"Do you want to dig?" Xuanjiwen
Xuanji had to go back to the ground and took a portable shovel from the trunk of the car.
RuXiaoNan clings to the wall and looks at XuanJi digging.
When I dug it out, it was all mud, and then I met a stone.
Xuanji cleaned up the stone and RuXiaoNan suddenly stopped.
Xuanji watched RuXiaoNan pick up something from the rubble and held it in his hand with a surprised expression.
"What’s the lady now?" Xuanji leaned over.
It’s an ancient copper coin with a rusty surface and almost rotting away.
Tassels were worn on copper coins, but the tassels were black and rotten because of the age.
Ru Xiaonan held the copper coin and moved her lips for a long time. A familiar name stuck in her throat.
She remembered that year when she went to Dali Temple prison to send steamed dumplings to someone, and there was a copper coin in the dumplings as a lottery ticket.
"madam?" Xuanji doesn’t know what this copper coin represents, but he is a little worried about Ru Xiaodong. "You look pale, are you okay?"
RuXiaoNan closed her palm and put the copper coins in her palm.
"No … nothing to dig again."
Xuanji dug up again
This time, he dug deep, and at the end, he saw water faintly.
"Ah …"
Someone sighed lightly.
Ru Xiaonan looked at Xuanji in surprise. "What did you say?"
Xuanji was inexplicably asked by her, "I didn’t say anything?"
Sigh rang again.
RuXiaoNan froze.
"I heard it. It’s the soul of Mubolun!"
RuXiaoNan took out a piece of Fu Qi from her arms, clamped it between her forefinger and middle finger, and drew two strokes.
A faint jack-o’-lantern gradually emerged from the deep pit dug in Xuanji.
"Finally found" RuXiaoNan breathed a sigh of relief and stretched out his hand just to put the jack-o’-lantern in the operator. Suddenly, a figure appeared from the ground, vain and shimmering like an illusion projected.
XuanJiXun retreat will RuXiaoNan block behind him.
"Wait a minute" RuXiaoNan stretched out his hand and took XuanJi arm trembling "don’t panic, he won’t hurt us"
Xuanji vigilantly stared at the phantom in front of him.
RuXiaoNan zheng big eyes staring at the front shadow.
In the sky, the man in the jack-o’-lantern was dressed in an ancient man’s costume, with long silvery white silk hanging freely, just like snow-white in the early winter.
Judging by his age, he is fifteen or six years old and looks like a teenager.
He bowed his head and sighed slightly, and his voice was deep and distant.
RuXiaoNan feel whole body blood like to be frozen.
As soon as the memory is pulled to an extremely distant place,
Yu jingqi
Was exiled to Yingzhou by the emperor because of the black curse case, and then disappeared. Little prince Yu Jingqi?
"Little Nan" silver boy looked at her young and handsome face with silence.
Yes, it is quiet.
He looked at him quietly, smiled quietly and sighed quietly.
The faint call is as nai as when he was in Dali Temple prison.
"Little Nan, give me my copper back." He held out his hand to her.
RuXiaoNan trembling also stretched out his hand, but in JingQi hand through her hand.
She can’t touch him.
Yu Jingqi looked down at his hand wry smile.
"I forgot I was dead and I’ll never touch you again."
Ru Xiaodong managed to find his own voice.
"Yu Jingxi?"
"Is it really you?"
Yu Jingqi smiled "Yes"
"How did you … how did you …" She wanted to ask how you died, but the words stopped.
Now it’s gone.
Yu Jingqi seemed to guess what she wanted to ask.
"Did you come to find my soul?"
"Your soul?" RuXiaoNan looked at that jack-o’-lantern. It should be MuBolun’s soul.