Ruiz’s in-situ take-off height is amazing. The super-hand attack technique may not be perfect, but it is amazing. The three-meter line is almost a straight spike. The China team can’t stop it
"No wonder Pores is sitting on the bench." Deng Zengtao was also amazed to see this scene. It is almost natural to play volleyball. If you strengthen technical training, even volleyball in the next few years, it will be Ruiz.
A master will drive the atmosphere of the whole team. The Cuban women’s volleyball team was not a third-rate team. Although its overall strength is not as good as that of the three powerful teams in China, China and the United States, it is also in the second echelon. Although Ruiz is young, he plays tough. This game directly beats the Japanese women’s volleyball team.
Five to fifteen, China women’s volleyball team lost one game first and entered the game timeout.
Chapter 5 Team Cuba
In the first game, the Cuban women’s volleyball team can be said to be a success. Relatively speaking, the China women’s volleyball team was completely suppressed
In the second game, it was not surprising that Yuan Chengmin used substitution strategy Lin Yan to fight Ruiz.
Xiaoju Yang’s block did improve in winter training, but it was still a little worse than yan lin’s old road. I didn’t expect Ruiz to be born in yan lin and she didn’t play much, but I couldn’t give the Cuban women’s volleyball team a chance in the second game.
After confirming the Cuban women’s volleyball position, Yuan Chengmin asked yan lin to replace Li Yanjun to stop Ruiz after the Cuban team snatched the ball.
Ruiz spiked yan lin many times. She was in excellent physical condition. After the first game, she seemed to have nothing to worry about. yan lin could say that this person was born in volleyball.
However, she was never afraid of blocking. After the China team received the serve, Yang Xiaolan first organized a storm. Ruiz actually intercepted Feng Lang’s offensive, and then Cuba II quickly organized a counterattack and Ruiz took the lead.
Yan lin and Yang Xiaolan blocked Ruiz successfully, which destroyed the rhythm of Ruiz. It was expected that the Cuban women’s volleyball coach Henrio, after all, China had a world-class blocker, but he didn’t expect Ruiz to bounce like this and be stopped.
And seize this opportunity, the China women’s volleyball team quickly launched a counterattack. The training results in winter training came out. Yang Xiaolan’s ball has made great progress now. After the first trial, she now played tactics and cooperated with Feng Lang to get a fast break, which directly helped the China team get the serve.
Yang Xiaolan went to serve. At the beginning, neither side took the first point. They still had a chance.
It was Yang Xiaolan who didn’t expect her serve to be stopped directly.
At present, the FIVB still has a rule that serve can be stopped. It is rare to stop serve in weekdays, because it requires the front-row blockers to spend more physical energy and the effect of stopping serve may not be very good. As far as their competition is concerned, the three teams of China, Japan and the United States have formed a tacit understanding base in the past two years, and they have not stopped serving.
Yan lin is also used to it, and she is still shocked when someone stops serving again.
Ruiz’s stopping the serve was very successful. Yang Xiaolan’s serve was stopped back. The China women’s volleyball team was shocked. At that time, it failed to recover to protect the ball from falling directly to the ground and was taken away by the Cuban women’s volleyball team.
While the iron was hot, the Cuban women’s volleyball team took two points in succession and took the lead in the second game.
Yuan Chengmin called a timeout.
"Now they are just a super-hand attacking and stopping the serve. You can always find out their flaws by playing slowly and slowly now." Yuan Chengmin is very patient. The players are a little panicked because of just stopping the serve. The service quality of the Cuban women’s volleyball team is not very high, but they just failed to organize a defensive counterattack, but they scored points.
It’s time to wake up after losing two goals.
Yan lin looked at the little Cuban girl skipping in the pause area next door and couldn’t help smiling and pinching her face to cheer up.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team serves again. This time, the back row has already been prepared. The defensive counterattack must be done well, otherwise it will be difficult to seize the opportunity to get the ball and score.
When the back row was protected, Yang Xiaolan had already gone to the front row to play the ball. It was a cross attack between Shen Baozhu and yan lin. Sure enough, Ruiz didn’t know who to stop. The girls in China hit yan lin to serve.
The Cuban team was still ready to block the serve, which made yan lin hesitate. Finally, he took a few steps back to float the ball long distance.
However, she underestimated the homework done by the Cuban women’s volleyball team in stopping the serve. However, it doesn’t matter if it is stopped. The China team has already taken precautions to save the ball while Yang Xiaolan has a flat arc ball on her back. Xiaoju Yang has already prepared the backhand ball and played it very well. When she doesn’t block the Cuban women’s volleyball team,
The back slip is almost short and flat, which is very demanding for the spiker, because he may play carelessly, and the best player in this tactical team is Xiaoju Yang. Her physical fitness is quite good, and a player Yuan Chengmin is very optimistic about her.
The Cuban women’s volleyball team blocked the serve, but it gave the China team a chance, and Yang Xiaolan’s ball was also allocated with suitable three-point attack conditions in the front row, which fully mobilized Feng Lang, Shen Baozhu and Xiaoju Yang, and it became a China women’s volleyball performance show for a while.
It is also true that the Cuban women’s volleyball coach Henrio finally called a timeout, and after the timeout, the Cuban women’s volleyball team stopped serving a lot.
China’s defense is well done. In this case, the success rate of stopping serve is doomed to be low. On the contrary, it gives China women’s volleyball team an attack opportunity, and their attack efficiency is very high. It is better to directly receive the serve and then organize the attack so that they still have a chance.
Changed the strategy, the Cuban women’s volleyball team quickly organized an attack. Ruiz was still a super-hand storm, and this time it was even more unique. The ball hit the line directly. Rao yan lin had already prepared, but the ball was still lost.
"Is this still a person?"
Shen Baozhu’s stupefied spike is almost equivalent to a spike perpendicular to the ground from a height. It’s the first time she’s played for so many years.
Ruiz is of course human, but now she has also moved to the back row, which makes the China women’s volleyball team relieved. Fortunately, she has not been in the front row all the time, otherwise the Cuban women’s volleyball team will be a hard nut to crack if it is really organized.
Seize the opportunity of Ruiz in the back row, China women’s volleyball team quickly launched a counterattack. Although Ruiz will also carry out a storm in the back row, the effect is a little poor, and her weak defense is also exposed.
Compared with the fierce attack, the overall defense of the Cuban women’s volleyball team is a little poor. Seize this opportunity, and the China women’s volleyball team quickly won the second game and the whole game.
China women’s volleyball team won the game 3-1 and will meet the American women’s volleyball team in the final.
The only thing Yuan Chengmin didn’t expect was that Cuba’s veteran women’s volleyball players, such as Peggy and Boris, retired as substitutes, but Cuba had Ruiz as a rookie.
To make up for the defense, the Cuban women’s volleyball team is afraid to become a strong enemy of the China team, and this strong enemy will put pressure on the China women’s volleyball team as much as the American women’s volleyball team.
However, defense can’t be practiced in a day or two, or what China women’s volleyball team needs to do now is to improve its skills and tactics again.
After the battle with the Cuban women’s volleyball team, the girls in China took a day off to prepare for the final against the United States.
I lost the game against the American women’s volleyball team, and this time they can be said to be revenge.
Haven’t met each other on the battlefield. yan lin met Hailmann and Carol in the restaurant. They were chatting and laughing. When they saw yan lin, they came to say hello.
"I’m going to buy food, you can talk first." It’s not that Shen Baozhu doesn’t give noodles. It’s that he didn’t understand it in the past, which is even more shameful. It’s better to find food.