally determined that his legacy only three wishes need to be completed with Xin. As for the specific reasons for these three wishes, Shi Zhangyu still insisted on not saying that Xin Tong was not cultivated enough at this time.
Even so, Xin Tong has been very happy, regardless of Shi Zhangyu’s depressed mood of wanting to jump off a cliff. He danced Hanwang in the room, tearing off the noise while jumping, and winking at Shi Zhangyu from time to time.
Tearing his hair out about it, Shi Zhangyu gnashed her teeth and said, "You smelly boy, jump! You sing! My old man must come up with the most … three wishes, hum, hehe, haha, and then my old man will dance and sing, which will piss you off! " At present, it seems that he has seen the appearance of Xin Tong’s flustered. Shi Zhangyu is in a good mood. Just now, he felt that Xin Tong’s song and dance were extremely ugly and ugly, and immediately became more pleasing to the eye and sweet to the ear.

The first chapter at the beginning of refining (on)
Last night, Xin Tongxin had some thoughts, so when he was on his way to the Jade Wind Tower, he didn’t look at the garden landscape of Jinfu carefully. At this time, everything was settled and his mood was naturally relaxed. Ling, the housekeeper who walked in front of him, walked very slowly, and Xin Tong didn’t rush him, so as to enjoy the surprisingly large Jinfu courtyard.
Looking up, under the shade of green trees, between the blue tiles and white walls, a pool of spring water is slightly wrinkled with the wind. Walking through the full moon arch, Huo Ran is cheerful, and a jade dragon-like waterfall flies down from the high-piled fake mountain top in the distance, splashing water mist all over the sky. Xin Tong thought for a long time, but he didn’t understand where the water in this waterfall came from. Not far from the waterfall, a hexagonal pavilion with four pillars and scarlet is independent. That clear stream, which is made up of waterfall water, meanders from the pavilion …
Although Xin Tong hasn’t learned the garden art of Qiqiaoge from Shi Zhangyu, he still has a basic ability to distinguish the beauty and ugliness of things. But that’s all-bridges connect the veins, corridors fill the emptiness, islands are surrounded by rocks, flowers and trees in the mountains, pavilions and pavilions are adorned, which is known as "although people make it, it’s like heaven; Jin Fu Ming Garden, known as the first garden in Jingzhou, can only get a comment of "not bad, not bad, not bad" in Xin Tong’s eyes.
Came to the banquet hall in Jinfu, which was as spacious as the lobby of the official residence. The big fat man Jin Shengjin was already sitting at a very wide rosewood table. When he saw Xin Tong, he immediately stood up with a big smile.
Looking at the dishes on the table, Xin Tong estimates that even a dozen strong men who have been hungry for three days may not be able to digest them at once. "It’s just a breakfast. It’s so exaggerated. This golden fat man is really a nouveau riche."
On the way here, Xin Tong has learned from the old housekeeper Ling that Jin Shengjin’s ancestors can only be regarded as slightly meager, and they only live by collecting land rent. However, after Jin Shengjin took charge of the Golden House, with his extraordinary mind and means, it only took more than ten years to become one of the best super-rich people in the Hande Empire.
Xin Tong muttered in his heart and went to the fat man in front of Jin Da. He looked into Jin Shengjin’s eyes. His face was not red and he was not breathing. His tone even sounded a little blunt: "Mr. Jin, I want to stay in your house for some time, at least for half a month. I wonder if Mr. Jin will allow me?" My heart is extremely expecting this big fat man to find a reason to refuse even if he can’t call it a reason. In this way, you can kick this problem back to the old thief. Xin Tong, who was born with this idea, looked into Jin Da’s fat man’s eyes, so he was a little more eager.
Fat Jin was dazed and immediately smiled: "No problem! Xin Gongzi … I’ll call you my good nephew. If you don’t think the old lady is too high, call her uncle Jin. " After a pause, he added with a smile, "No matter how long you stay in my humble abode, my dear nephew is very welcome."
Xin Tong said with a smile, "Thank you very much, Uncle Jin." But I can’t help but feel somewhat lost. But on second thought, even if Jin Da Fat Man doesn’t let himself stay in Jin Fu, it may not be rare to live with stone thieves. If you let the stone thief let himself return to Qingzhou, it is even more impossible! When I think about it, my sense of loss disappears at once.
Fat Jin laughed heartily and said, "My dear nephew, don’t bother. You should make this your home. Sit down, sit down and have a casual breakfast. "
Both of them got what they wanted, and everyone was happy. Both of them felt that this breakfast was delicious.
Just put down the chopsticks, a head jar voice jar spirit voice sounded outside the hall, "Xin eldest brother, have you had breakfast? The wooden door of the banquet hall was immediately pushed away from the outside. Behind the iron bravery, Jin Ke’s heart is pretty.
At the sight of Jin Kexin, Xin Tong was a little confused. He just gave birth to the idea of "doing nothing after breakfast, finding a place to practice samadhi and going home one day earlier", and unconsciously left it behind, and walked around the places of interest in Jingzhou City with Jin Kexin and Tie Dan all day.
At dusk, the iron gallbladder sneaked away with an excuse. Xin Tong, who was alone with the beautiful woman, was even more dizzy in the soft voice of Jin Kexin’s beautiful light, and accompanied Jin Kexin to visit the Jinfu family to find two people before returning to Jinfu.
At the grand thank-you banquet held by Jin Shengjin for Xin Tong, Xin Tong was still in a daze. It was not until he returned to the sleeping Jade Wind Tower that Xin Tongcai woke up from this confused strength that he himself called "something strange". Just as he was cursing himself for his weak mind and forgetting his relatives at the sight of color, one of the gods approached quickly. Shi Zhangyu, whom I haven’t seen for a whole day, is now born.
Xin Tong said angrily, "Old thief! What do you mean? Since I have been asked to fulfill the three wishes of my master, I have been asked to refine a utensil before I can go home to visit my parents. Why not give me time to practice? "
Shi Zhangyu mouth "tut tut" sound, shaking his head and pie mouth looked Xin Tong up and down, face upwards ha ha strange laugh a few channels: "smelly boy, my old man’s house to see you are really confused by that little girl. Your boy’s spaced out, dizzy with little golden girl around this whole day, not forced by my old man’s house? A lot of words in Error-Free Fiction Network seem to make me feel dizzy, but I blame my old man’s head. Are you too overbearing? Besides, my old man has been kind enough to give you the opportunity to be a gentle and graceful lady and a gentleman, but you son of a bitch don’t know anything about gratitude, baiwenhang! "
Xin Tong looked at Shi Zhangyu with two bulging eyes for a long time. Think carefully about what the old thief said is also reasonable, or his mind is not firm enough. From tomorrow on, change! However, of course, you can’t give in to the old thief and stare: "Is there a brother like you who is disrespectful and unclear?" While Zhuang and heavy warned me, you must not lose your virginity before Yuan Ying is born! On the other hand, what opportunities does it give me to be a gentle and graceful lady and a gentleman? Still have mercy? Can this be regarded as mercy? Now, as soon as possible, you should teach me all the secrets of your master, which is the real mercy! I can put the ugly words ahead, and when the time limit comes, I can leave immediately! My brother, don’t blame me for being selfless and disowning my six relatives! "
Shi Zhangyu, stunned by Xin Tong’s tirade, waved his hand one after another and said, "Good, good, even if my old man is disrespectful and confused, pass it on! Pass! Let’s pass it right away! " Heart way: "when the time comes, your boy will know what is the real" disrespectful for the old, unclear mind "! Hum … Hey hey … "
Xin Tong was still able to "think of doing it". The next day, he let Jin Kexin persuade him. No matter how soft he spoke or how soft he spoke, Xin Tong was unmoved by his own hindquarters. He refused to visit those places of interest again on the grounds that he had to make a breakthrough because of the kung fu handed down by his righteous father.
Jin Kexin begged softly for a long time, but when he saw Xin Tong still shaking his head, the girl’s face could not help but hang, and she left a sentence, "Is it so rare?" Yao’s nose was slightly wrinkled, and he turned away, and his hair was brushed on Xin Tong’s big black face.
Xin Tong reached out and stroked his cheek, as if there was a faint fragrance seeping into his heart and spleen. He couldn’t help but tunnel: "Dear, wait a minute …"