The mountain road just met the cold wind that came to look for her.
"Forget it. I already know."
The cold wind just wanted to speak when he was picked by Mo Zihan and followed Mo Zihan up the mountain.
"Master elder brother, please hold on. I’ve asked the 17th teacher younger brother to find the master. The master horse will come soon. You must hold back."
Mo Zihan heard five teacher younger brother almost panic in the distance.
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Chapter 391 391 Wulin scourge [26]
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Turning a mountain road, I saw that Luo Qingyun had fallen to the ground, and the fifth teacher younger brother could kneel in front of him and comfort him. There were still unfinished meals scattered all over the floor.
See mozihan arrival five teacher younger brother like see what savior hurriedly said.
"Korea’s boss, my brother, suddenly felt a terrible stomachache while he was eating. What can I do? Is he injured or not? Do the people who follow you know medical skills? Can you take a look at it for my brother? "
"What’s your name?"
Mo Zihan took out a pill that had already been prepared and stuffed it into Luo Qingyun’s mouth for him to swallow and asked the fifth teacher younger brother.
"My name is Zhai Xinpeng."
"Then you can call me Han Mo later, and don’t ask Han Boss to listen awkward."
"Good Han Mo, how is my brother?" See Luo Qingyun took Mozihan pills and still didn’t get better. Zhai Xinpeng asked anxiously.
"Of course, he didn’t get well as soon as he was poisoned by crane’s top red poison. At least it will hurt for another quarter of an hour."
"What? Hedinghong? " Zhai Xinpeng asked incredulously.
Even Luo Qingyun, who was in pain on the ground, raised his head in amazement. I can’t believe he was poisoned in his own house.
"Han Mo is not to say that the crane top red poison will die? That my brother he … "
"He won’t die with me."
"Can you cure crane top red poison?" Zhai Xinpeng looked at Han Mo like a monster.
"Han Mo … you …" Luo Qingyun also looked at Mozihan in amazement.
He knew that Mo Zihan was not an ordinary person, but he didn’t expect that she turned out to be the boss of Yoga Blue. Now he has been poisoned by the most deadly poison and she can solve it!
What kind of luck did he have to meet such an inscrutable person?
"But Han Mo, how do you know that among the big brothers, it’s crane top red?"
"Nature knows"
"So you must know who wants to harm the master elder brother?"
"What about knowing?"
"You told me I killed him!"
"You killed someone for no reason and didn’t pay for it?"
"That … that I’ll tell the master!"
"Tell your teacher again? Did you catch him with poison? "
"I …"