When they saw the night feather take out the record crystal, they guessed what it was, but what was that strange fruit for? Timothy is thoughtful.
"This is a record crystal, so I won’t say it."
"And this is the fruit."
The night feather was thrown in the hand, and the brown fruit first gave it a shining halo, and then the ice needle hit the fruit. As the fruit broke, everyone heard the night feather sound.
["This is a recording crystal, so I won’t say it."
"And this is the fruit back"]
Then the golden light enveloped several people around them, and they all added a shining aura to their heads.
"This is …" Noah and Robbie were surprised.
Yu Kiu, Ava corners of the mouth at night. "Isn’t it interesting?"
"Generally, we can record sound and image with crystal, but this fruit is different. It can record energy and sound with a certain intensity."
"This fruit has always been a message tool. I didn’t expect adults to have such a wonderful hand."
Timothy sincerely admired "not bad. If this can be released on the battlefield, it will become instant release magic."
Fix evil. I think it’s worthy of the name. It’s a good fruit for the worms.
Noah is as careful as ever. "Night Feather, what do you say is a certain intensity? Can withstand a few demons to spiritual magic?
"And what are the conditions for this fruit to release magic? How much scope can the release of magic cover? "
Night feather said, "I also stumbled across those technical problems while walking with Xuanming, which is the focus we need to study in the future."
Xuanming dragged a sack of echo fruit out of the air to reveal his shape … Seeing everyone looking at him, Robey had a hunch that he would not have a good life again …
Finally, on the night of the decisive battle, they flew to stratus with the protoss.
Xiejing wall is not a shower of blood, but it is not close to the night feather when they are evaporated by Noah’s true magic.
Probably never thought that the protoss would have great power, or it may be that they didn’t eat fresh protoss meat for a week and stayed near the crystal wall. The monsters www.16k.cn saw that the protoss rushed over with their mouths open at the same time.
See so many worm magic protoss zheng immediately divided into several teams.
Their feet are improved by night feathers, and the magic circle carved by tiny spar is added to the cloud plate, which can spray reddish airflow from the bottom by accelerating the fruit to achieve mid-flight.
To say that the protoss is dressed up much more than before, he put a part of the night feather for the demons. When the demons choose materials for the protoss, they dress up to pick up the night feather luxuriously and trivially, and they don’t skimp on jewelry and spar equipment. They also move him and Xuanming around and search for all kinds of strange fruits.
However, because the protoss didn’t understand the magic, they managed to make many magic tools and finally fell into the pocket of the demon family.
At present, the protoss come standard with blessing clothes, suspended boots and belts.
Blessing clothes, as the name implies, means that the night feather exerts blessing light, and the magic clothes of the protoss can increase the resistance and strength to a certain extent.
The floating boots were put on by Noah. If the floating boots were accidentally separated from the improved cloud board, they could also ensure that the protoss stayed in the sky or landed slowly instead of falling vertically.
Let’s not talk about the belt, but this time, the night feather makes it easy for blood to identify and lock the belt, that is, the so-called blood drops to recognize the Lord until the owner drops blood again to untie the contract, unless it is an absolute power owner like the night feather repairs them, the belt will be hit by the root method.
There are three kinds of uniform ornaments in the brightly colored protoss, namely, white magic robe, red warrior robe and black tight short robe.
Almost all protoss participated in this decisive battle, including the protoss children and women who were backup in the rear, and these three teams were the elite of the whole protoss.
Timothy led the magic robe team. In addition to the standard equipment, they injected the night feather into the defense barrier SPAR on their chests. Although they can’t magic and can’t directly trigger the magic in SPAR, after the night feather setting, SPAR will automatically respond to the danger and release the defense barrier. Therefore, the shields are at the forefront of the combat team.
The poisonous gas released by the fangs of the worms and demons is resisted by the defense barrier, and there is a direct collision with the barrier outside, and the head is dizzy.
Night feather will arrange this team in front of it, and there is still a fruit attack! But he also equipped them with several fruits with special attack effects, and studied them. He and Xuanming not only traveled all over the gods, but also drilled experiments all day. It can be said that these days, his understanding of fruits can be regarded as the first person in the protoss.
It is an overwhelming fruit attack to meet the worms when they just recovered from the impact of the crystal wall.
Timothy took the lead in throwing out several explosion fruits, and the explosion fruits collided with each other. "Bang!" As soon as the explosion occurred, the insects and monsters in the sky rushed out of a huge mouth.
Other protoss also took action in succession. At one time, there were various explosions in one day. According to the maturity of the explosion fruit, it exploded in different colors. Except for the residual limbs and broken arms scattered after the explosion, it was quite like magic fireworks.
Then the fruit cursed by gravity, the fruit hit by cyclone, and so on all flew to the insects and demons. At that time, I saw a piece of black in the east of the insect demon, and the part of the insect demon that was subjected to gravity was scratching and fell to death. A piece of red cursed insect demon in the west was rapidly weakened and turned into a worm shell. A piece of white on the left was scraped and smashed into pieces by cyclone, and a piece of yellow insect demon on the right was hit and exposed a hole through the body.
Worms and demons are finally a little conscious of their own scattered, but at this moment, they were greeted by the protoss dressed in red soldiers.
The leader protoss is a beautiful young man with a long golden braid. His name is Virina, and he is the closest cloud. The land is always in the front line of the struggle between insects and demons. He has extremely vigorous skills and is trained from the battle of blood and flesh. He has a special breath, plus beauty and a bright red body.
As soon as he appeared on the stage, Yu Xiu and Noah’s eyes were immediately attracted.
"Not bad?" Hugh praised.
Night feather snorted.
Xiu Xiao bowed his head and said, "I think … if you can wear red, you will be beautiful."
After a pause, he added, "Of course, you are still the most beautiful in bed. The feather turned him around, and his face was red and delicious."