"hoof, hoof, sorry"
Not slapping and joking as usual, chicken said seriously
After all, I always believed in my friends, even when I said that outrageous thing.
Zuo Tangtang sighed and asked, "What happened?"
"There was something at home that day …"
"Well, it’s okay. I won’t take it to heart."
Zuo Tangtang didn’t continue to ask when everyone was upset, she could understand.
"All right, all right, chicken, I’ll go first. If you want to play with me, contact me." They are probably still a little embarrassed about chicken, and she is also trying to solve it, but when chicken is afraid to hit her again, everything will probably get better.
It’s already noon when a column is finished.
Zuo Tangtang was hurriedly pulled to the channel as soon as he prepared the line, saying it was urgent.
"What’s the matter?" Looking at this posture, Zuo Tangtang is also in a hurry.
"Little hoof! You are still so wordy! Something’s wrong! " Pikachu was saddened by this.
"What’s the matter?" She asked with great anxiety
Looking at Zuo Tangtang, Pikachu hated iron and said, "Of course it is access control!"
"… peat! You just let me come over for this! " Zuo Tangtang lifts the table to be continued.
[496 Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Yeah no output]
For Pikachu, everything involves silver, and the whole person is full of unprecedented vitality.
The forbidden areas put by different sects are different, just like the Beggars’ Xinglin Royal Guards Prison and so on. This is for the younger brothers of the big sects to gain higher martial arts. On the other hand, this final reward is not only the exchangeable advanced martial arts props, but also some rare things, which attracts some people who need it.
Like Pikachu.
For a pharmacist like him, these things are directly transformed into glistening silver. It’s really exciting for him to watch the announcement of receiving rewards from the forbidden area of the sect from time to time.
"Little hoof! Quick! " Pikachu didn’t seem to hear that. It was a shock. After striking the table, he didn’t have the eyesight to see it, urging him to completely look at Zuo Tangtang’s black face
"What do you want me to do? Pikaqiu is not a royal guard, so he can take two people casually, "said Zuo Tangtang grumpily."
"That’s not the same! We need you! ! ! Little hoof! " Cats just wanted to explain when they heard Pikachu’s hysterical cries and courted people. This job is probably done by Pikachu.
But in the end, it is still a compliment, especially from Pikachu, who has always loved to hurt others. It is also very rare for Zuo Tangtang to nod contentedly and simply go with two people.
"Little hoof! Look at your output! You think you are a wet nurse! " In a short time, Pikachu was blind and disgusted.
"…" Zuo Tangtang’s eyes looked straight at the front of the screen, took a deep breath and continued to press the keyboard-she didn’t speak now and was blaming her for forbearance.
"Oh, I forgot that this game doesn’t have a job as a wet nurse." Pikachu was still talking about it.
"…" She continued to endure.
"This walk! Little hoof! What are you skipping about? So happy to see a lover! Speed follows! "
"…" She can bear it again.
"Hey? Little hoof, you look like that! The output, although it’s right to let you just do that, I’m letting my anger move. How can I play when you make me feel strange … "
"peat! You say it again! I will immediately retire from the group and kill you! " It is really unbearable that Zuo Tangtang finally broke out.
"… dead transvestite, you look at this little hoof today, so it’s not modest. Don’t let people say it." Pikachu, who was stunned by Zuo Tangtang, was very angry and looked for a "middleman" to make a decision.
"… peat! Cat, who do you think is making fun of us? It’s him who clamored for me to come here. It’s not even halfway through. He can talk like I’ve been talking for days! "
Cat ear mother …