Chapter one hundred and twelve Frame Kunlun (on)
The night is as cool as water, and a chilly wind blows the palace of Nuoda.
The palace is always so majestic and magnificent. However, the night in the palace is cold and cheerless. Only those guards who patrol the palace all day come and go, and those maids who walk in the palace with things in cheongsam every day and some palace eunuchs add a touch of popularity to the palace.
In a house in the west wing, Xiaoquanzi is cleaning the whole Gan Ning Palace. There is only Xiaoquanzi in this house. He has been cleaning this room for three years. In the past three years, the situation in the palace has changed and changed, but the prince has long since disappeared, and before long, the whole world will change owners.
It turns out that today’s emperor died a few years ago, and passed the throne to Prince Yang Mu. Yang Mu, who had the advantage in the battle for the throne, unexpectedly disappeared. In the past three years, the world has been in charge of today’s queen mother, and finally the world is at peace. However, in the past three years, several princes who fought for the throne have died and walked away, which has long since ceased to be as busy as a bee for the throne.
However, no matter how the situation in the DPRK changes, Xiaoquanzi is still doing what he should do, cleaning the Ganning Palace for his master Yang Mu, and there is no one else except Xiaoquanzi. What Xiaoquanzi has to do every day from morning till night is to clean the empty Ganning Palace from outside to inside.
When Xiaoquanzi just turned her head to tidy up the bed, she was startled, sat down on the bed and stretched out her hand. Pointing forward: "You, you, you, yes, yes, who, who." Xiaoquanzi managed to straighten things out. I couldn’t help swallowing.
It was none other than Zhang Zhongxuan who stood in front of Xiaoquanzi. Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "You don’t have to be afraid. I’ve come to ask you a few questions, and then I’ll leave. It won’t be any good."
When Xiaoquanzi heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he felt relieved for no reason. He said, "I don’t know …" Xiaoquanzi read few books. I don’t know what to call Zhang Chongxuan, but it took me a long time to think of a word and said, "I don’t know what the chivalrous man wants to ask. As long as Xiaoquanzi knows, Xiaoquanzi will definitely bring it in truthfully."
"Oh, your name is Xiaoquanzi." Zhang Zhongxuan sat down in a plush chair and said, "Xiaoquanzi, let me ask you something. You are deep in the palace. What do you think of Yang Mu’s disappearance? "
Zhang Zhongxuan’s question is clever. He knew little about Yang Mu’s disappearance. If he asked one by one, he really didn’t know how to ask. Such a question is tantamount to letting Xiaoquanzi tell the story of Yang Mu. Xiaoquanzi is just an ordinary eunuch in the palace. When he heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he didn’t know what Zhang Zhongxuan meant, but he was afraid that Zhang Zhongxuan would get angry and didn’t dare to think much. He replied, "Xiaoquanzi is a personal eunuch of His Royal Highness, but he doesn’t know about the disappearance of the Prince."
Zhang Zhongxuan knows that Xiaoquanzi is telling the truth and doesn’t blame it. "I want you to talk about the disappearance of the Prince. Don’t worry, I’m not a person. It is Yang Mu’s master! "
When Xiaoquanzi heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, his eyes lit up and he said happily, "You are the master who taught the Prince Daoism." Xiaoquanzi had just finished, his hand involuntarily covered his mouth, and he obviously regretted his gaffes and revealed some details of Yang Mu.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "I didn’t expect that that boy Yang Mu actually told you about my preaching his Taoism. It seems that you and Yang Mu should be very close."
Eunuchs who hang out in the palace generally know how to break their word, and Xiaoquanzi is also a reasonable person, otherwise he wouldn’t be Yang Mu’s confidant. When he saw Zhang Chongxuan’s face detached, he knew that Zhang Chongxuan was such a superior person. If he really wanted to torture him, he would naturally be hidden, not to mention that he had already spoken before, so he simply gambled once and hurriedly said, "Master, Xiaoquanzi has served his master for six years, and he also knows something about his master. At the beginning, That’s in front of all the officials, so it’s natural to count. However, the queen mother made the master reluctantly promise to ascend the throne ten days later on the grounds that the emperor had just died. Who would have thought that ten years later, the master disappeared, and the throne was empty? The queen mother then said that the DPRK had taken power without the owner. Over the past few years, the ministers in the DPRK have changed, and the princes who once competed with my master for the throne have been rejected first. All this is the queen’s fault, according to me. The master must be in the hands of the empress dowager, because the emperor gave it to the master privately long before the emperor died. Without the decree, it is impossible for the empress dowager to let his son take over the throne. "
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "Yes, that’s right, but if I were the queen mother, I could just make a fake jade seal."
Xiaoquanzi shook his head and said, "No, the imperial seal can’t be faked, because it is a national treasure. If it is faked, General Kobol will definitely expose it. General Kobol is the first general in the world and a veteran of the two dynasties. He has always been known for his integrity."
Zhang Chongxuan thought that if the queen mother had the help of the disciples of Shushan, it would be easy to assassinate the two dynasties veteran Coble. It must have been Coble’s last move, otherwise the queen mother would have let her son reign.
Xiaoquanzi added at this time: "Hum, the Empress Dowager naturally tried her best to force General Coble, but General Coble is an easy man. He is in charge of China’s military power and has publicly ordered that if anything happens to him, the three armed forces will besiege the palace in order. This incident has even become known all over the world, making everyone wonder if the disappearance of his master has anything to do with the Empress Dowager, which makes the Empress Dowager afraid to act rashly and never let his son ascend to the throne.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "Ok, Xiaoquanzi, I get it. As for my arrival, don’t tell anyone, okay?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Xiaoquanzi nodded, Zhang Zhongxuan figure together, disappeared into the air, only when he left the Palace of Gan Ning, a white light flew out of his hand and disappeared into Xiaoquanzi’s mind. This white light is still to eliminate the memory of Xiaoquanzi just now. Although Zhang Zhongxuan wants Xiaoquanzi not to say, he can’t be sure that others will say it, so naturally he won’t be stupid enough to leave a hidden danger.
The figure in Ganning Palace did not stop, but flew to the queen’s bedroom. When Zhang Zhongxuan came just now, Zhang Zhongxuan had searched the whole palace with gods’ knowledge, but he didn’t find the breath of Yang Mu, nor did he find the breath of shushan disciples. Naturally, he wanted to go to the Queen Mother to get some confessions.

Chapter one hundred and thirteen Frame Kunlun (below)
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Frame Kunlun (below)
Zhang Chongxuan had just arrived at the Queen Mother’s bedroom, but he saw the commander of the imperial guards asking to see the Queen Mother, so he lurked on the eaves of the corridor and eavesdropped on the two of them. Of course, the commander of the guards didn’t know that Zhang Chongxuan was eavesdropping on his conversation with the Queen Mother. As soon as he entered the Queen Mother’s door and closed it, he ran to the Queen Mother in three steps and two steps, reached out and held the Queen Mother sitting on the bed in his arms, saying, "Xier, I miss you so much." Said the practise fraud, holding the queen mother will chew up.
The queen mother gave the commander a push, and said in a charming voice, "Death is such a hurry."
When Zhang Zhongxuan heard this, he felt goose bumps. The dissatisfied housewife in the back channel palace was really coquettish, and actually stole a man.
The guard thief laughed twice and said, "Don’t you miss our seats? Don’t you want them?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"We’ll talk about this later," said the Queen Mother. "How’s the Yang Mu affair going?"
Zhang Zhongxuan’s spirit refreshed and he knew that he had got to the point.
The commander-in-chief snorted coldly: "That Yang Mu is also stubborn enough to refuse to confess all kinds of torture, but it doesn’t matter. He seems to be beginning to get a little impatient. As long as I give him more time, I will definitely tell him where to hide the jade seal."
"Hum, is it so easy to say it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Zhang Zhongxuan sneer at 1, continue to listen to it.
The queen mother asked again, "What about Bo Er and those two disciples of Shushan?"
The commander said with a smile, "Bo Er has a good relationship with them. Those two disciples of Shushan live in Bo Er’s big mansion in the eastern suburb of the city, which is on the city surface, and they eat good food and drink spicy food every day. I was so happy that I didn’t think about it, and I promised that I would help anyone who needed help. "
"That’s good." The queen mother was satisfied. As soon as the words were finished, she heard a charming shout spread to come out. Zhang Zhongxuan knew that there was nothing substantive to listen to. Body shape together, fly to the eastern suburbs of the city.
The capital is certainly big. However, for Zhang Chongxuan, it is naturally easy to let go of the search for gods. Without two times, he found the weak breath of Yang Mu and the breath of two disciples of Shushan. From that breath, Zhang Chongxuan can see. These two disciples of shushan have already reached the initial stage of out-of-body experience, while Zhao Zifeng and Zhang Zhongxuan, five of them, have only reached the initial stage of integration, so they are naturally no match for these two disciples of shushan.
Looking at the house where the prisoner trapped Yang Mu appeared in front of his eyes, Zhang Zhongxuan sneered in his heart and offered an oolong scissors. Now Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t want to confront Shushan head-on for the time being. However, two disciples of Shushan captured their own disciple Yang Mu and beat Zhao Zifeng to escape. Zhang Zhongxuan naturally won’t let them go, so he is going to frame someone else.
Thanks to Zhang Zhongxuan’s efforts, both Kongtong and Shushan are masters of the fix-true world, and they are ordinary people. Hearing the names of these two factions, it’s very polite to come, so you will think of cheating two factions like Zhang Zhongxuan.
"What person!" When Zhang Chongxuan landed in the big yard, a cry spread to come out, followed by a man and a woman appeared in front of Zhang Chongxuan. This is also Zhang Chongxuan’s deliberate release of breath to make them feel. Otherwise, with the cultivation of two people, it may not be possible to feel Zhang Chongxuan just by breath after another hundred years.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the two disciples of Shushan in front of him and saw that the male was about thirty years old, dressed in gray clothes. Chinese character face. Square, if it weren’t for the white face. The first impression that gives people is the kind of reliable person. The woman is about twenty-seven, eight or so, graceful and generous, dressed in green clothes. These two people stand out without losing the demeanor of shushan disciples.
When the female disciple of Shushan saw that Zhang Zhongxuan was looking at herself, she scolded, "What are you looking at?" After all, she is a disciple of Shushan, one of the three schools in the field of fix true, and of course she doesn’t care about ordinary people.
Zhang Chongxuan had already decided to kill before he came, so naturally he would not be polite. He sarcastically said, "Just weigh yourself. I don’t want to post your stuff backwards." Fortunately, Zhao Zifeng and Weathering Cloud are not here, otherwise, if you hear Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, you will definitely be speechless. It is unexpected that the master they always admire will also play tricks on the new.
"You …" The female disciple of Shushan was so angry that she got purple in the face. When she stamped her foot, six flying needles were shot out in surprises. These flying needles were divided into three directions, and there were also three in the back. The speed of flying needles was very fast. Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t help secretly praising the sentence that Shushan really deserves to be one of the three schools in the world.
Noble and decent people can let hidden weapons go, which shows that this faction is not too pedantic, and it is not rigid in form, so naturally it will not be weak.
Zhang Chongxuan, the speed of this flying needle, is naturally ignored, but when the female disciple of Shushan released the needle, the first three needles were hushed heads, which played the role of green leaves, and the last three needles were the real red flowers, and both the upper and lower needles were twisted. As long as they arrived in front of Zhang Chongxuan, they would be shot at Zhang Chongxuan’s back from the left and right sides respectively, and the needle in the middle was even more energetic. When the upper and lower needles went out, it was even more wonderful.
With a wave of his hand, Zhang Chongxuan’s right hand brushed away, and the first three needles immediately turned around and flew to the back three needles. Six needles collided and made a ding sound. To the amazement of two disciples of shushan, the back three flying needles were driven by the three flying needles rejected by Zhang Chongxuan, and the six needles flew to the female disciple of shushan in a straight line.
"Sister, step back." The male disciple of shushan drank heavily, and with a flash of golden light in his hand, two tiny golden wheels flew out of his sleeve. As soon as the golden wheels came out, they became bigger in an instant, flew to the upper and lower sides of the flying needle, slammed a lid on it, swallowed the flying needle inside, and after a while, the two golden wheels shrank again and flew to the hands of the male disciple of shushan.
The male disciple of Shushan looked at Zhang Chongxuan and asked, "I don’t know who Daoyou is, but my sister and I are still two poor disciples of Shushan Sect. I hope Daoyou will forgive me if I have offended you."
The male disciple of Shushan is not humble. If Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t want to make trouble, he could really stop the war. Unfortunately, Zhang Zhongxuan came to make trouble. Even if the other party moved out of Shushan Sect, he wouldn’t buy it. He smiled and said, "Shushan Sect? What is Shushan School? I have never heard of it. "
When two disciples of shushan heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, their faces flew into a rage. Zhang Zhongxuan said this, which was tantamount to insulting their master. Naturally, they were no longer polite. The male disciple of shushan came to the hands of the dharma tactic, and two golden wheels in his hands buzzed and flew towards Zhang Zhongxuan, and the female disciple of shushan also began to summon the multiplier.