Zhuge didn’t smile, and his eyes were deep and distant, like an abyss and hell. At this time, his eye pupil turned strangely.
At the moment, Du Guye only felt the evil wind blowing on his face, and everything between heaven and earth lost its expression of eyes, only a pair of dead eyes in front of him. Under these dead eyes, Duguye felt that a ferocious demon came at him and opened his mouth to swallow him up.
Duguye turned white, spit out one mouthful blood, and his body directly fell into the lake.
The dead eye can directly attack the god knowledge of the practitioner, and the other party doesn’t even have the slightest defense, and doesn’t even know how to die.
"Wow ~ ~ ~"
The noise around feixian lake has revived.
"What’s the matter? I haven’t seen the scattered repair, so how can the children of the Dugu family be so defeated? "
"What tricks did he use to hurt people invisibly?"
Zhuge stood on the lake without light, his eyes were deep and distant, and he had a strange air of death.
At the moment, even Dugu Yifei showed a strange look, and the elite disciples of all major factions also changed their colors.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Sendo Conference (5) Nine swords and righteous deeds, so will I.
"How bold!" Another son of Dugu’s family rushed up, and he was also a practitioner in the rotation period, and one foot had stepped into the realm of the then period. In the same realm of practitioners, it is absolutely invincible.
"Dugu Jia, Dugu Lian, challenge you!" When the man shouted, he couldn’t say anything. A long sword appeared in his hand, and he stabbed Zhuge’s dull eyebrows.
Zhuge flexed his hand and flicked his finger at Dugulian’s sword, and the sword shook. Just this flick, Dugulian felt a twinge of hemp in escaping and quickly backed away.
"Do you want to call again?" Zhuge looked at him before dawn.
DuGuLian with a snort of cold, long sword into layers of sword shadow to zhuge not bright cover, countless firm but gentle strangulation, spread the space around zhuge not bright more than ten meters.
The sound of the sword is like the sound of dragons and tigers whistling, and Zhuge takes a step forward without light.
As soon as this step was taken, the surface of Feixian Lake suddenly stirred up, and the firm but gentle wave shrouded in mid-air was shattered into nothingness.
"How is that possible!" DuGuLian the color of a face of surprise, his attack was the other side lightly cracked.
There is another sword curtain hanging down, firm but gentle.
Zhuge took another step before dawn.
All the hardness and firm but gentle were disintegrated.
"psst ~ ~ ~"
Breathing air-conditioning, Dugulian, though a practitioner in the rotating period, has entered the then period with one foot, and should be invincible among practitioners in the same realm. But in the hands of this mysterious monk, there is no strength to fight back.
"ah! ! !”
Dugulian was ashamed and angry. He turned into a sword and killed Zhuge before he lit up. This is a trick used in Su Xiaobai’s victory over Pan Longxiu before, and it is obviously the signature Juexue of Dugu’s family.
Dugulian turned into a sword rainbow and tore up the space. Although this move is not as amazing as Su Xiaobai’s previous display, it is still not to be underestimated. Even the practitioners standing on the shore watching the battle felt a sharp sword.
Jianhong instantly pushed Zhuge not bright near.
A crunchy and amazing scene was staged above Feixian Lake, and Zhuge was not bright enough to hold the shocking sword with his two fingers.
"I depend, it’s so abnormal!"
Some people exclaimed.
Tianchi Saint, sword fluttering red, Buddhist true son of Daluo Temple, Cao Gou and some other disciples of various schools all showed amazing colors. A girl like Saint Tianchi has some eye movements.
Zhuge slapped him before he lit up, and beat DuGuLian out in a mess.
"You" DuGulian has the urge to vomit blood, and he feels a rage in his chest.
"DuGuLian, you step down, you are no match for him." One side of the lone fly said, eyes look at zhuge is not bright.
"no! I can fight again! I can’t lose to this casual repair! " Dugulian thundered, raising his sword and killing Zhuge again.
Zhuge shook his head helplessly when he was not bright, and his eyes turned strangely, once again displaying the dead eyes, which flashed strange colors. At the moment, DuGuLian whole person, and his face became ferocious fear.
Zhuge took a step forward before dawn, and the void shook.
DuGuLian spit out one mouthful blood, body shaking violently.
Zhuge stepped again before dawn.