Boas is such a person.
With many years of successful coaching experience in the middle reaches of the Premier League, he finally became the new head coach of Real Madrid.
However, florentino didn’t trust him very much and only gave him a temporary contract for half a year.
As for whether to renew the contract as a formal contract of the team, it all depends on his performance in boas.
If Real Madrid can rejuvenate and upgrade under boas, it won’t be difficult to give boas a new contract, even if it is a five-year contract.
Now this half a season, for boas, is a probation period.
For this trial contract, boas even resigned and left Manchester City, the Premier League team that has been coaching for three seasons.
It fully reflects the social status of Real Madrid in European football.
Otherwise, how can someone say that "a player has only one chance to join Real Madrid in his life"?
Otherwise, how can someone say that "few players can say no to the call of Real Madrid"?
This is the best explanation for the influence and attraction of Real Madrid.
Boas quit his well-done job, and then accepted this somewhat harsh temporary contract, looking very grovelling.
But he himself did not feel this way.
On his first day as head coach of Real Madrid, he proudly said at the press conference: "I know what my task is, and it is very difficult, but I have confidence. Because I have had such an experience. "
Boas is talking about beating Lazio, which always wins.
He is not lying, but he has such a manager. When he coached Premier League team Manchester City, in the 2019-2020 season two seasons ago, his city beat Lazio 2-1 at home in the group stage.
Because it has just happened for two seasons, and the expiration date has not passed, boas seems confident and full of ambition.
He thinks that since he can lead a team to beat Lazio in a team like Manchester City, why not come to Real Madrid with stronger strength?
What about the away game?
I have such confidence in boas!
After that, he held up the white jersey of Real Madrid and showed it with a smile in front of many reporters for them to take pictures.
The next day, boas’s photos were prominently published in Marca and AS, two major media outlets of Spanish Madari.
Marca is a photo of boas holding a Real Madrid jersey and smiling.
The AS newspaper is a photo of boas when answering a reporter’s question.
The two photos are not the same, but there are obvious similarities-boas in both photos is full of ambition and confidence.
"Marca" newspaper commented: "Now that Real Madrid has been beaten into a lost dog, boas’s confidence may be exactly what Real Madrid needs. Rebuilding the confidence of the team and recalling the dignity of the giants is the first step in the re-emergence of Real Madrid. We look forward to boas bringing us a brand new Real Madrid! "
As a world-class giant like Real Madrid, changing coaches is naturally a big deal.
Not only the Spanish media, but also the Italian media reported this matter.
But Chang Sheng doesn’t care who his opponent is.
Anyway, no matter who your opponent is, as long as you meet Real Madrid, you must win.
So this kind of thing is meaningless.
Compared with the question of who is the head coach of Real Madrid, the league match with Naples is obviously more important.
The league match against Naples is related to whether Lazio will continue to decline, or an important game that can stop the downward trend.
Now the top three points in the league are very close.
In the 14th round of the league, Juventus will play Udinese at home, and the "black chicken" should be unable to pose any threat to the "old woman", so it is reasonable for Juventus to win this game.
If Lazio can’t win, even if it is a draw, although it can keep the second place in the league, it will be further and further left by Juventus.
So Lazio must also win this game.
Since the promotion from Serie B to Serie A in the 2007-2008 season, Naples has never returned to the past Serie B..
They succeeded in gaining a foothold in the first division, and the results were not bad.
They have a good club chairman, the Italian film Aurelio de Laurentis. He is willing to invest, but he also has a plan and does not burn money blindly, which ensures the health and long-term sustainability of Naples’s finances. Unlike some club presidents, who spend money madly in the first few years after buying the team, they decide to sell the club after seeing no return, or immediately turn into Grandet, and they are stingy if they can even save players’ salaries …
After De Laurentis bought Naples, he had a long-term plan, and he has been strictly following it all these years.
Therefore, although Naples does not yet have the strength to win the championship, it is already a force to be reckoned with in Serie A..
Napoli also has an excellent head coach, fabio cannavaro. The player’s morale debuted in Naples, and later he grew into the world’s top central defender in Parma and Juventus. After retiring, he chose to be a coach, honed himself in many teams, and finally returned to his hometown team.
He has worked in his hometown team for four years, and he also has a very long-term plan for this team, just like his own boss.
He is familiar with Naples today.
Naples’s good performance this season has a lot to do with it.
Besides, besides having an excellent club president and an excellent head coach, Naples also has excellent players.
Another important reason why Napoli can compete with teams like Lazio and Juventus in the league standings this season is that they have an excellent player.
China center, Chen Yingxiong, who just moved from Dzenit in St Petersburg this season!
If Ji Ming, who is only 20 years old, is the core of China football in the next decade, then Chen Yingxiong will be the number one center of China football in the next decade.
The 19-year-old young man volunteered to be a member of St Peter’s Dzenit Youth Team at the age of 16. After playing in the youth team for a year, because of the excellent performance of the youth team, he was transferred to the first team, and quickly gained a foothold in the first team, becoming the main center of Dzenit in St. Petersburg.
At the age of eighteen, he won the Golden Boot Award of Russian League and became the youngest winner of the Golden Boot Award in the history of Russian Super League.
And played well in the UEFA Cup, which was recognized by the whole of Europe.
That’s why he entered the sight of Naples.